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Archive listing of past virtual talks during Covid lockdown

The original calendar post will maintain the current and future virtual talks listing and other materials Calendar of virtual talks. This post is to "archive" all (including not taped) virtual talks on the events list from the past months.  Many talks are not taped, so only a third of the talks have tapes to view and marked in red as Tape. Those which are taped will be placed in the various categories (ie museums, culinary groups, subjects) on the other post... when I have time. 

List of virtual talks during quarantine which began in March 2020 -- 

SEPTEMBER EVENTS   Eastern time zone 90 /50 at start of month

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Sept 1 Tue 4pm Gorham Silver: Designing Brilliance 1850 – 1970. Elizabeth Williams, Curator, RI School of Design exhibit. Ventfort Hall Mansion and Gilded Age Museum. $20 no refund HERE

Sept 2 Wed 1:30pm The Anarchy The Relentless Rise of the East India Company. William Dalrymple. How To Academy. £5.37 HERE Previous tape HERE

Sept 2 Wed 7pm Quack or Fact? Was there scientific basis behind "quacky" colonial cures? Historical Society of Cheshire County NH HERE/

Sept 2 Wed 7:30 pm How Americans Learned to Trust Processed Food. Anna Zeide author of Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry. CHEW Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin tapes HERE

Sept 2 Wed 8 - 9:30 Fat Rascals: Dining at Shakespeare's Table. John Tufts. Culinary Historians of Chicago. HERE Tape HERE

Sept 3 Thurs 5:30pm Accidental Discoveries: In the Kitchen. Atlas Obscura $7 HERE

Sept 3 Thurs 7pm THE FAT RASCAL: Dining at Shakespeare's Table, from an actor's point of view. John Tufts. HFSDV Historic Foodways of the Delaware Valley. Tape HERE

Sep 3 Thurs 8-9:30pm The Great Brooklyn Sugar & Coffee War A Delicious Rivalry. New York Adventure Club. access to the full replay for one week. $10 HERE
Sept 3 Thurs 8-10pm Re-Creating the Past: The Archaeology of Beer. Travis Rupp. Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. Fort Collins, CO  $5 HERE

Sept 4 Fri 10:30 A history of glass for the table. Steven Moore (BBC Antiques Roadshow) on drinking vessels since 15th cen. Venice. The English Manner ("UK’s leading etiquette and protocol institute") £29.70 no refunds HERE/

Sept 5 Sat 6:30-8 AM Cookery Class and tour of Rosyth Estate in Sri Lanka. They still grow Orange Pekoe tea and tap rubber trees. The chef will make a bowl-shaped egg hopper with a coconut sambal. Hopper Making Kits available from a small UK company Hop & Roll. Friends of Sri Lanka Assn.  More details and register HERE

Sept 6 Sun 6:30pm Jubilee, Recipes from 200 years of African American Cooking , Toni Tipton-Martin. Gwinnett County Library GA HERE Tapes HERE
(previously recorded:) Inside the Jemima Code: The Joy of African American Cooking. Toni Tipton-Martin. Virginia Museum of History & Culture. Tape HERE

Sometime this week, an episode on Weeds (what to use, or not) of Dr. Clarissa F. Dillon's One Cool Colonial series will be available. My blog post about the amazing Dr. Dillon, her garden at the 1696 Quaker home near Philadelphia, and the series HERE /

Sept 7 Mon 2-4 Eating Winter with a Spoon. History of Ice Cream. Ruth Hazeldine. Highgate Society. HERE

Sept 7 Mon 3pm A Slice of Daily Life in Medieval Florence. Food, dining, and art. Curious Appetite Travel. $30 HERE

Sept 8 Tue 6:30 Meals, Music, and Muses: Recipes from My African American Kitchen. Alexander Smalls HERE / Tapes HERE/

Sept 9 Wed 6:30-8:30pm  The History of Scotch Whisky. David McNicoll. One of my favorite virtual talks...and I don't like Scotch! (like Scotland), but so many interesting facts and pictures.  Brooklyn Brainery. $6  HERE

Sept 9 Wed 7pm All About Cheddar! History and process of cheddaring. 2 samples of cheddars to pick up if near Boston. Formaggio Kitchen (cheese & specialties store) $5 HERE /

Sept 10 Thur 12 John Adams and China: Globalizing Early America. Tea and the spread of its medical uses. Yiyun Huang. Mass Historical Society. HERE Not taped

Sept 10 Thur 2 pm The economic history of Josiah Wedgwood in five buildings. Dr. Ian Jackson. U of Wolverhampton in Stafford UK HERE

Sept 10 Thur 4pm Modernist Cuisine. 20 min talk on experiments "that dispel many long-standing baking myths," at Fermentology and tape HERE

