Monday, February 28, 2022

People's Collection of Wales & Welsh Cakes

The National Library of Wales's A People's Story of Wales is a wonderful collection of film clips, oral histories, books, photos, recipes and more.
Welsh Cakes on griddle over fire.

“We preserve and celebrate the rich history of Wales by collecting unique stories from everyday people.” website HERE.

Tomorrow, March 1, is St. David's Day in Wales. And you guessed it, there is a talk making Welsh Cakes. This year, it is the same day as Pancake Day and Faschnaut (Donut) Day. blog post HERE

Several cooking-related short film clips are followed by this week's virtual talks -

Welsh Cakes on a griddle hung over the fire HERE

Oatcakes on an open fire - use goose feather, on 'plank' (metal griddle, bakestone) HERE

Baking bread in a pot over the fire with burning peat on top HERE. I did a blog post on this film clip HERE

Making Brawn (pig's head) HERE

Christmas Gooseblood Tarts HERE

Cockle gathering on the beach in the 1930s HERE

Toffee pull. Toffee Evening was held every Christmastime. HERE

Welsh Fare: video and oral testimonies collected in the 1970's, Minwel Tibbott HERE

Book Welsh Fare by S. Minwel Tibbott, published by National Museum of Wales in 1974. Images first, then links to content, measurements and glossary of Welsh terms. HERE

Yorkshire oat cakes 1814 image and description in blog post HERE

Welsh cakes image from film, link above, at National Library of Wales website



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