Sept 10 Thur 5pm Gallery talk: Pleasing the Eye and Palate. Jeffery Munger. exhibit at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. CT HERE Wadsworth past tapes HERE

Sept 10 Thur 7pm First in Moonshine: North Carolina and the Illegal Liquor Business. Dr. Daniel S. Pierce. Wake Forest Historical Museum. TAPE . HERE

Sept 10 Thurs 8-9 Serving up Shakespeare: Chewits (mini beef pies). John Tufts (author of Fat Rascals: Dining at Shakespeare's Table). Biweekly, each a different recipe, cook-a-long. Playbill. $12.99 HERE/

Sept 10 Thurs 10pm Tea caddy. Masterworks of Japanese Tea Culture in six 75 min. sessions. by Maiko Sōka Behr, of SaBi Tea Arts. Nikkei National Museum. BC, Canada. Se10, 20; Oc8, 18; Nv12, 22. Tapes available for 48 hours; ea $10 HERE/

Sept 11 Fri 7-8pm Da Beers: A Chicago Drinking History. Prohibition, historic bars. Chicago Detours $15 HERE

Sept 12 Sat 5 AM A Regency Kitchen Tour. The Regency Town House. Brighton/Hove UK HERE. Tape HERE

Sept 12 Sat 1:30pm Women in the Kitchen: Twelve Essential Cookbook Writers Who Defined the Way We Eat, from 1661 to Today. Anne Willan with Nancy Zaslavsky. Culinary Historians of Southern California. HERE

Sept 12 Sat 2-3pm Apple Pressing for cider making. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum $10-50 HERE /

Sept 12 Sat 6:30pm The President’s Kitchen Cabinet: The Story of the African Americans Who Have Fed Our First Families, From the Washingtons to the Obamas. Adrian Miller. Tape HERE

Sept 13 Sun 6 AM Setting the table at The Regency Town House - an interactive dining game. Brighton/Hove UK HERE tape may be HERE

Sept 13 Sun 2pm Making the Museum of Food and Drink MOFAD in NY. Peter Kim. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington, DC HERE

Sept 14 Mon 5-6:30 Knowing Sherry: Stories, Love & Cocktails. history. NY Cocktail Expo. selection of tapes HERE /

Sep 14 Mon 7-9 Digging into the History of Victory Gardens. Anastasia Day (topic for PhD at UDel). Austin Organic Gardeners HERE/

Sept 14–Oct 20 British Library. Food Season. Series of 14 digital events HERE/

Sept 14-25 Midnight-2am. 9:30am in India. Studying Food Workshop 5. Archeology, anthropology, media… Kurush Dalal & Mythopia on Google Meet.  about $40. 2 hours for 10 days. To register: radz.radia@gmail.com. More info HERE/

Sept 15 Tues 12pm All Stirred Up - Suffrage Cookbooks, Food and the Battle for Women's Right to Vote by Laura Kumin. Woodrow Wilson House. HERE

Sept 15 Tue 6:30-8:00pm  The History of Gin David McNicoll.  Brooklyn Brainery. $6 HERE

Sept 15 Tues 7pm The Princess Cake. Baking and also history – from 1929 Swedish Princess’s Cookbook. Farm Table Foundation. $5-20 HERE /

Sept 16 Wed 6:30 Table Matters: A Second Helping of Restaurant History by Dr. Katie Rawson and Dr. Elliott Shore authors of Dining Out: A Global History of Restaurants. Wagner Free Institute of Science. HERE/

Sept 16 Wed 6:30 America Walks into a Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns and Saloons, Speakeasies and Grog Shops book talk by Christine Sismondo. Fraunces Tavern Museum. NYC HERE Tape HERE/

Sept 17 Thur 1:30pm GIN – from Mother’s Ruin to Queen's Top Tipple. Holst Birthplace Museum £5.89 HERE

Sept 17 Thur 4pm Pickling with Vivian Howard. 20 min talks at Fermentology and TAPE HERE

Sept 17 Thur 5:30 Dining with Jane Austen: Food in Georgian and Regency England. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club. Access to the tape for one week. $10 HERE

Sept 17 Thu 7 The Real Housewives of NJ: Early American Women and Their Gardens. 18th century Kitchen gardens. Lesley Parness. Chester Library HERE /

Sept 17 Thur 7-8 Eighteenth-Century Seeds & the Case for Greening Book History. Maria Zytaruk. The Library Company of Phila. HERE . TAPE HERE /

Sept 17 Thurs 7-8 “Wild Neat Cattle” Domesticated Livestock and Landscape Change in Colonial Maryland. Valerie Hall Historic St. Mary's City. TAPE HERE

Sept 17 Thurs 7pm A History of American Dining. Allen Pietrobon. Profs and Pints. $12 HERE Some recorded tapes $10 HERE /

Sept 17 Thur 8-10pm A Century of Homebrewing. Charlie Papazian. Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. Fort Collins, CO $5  HERE

Sept 17 Thur 9:30PM Searching for Family and Traditions at the French Table. Carole Bumpus. Culinary Historians of Northern California.  RSVP to ejpeters@chonc.com  Info HERE

Sept 18 Fri 5 AM English Puddings. The Regency Town House. Brighton/Hove UK HERE. Tape HERE /

Sept 19 Sat 1-2:30 Pre-Columbian Contributions to Modern Day Mexico: Teotihuacan History and Food Tour: maize, tacos, and chocolate. Visit the pyramids, local restaurant for class, then to a Chocolatería to hear about the drink and variations around Mexico. Impact Travel Collective (to "travel with a positive impact") HERE . Donation $20 HERE

Sept. 19 Sat 1:30 Moroccan Cuisine: A History. Tagines. Kitty Morse. Culinary Historians of San Diego. HERE

Sept 19 Sat 2pm Fort from Home: Victorian Cooking by Fort Nisqually Living History Museum HERE /

Sept 19 Sat 2-3:30 Food with friends: a virtual women’s history event. Lydia Child’s Apple Pie. Women’s Rights, Women’s work. Lowell National Historical Park. Tapes of talk HERE and preparing recipe HERE

Sept 20 Sun 2pm The Dish on Redware: The Legacy of the Region's Historic Pottery. Curt and Michelle Pearson, Robesonia Redware. (Pa. German) HFSDV HERE TAPES past programs HERE

Sept 20 Sun 3pm Chinese Food: Customs and Culture. Frances Kai-Hwa Wang. Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor HERE /

Sept 20 Sun 4pm Iron kettle. Masterworks of Japanese Tea Culture in six 75 min. sessions. by Maiko Sōka Behr of SaBi Tea Arts Nikkei National Museum. B.C., Canada. Se10, 20; Oc8, 18; Nv12, 22. Tapes available for 48 hours; ea $10 HERE/

Sept 20 Sun 5-7pm Tea: The Meal. A comparative history of savory and sweet teatime treats. Friday Afternoon Tea (shop in Seattle WA) $15 HERE/

Sept 21 Mon 2:30pm Jewish Food: Claudia Roden and Simon Schama. Hebrew Manuscripts exhibition in British Library. (19:30 London time) £5.00 HERE/

Sept 21 Mon 3:30pm American Pioneers (daily life of a pioneer family and what kind of food they would have eaten) Library Learning Lab. Preble Library. Ohio.  ?for students (Se 7 on Kitchen Chemistry) HERE TAPE . HERE

Sept 21 Mon 5pm Ice cream in the Age of Enlightenment. Ivan Day. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. CT A link will be activated on the day. Past TAPE . HERE

Sept 21 Mon 6:30 Virtual Food History Cooking Class: Kleindeutschland Marietta. German cooking Marietta, Ohio $8 HERE /

Sept 21 Mon 7-9 Race and Fast Food. Marcia Chatelain. Profs and Pints. $10 to view tape HERE /

Sept 22 Tue 1-2:30 Women in the Kitchen. Twelve Essential Cookbook Writers Who Defined the Way We Eat From 1661 to Today. Anne Willan. Sacramento Book Collectors Club HERE

Sept 22 Tue 7pm African American Foodways by Dontavious Williams, pt 2. Cooking Demo. Stratford Hall, VA HERE

Sept 22 Tue 10 PM The History of Wine. Dr. Patrick Hunt. Santa Clara City Library HERE/

Sept 23 Wed 2-3:30 Betty Crocker and the Cookbook that Changed the Way America Cooks. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Great Neck Library NY HERE /

Sept 23 Wed 2-3:30 Finding Comfort/Discomfort Through Foodways During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Oral history project. Center for Food and Culture. HERE

Sept 23 Wed 9:30pm Spirits of Latin America. Omnivore Books Virtual Book Tour HERE

Sept 24 Thur 1-2:30pm Seltzer & New York City: The History of a Bubbly Affair. Barry Joseph author of Seltzertopia. Replay tape for 1 week. New York Adventure Club $10 HERE/

Sept 24 Thur 2pm Chinese Cuisine and the Eight Great Culinary Traditions. MP Chinese. First time free, then £3 HERE/FULL

Sept 24 Thur 4pm Spices in Mesopotamian Food. 20 min talk on "recipes exist in the form of clay tablets from ancient Babylonia dating to the 18th century BCE" at Fermentology and TAPE . HERE

Sep 24 Thur 6:30 Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America. Marcia Chatelain. CHNY $10 HERE [also on Oct 22]

Sept 24 Thur 7pm Clues, Craft, & Cookery. Documenting, restoring, and furnishing the original 1739 kitchen and pantry at Newlin Grist Mills, PA, by Tony Shahan. Info HERE  

Sept 24 Thur 7pm Baltimore’s Brewing Industry - Past, Present & Future. Baltimore Museum of Industry. Theresa MuCulla, Curator of the American Brewing History Initiative at the Smithsonian, and local craft brewers TAPE HERE

Sept 24 Thur 8-9:30 Savoring the Harlem Renaissance. Cooking with Artbites. The great migration 1920s $25 HERE

Sept 25 National Cooking Day
Sept 25-27 20th annual Library of Congress National Book Festival HERE ‘Video on demand’ tape will be made available the day of the scheduled talk HERE Only one food writer this year. On Sat. 4pm (watch the tape before) Bill Buford’s Dirt: Adventures in Lyon...Looking for the Secret of French Cooking.

Sept 26 Sat 9:30-5 The Bitter and the Sweet: The Material Culture of Sugar in Early New England. will be taped and access until Oct 10. Historic Deerfield. $60 HERE Speakers: Mark A. Peterson, Yale; Brandy S. Culpis, Wadsworth Atheneum; Justin DiVirgiliois, Hartgen Archaeological Associates; Amanda Lange, Daniel Sousa and Barbara Mathews, Deerfield

Sept 27 Sun 3:30-5 Afternoon Tea Basics. Lorna Reeves editor of Tea Time mag. History, etiquette, courses and basket for 4. Starfish Junction Productions. $49 HERE FULL /

Sept 28 Mon 1-2:30 The History of Ice Cream in New York City. Meg Lynch from the Morris-Jumel MansionNew York Adventure Club. Tape replay for one week. $10 HERE /

Sept 28 Mon 8pm Decolonizing Cheese. Ann Campbell. DZTA $10 HERE/

Sept 29 Tue 12pm Gallery talk: Savor: A Revolution in Food Culture. Linda Roth. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. CT A link will be activated on the day, and the tape viewed directly thereafter HERE past tapes HERE

Sept 29 Tues 1pm Cooking at Monticello live with Leni Sorensen. Facebook Live HERE or You Tube HERE

Sept 30 Wed 6pm Sugar, Cigars, and Revolution: The Making of Cuban New York. Cuban Americans of Green-Wood. Lisandro Perez. $9 HERE

Sept 30 Wed 1:30-3 Imbibing Italy: Drinking History and Culture. Wine Alphabet. Tape for participants €11.32 (~$13) HERE

Sept 30 Wed 7pm Soft and Bloomy. Brie and Camembert origins, similarities and differences. Formaggio Kitchen $5 HERE/

Sept 30 Wed 8-9:30 Culinary Lyricism: Exploring the Relationship Between Food and Music in Black and Latinx Cultures. Panel at Museum of Food and Drink. $20 HERE

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AUGUST EVENTS   Eastern time zone   48 /30 at start of month

Aug 1 Sat #FoodDayCanada. For recipes to "Cook like a Canadian" and info to use the hashtag HERE  Bentwood box cooking of the First Nations HERE

Aug 1 Sat 1-8pm National Mead Day. History, tasting guides, making mead advice. F.H.Steinbart Co. HERE 4 mead talks tapes: Mead origins, traditions, and future. HERE . Taste honey HERE. Making mead HERE. Virtual mead flight HERE

Aug 1 Sat 2pm American Cuisine in the Colonial Era. What is American cuisine and how has it reflected social trends and divisions? Paul Freedman. Newlin Grist Mill no tape HERE

Aug 1 Sat 2pm The Potlikker Papers: a food history of the modern south. John T. Edge HERE no tape

Aug 4 Tues 8:30-10pm Food on Wheels in the American West.  Richard Foss.  San Francisco Professional Food Society HERE no tape

Aug 5 Wed 1pm Baking for Suffrage: How “Good Cooking and Sure Voting Went Hand in Hand.” NY State Museum. Facebook live tape 20 min. HERE tape HERE

Aug 6 Thurs 11am Warner’s Gin Distillery tour and botanical gardens, Scotland   no tape  HERE

Aug 6 Thur 1-2pm When in the Renaissance, eat as the artists ate (Botticelli, Caravaggio, Brunelleschi Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Pontormo) $30, Curious Appetite Travel (in Italy)  no tape  HERE

Aug 7 Fri 11:00am Gardens of Gunston Hall, Monticello, and Mount Vernon. Gunston. Facebook tape HERE

Aug 7 Fri 1:30pm Rice How it Evolved Through International Collaborations Webinar #3 of “Rice! An Exploration of Cultural Expression with Scholars and Chefs in 3 Webinars” , Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, Marcia Greenblum, Susan McCouch. NAL (National Agricultural Library) no tape  HERE

Aug 7 Fri 5:30pm Accidental Discoveries: In the Kitchen. Atlas Obscura $9.06 HERE

Aug 8 Sat 2pm A Recipe for Subversion: How Suffragists Used Cookbooks to Fight for the Vote. HFSDV and Alice Paul Institute. Dan Macey and Lucy Beard. Tape HERE

Aug 10 Mon 7pm Get in grained. The History and Story of Grain. ACF Greater Indianapolis Chapter. no tape HERE

Aug 11 Tue 6:30-8:30pm  The History of Scotch Whisky. David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery $6  HERE

Aug 11 Tue 7pm Coffeeland: One Man's Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug. Augustine Sedgewick. Facebook live at Revolution Books New York Tape HERE

***Please consider donating to the non-profits.  We are all in this together. ***  

Aug 12 Wed 2pm Real Bread Bakers documentary by Zev Robinson on “bread, sourdough, community, local food, food supply chains and health benefits” HERE and tape of Q & A panel session HERE

Aug 12 Wed 7-8:30pm Whiskey, Boxing, and Politics: The Lost New Orleans of Big Jim Comiskey, (1897-1972) Justin Nystrom. Hermann Grima House. Tape for a short time (?until next talk?) HERE  
Great talk in July, tape no longer available - Cradle of the Cocktail: The Rise of Drinking Culture in 19th Century New Orleans. Dr. Kristen Brooks (PhD in aspect of history of alcohol)  HERE

Aug 12 Wed 7:30pm The Archaeology of Beer. Patty Hamrick. $6 HERE

Aug 12 Wed 8pm Beyond the North Wind: Russia in Recipes and Lore. Darra Goldstein. Culinary Historians of Chicago. HERE Will not be recorded.

Aug 13 Thu 1-2:30 A nice cup of tea: a history of tea drinking. UK Tours Online £11.37 HERE

Aug 15 Sat 10:30am Foods of 18th-century tenant farmers. Gunston Hall, VA  cooking in a stove HERE with supplies list. Tape will be HERE

Aug 15 Sat 1pm DIY Ginger Ale and Vanilla Extract Workshop. The Grounded Housewife duo. Blackstone Library, CT tape HERE

Aug 18 Tue 11am Food for Thought: a lecture about Food in Art. Art Historical London £11 HERE

Aug 19 Wed Jefferson and Wine. Monticello. tape HERE

Aug 19 Wed 11:30am From Foraging to Farming: How Our Skeletons Changed. Smithsonian HERE

Aug 19 Wed 7pm  Colonial Milling & Brewing by traditional miller, Steve Bashore and 18th-century baker, Justin Cherry at Stratford Hall, VA HERE or Facebook HERE

Aug 20 Thur 12pm Milling from the Ancient World to 19th cen. Seminar and baking with author William Rubel, speaker Tony Shahan of Newlin Grist Mill museum PA. Bread to bake: Maslin bread late 1700s (wheat/rye) HERE. Join Rubel's Facebook page Bread History and Practice for future topics and details HERE

Aug 20 Thurs 12pm Prohibition in Washington, DC: How Dry We Weren't. Garrett Peck. USCHS US Capitol Historical Society HERE Past talks tapes HERE

Aug 20 Thur 5pm Recipes for Respect: African American Meals and Meaning Dr. Rafia Zafar. Culinary Historians of N. Cal. no tape  HERE

Au 20 Thur 8pm How Corn Changed Itself and then Changed Everything Else. Cynthia Clampitt. Highland Park Historical Society. IL no tape  HERE

Aug 22 Sat 10-4 Maryland Iron Festival: Mountains, Metal and Malt - Virtual Edition. Great combo of crafts, music, Hopewell Furnace (stoves) tapes, traditional food preparations, archeology of food on site. Repeated Sunday.  And surprise bonus to hear a smiling little 7 or 8 year old happily belting out some folk songs and play the fiddle/violin with her Dad on banjo. (Caswell family) Info on attendees and videos HERE Some tapes available HERE

Aug 22 Sat 10:30am Garden. Collecting seeds. Gunston Hall, VA Joel Fry of Bartram's Garden (talked about Bartram, his Garden, and the 18th cen seed packets found at Woodlawn in Phila.) and Ryan Dostal talked about saving seeds, hand pollinating, and folding paper packets. A handout with items to 'do along'. HERE Tape will be HERE

Aug 25 Tue 5:30-7pm Tracing the Incredible History of Tea. New York Adventure Club $10 HERE

Aug 25 Tue 6:30-8pm The American Coffeehouse Eve MacKnight. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Aug 25 Tue 7pm African American Foodways Cooking Demonstration by Dontavious Williams. Stratford Hall, VA HERE

Aug 26 Wed 10am Living History at Home: Quansheba’s World. She was "a free woman of color who helped run a tavern in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War."  NY His Soc and virtual behind-the-scenes of the Museum of the Am Rev. Family program. Cheyney McKnight of NYHS and Tyler Putman of Rev.   HERE

Aug 26 Wed 4pm Sugar in Settler Colonial Culture in Canada: What Home-Ec Cookbooks Reveal. Dr. Donica Belisle. University of Regina. HERE

Aug 26 Wed 6:30-8pm The History of Gin David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery $6 HERE

Au 27 Thur 2pm All Stirred Up: Suffrage Cookbooks, Food, and the Battle for Women's Right to Vote. Laura Kumin. HERE

Aug 27 Thurs 4pm Bread Baking as Opportunity. 20 min talk by author and CA baker Josey Baker at Fermentology  HERE

Aug 27 Thurs  6 weeks   100 Years of Women Voting Symposium.  6 Thursdays of panels and keynote speakers co-sponsored by US Capitol Historical Society, Library of Congress, National Women's Suffrage Commission. HERE

Aug 28 Fri 12:30 Women in the Kitchen book.  Anne Willan.  CHNY $5 HERE

Aug 28 Fri 7pm The Truth about Baked Beans: An Edible History of New England . A virtual reading. Meg Muckenhoupt. Brookline Booksmith HERE

Aug 28 Fri 7pm Seeing the Enslaved Cook: Behind the Stereotypes & the Myths by Karen Becker & Jerome Bias. Newlin Grist Mill HERE CANCELLED

Aug 28 Fri 8pm Ancient Alcohol tour and beer tasting. $10 Dr. Olivia Hayden, Jason Perkins of Allagash Brewing Co.("unique brewing techniques that utilize old Italian wine jars"), Dr. Matthew Farber. Penn Museum. "Philly Loves Beer has chosen a curated six-pack that pairs perfectly with this tour." HERE

Aug 29 Sat 10-3am African-American Cooking by Karen Becker & Jerome Bias. Newlin Grist Mills “History at Work” info HERE CANCELLED

JULY EVENTS  Eastern time zone 22 /7 at start of month

July 1 Wed 7:30 The Kitchen: A Journey through time. John Ota. CHEW members or newsletter list HERE Tape HERE

July 2 Thurs 4pm Fermenting for the Zombie Apocalypse 20 min talks by specialist/authors at Fermentology more topics and tape HERE

July 6-7 Experimental Food Design for Sustainable Futures. Workshops. Day 1 Fantastic(e)ating Food Futures; Day 2 Designing with More-than-Human Food Practices for Climate Resilience. HERE

July 9 Thurs 12pm  English "French Bread" c1708 Seminar and baking with author William Rubel. Bread to bake: English French Bread from Henry Howard, England’s Newest way in all sorts of Cookery, 1708 HERE  Join his Facebook page Bread History and Practice for weekly topics and details HERE

July 9  Thurs 4pm The Evolution of Sour Taste in Hominid 20 min talks by specialist/authors at Fermentology more topics and tape HERE

July 10-Au 2  Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery. topic is Herbs & Spices. No tapes

July 15 Wed 8pm  The Kitchen: A Journey through time. John Ota. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE Tape HERE

July 16 Thurs 12pm  Introduction to Sourdough Seminar and baking with author William Rubel with Karl de Smedt from Puratos Sourdough Library in Belgium. More info and videos of Sourdough library Bread to bake: HERE. Bread to bake: Sourdough Pancakes or waffles HERE. Join his Facebook page Bread History and Practice for weekly topics and details HERE

July 16 Thurs 4pm The Evolution of Fermentation by Primates 20 min talks by specialist/authors at Fermentology more topics and tape HERE

July 18 Sat 1-3:30 Pickle Making demo and illustrated talk from 1881 cookbook by Abby Fisher, a former slave. Becky Diamond for Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion. $6 HERE

July 20 Mon 7pm iScreen for Ice Cream. A virtual history. Susan Plaisted. Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley  HFSDV.  taped  HERE

July 22 Wed 1pm Liquid Vacation: A History of Tiki Cocktails. Eve Bergeron, granddaughter of “Trader Vic” Bergeron; Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, and Brian Miller tiki expert. Brooklyn Historical Society. TAPE . HERE

July 22 Wed 7pm  The Strangest Cooking Methods in the World.  Richard Foss.  Culinary Historians of N Ca.  CHONC HERE

July 23 Thurs 12pm Breads of Nicolas de Bonnefons, 1645 Seminar and baking with author William Rubel. Bread to bake: Pain de Gonnesse. Bonnefons The French Gardiner trans by John Evelyn, 1658

July 23 Thurs 4pm Novel Misos 20 min talks by specialist/authors at Fermentology more topics and tape HERE 

July 24 Fri 1:30 Rice in Global Cuisines Webinar #1 of “Rice! An Exploration of Cultural Expression with Scholars and Chefs in 3 Webinars” Dr. David Shields. NAL (National Agricultural Library) no tape HERE

July 29 Wed 6:30 Table Matters: A Social and Cultural History of Restaurants authors Dr. Katie Rawson and Dr. Elliott Shore. Wagner Free Institute of Science HERE

July 30 Thur 12-1:30 Women Brewing Beer in History, Africa, and Rwanda. HERE

July 30 Thurs 4pm Vegetable Fermentation 20 min talks by specialist/authors at Fermentology more topics
and tape HERE

July 30 Thurs 5pm History of Chocolate. David Borghesani of American Heritage chocolates. National Archives. TAPE . HERE

July 31 Fri 1:30 Exploring Black America Food Culture and Historical Legacies Webinar #2 of “Rice! An Exploration of Cultural Expression with Scholars and Chefs in 3 Webinars” #2 Dr. Ezra Kahn, Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson. NAL (National Agricultural Library) no tape HERE

JUNE EVENTS Eastern time zone 23/ 8 at start of month

June 3 Wed 7:30  Wisconsin beer history - Pure Beer is Pure Food! Doug Hoverson. CHEW members or newsletter list HERE

June 4 Thurs 1pm Deciphering the Past: An Introduction to Transcription.  Knowledge needed when studying manuscript recipes, letters, diaries.  Science History Institute & American Philosophical Society. no tape? HERE

June 4 Thurs. 4pm A Brief History of Sourdough.   Weekly 20 min talks by specialist/authors are Thursdays 4pm at Fermentology more topics
and tape HERE

June 4 Thur 7pm Virtual Ship to Shop: Women and Commerce in Colonial Annapolistape  HERE
June 10 Wed 1pm Swedish Food History through the Kitchen Garden – A Virtual Talk with Richard Tellström. More HERE. $5 if not American Swedish Institute member

June 11 Thurs 12pm Introduction to Flatbread talk and workshop with author William Rubel. Join his Facebook page Bread History and Practice for weekly topics and details HERE

June 11 Thurs 1pm Bay to Table: Rethinking Tradition …Chesapeake oysters…historical, social, and environmental factors that have shaped the way seafood has been accessed and perceived for centuries. HERE Tape HERE

June 16 Tue 2pm Cooking at the Hearth at Colonial Williamsburg. Tiffany Fisk. Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley.  tape HERE

June 17 Wed 1pm Living History at Home: Cooking for Juneteenth (fire pit; geared for kids, which is a great idea) HERE
June 18 Thurs 12pm   Bread related words 1500-1899s (there are thousands!) from author William Rubel's research for his giant work on breads. Join his Facebook page Bread History and Practice for weekly topics and details HERE

June 18 Thurs 4pm Fermentation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Beer, Bread and More Beer Weekly 20 min talks by specialist/authors are Thursdays 4pm at Fermentology more topics
and tape HERE

June 18 Thurs 8pm The Rule of Rum. Cynthia Clampitt. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE tape HERE

June 19   Juneteenth at James Madison's Montpelier, Dr.  Leni Sorenson.   5 tapes available now  HERE and at Monticello HERE

June 20 Sat 10-11:30 The Diet of Our Ancestors – What History & Science Reveals. Adrian Miller. Black Heritage Trail NH no tape HERE

June 22 Mon. 11:30am The Poison Squad: One Chemist’s Single-Minded Crusade for Food Safety at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. Deborah Blum. New York Public Library. no tape

June 23 Tue. 1-3 Native Bees. decline of honeybees is well documented, but …What do we know about native bees? no tape HERE

June 23 Tue 7pm Pirates of the Chesapeake … to the Oyster Wars. Mount Vernon author talks tape HERE
June 25 Thurs 12pm  Bread talk and workshop with author William Rubel. Bread to make:
Liger's Delicate Bread. Join his Facebook page Bread History and Practice for weekly topics and details HERE

June 25 Thurs 2pm The Kitchen by John Ota.  Culinary Historians of Northern Cal.  write for zoom info  ejpeters@chonc.com

June 25 Thurs 4pm Microbial War and Peace in Cheese Rind Microbiomes  Weekly 20 min talks by specialist/authors are Thursdays 4pm at Fermentology more topics
and tape HERE

June 27 Sat 10-4  Past to Apron Culinary History Conference.  30 min. talks throughout the day.  $20 non refundable fee. HERE NO TAPES. Fortnum’ Hamper, Dr Andrea Tanner; History of Butter (in Ireland), Margaret Hickey; Preparing a Medieval Feast, Dr. Ursula Janssen; Ireland’s Great Hunger, Ciaran Reilly; Croissant and the Baguette, Jim Chevallier; The Colonial Kitchen of NYC, Chris Lord-Barry; Suffrage Era Recipes, Gena Philibert-Ortega; Connecting Indigenous Food & Heritage, Shane Chartrand; Food Museums, Liz Williams; Recipes Tales: The Handwritten (of Ireland), Bridget Bray; Fat Rascals, John Tufts; Food Styling & FX, Elizabeth Grove.

June 30 Tue 12pm The Migrating Food Pot: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines Abroad.  Tape HERE
June 30 Tue 12:30 Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine book group discussion with Ms. Lohman attending. Info and registration HERE $10 suggested donation to the Wilton Historical Society, CT

April and May events   18 but initially there were more

Ap 5 2pm When Potato Fields were Prisons: Unfree Farm Labor in McHenry County during WWII, Samuel Klee. Culinary Historians of Chicago. Podcast HERE

April 19 Jews, Schmaltz, and Crisco. Rachel Gross. Culinary Historians of Northern California.

May 6-10  Behind Every Great Cook Is a Great Mother. Culinary Historians of Canada. HERE

May 6 Wed 7pm Speaking of Speakeasies. Profs and Pints. $10 to view tape HERE

May 6 How Potatoes Will Save Humanity, Scott Johnson. CHEWisconsin To view a recording request chewwisconsin@gmail.com

May 8 The History of Native American Cuisine with Dr. Lois Ellen Frank HERE and demo HERE  Life, Death and Medicine Aboard an 18th-Century Warship with Dr. Stulc HERE
Road Scholar Virtual Lecture. tapes

May 14 Matthew Booker talk on co-editing the 2019 Food Fights: How History Matters to Contemporary Food Debates and also his family's sourdough. Culinary Historians of Northern California.

May 14 Thur 5pm An Archive of Taste. Lauren F. Klein. The Library Company of Phila. Tape HERE

May 19-28 The Great Big Jewish Food Fest. Archive of past talks tapes HERE

May 19 Food by Chris Woolgar. Medieval Life and Death History Festival BBC 5 topics tapes HERE

May 20 Foodways with the Frontier Culture Museum with Karen Becker. HERE

May 21 History Conversations: Bread & Beauty book, Claudia Kousoulas

May 25-29 Dublin Gastronomy Symposium (5th biennial) - Food and Disruption: What shall we eat tomorrow? free! 50 peer reviewed papers HERE Recordings of past programs HERE

May 26 Tue 7pm Summertime Victorian Entertaining. Becky Diamond. HFSDV Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley. Past programs HERE

May 27 7pm 16,000 years of Global Potato History. Raghavan Iyer. Culinary Historians of Chicago podcast HERE

May 28 Food and Drink in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art. Princeton University Art Museum. The museum has arranged it so locals can watch while enjoying a specially designed menu from a downtown Princeton restaurant Mezzaluna for pickup and wine pairings from next door Public Wine, Beer and Spirits.  What a great idea!

Tenement Museum. The Dairy Restaurant by Ben Katchor, A Nickel for a Pickle: A Pickle Lesson, Street Peddlers and Market Vendors tapes HERE

George Washington's Mount Vernon you tube weekly tours of every room. tapes Kitchen HERE , Cellar HERE

Middleton Place. Charleston SC. Facebook page has live talks, tours and cooking tapes. Cooking, with rice HERE

Gunston Hall in Va. Summer Saturdays. Foods: Mason Family. Foods: People in Slavery. Cooking on stove. tapes HERE

Early opening paragraph-
Hundreds of virtual food history talks, courses, webinars, cooking demos, workshops, tours and reading materials are free as we stay at home - some charge.  THREE symposiums went online.  Some talks that are taped will continue to be freely available; links further down this post to their websites. If you know of any other activities, please use "contact form" on right.  ENJOY!

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