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Valentine Sweets - Chocolate and Candies

Talks on chocolate history and material culture, Cadbury, Hershey, Jews and Chocolate, and the Boston area had over 140 factories for candies. Over the past two years there have been many talks on chocolate, tapes below.

Feb 14 Mon 5:30-7 The Chocolate King: Life & Legacy of Milton S. Hershey. Tesa Burns, Archivist for Hershey Community Archives. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Feb 14 Mon 6 Love and Chocolate. Maite Gomez-Rejon. LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes CA HERE

Fe 15 Tue 4 For the Love of Chocolate. “Jews and chocolate, dating back to the 1600s” Michael Leventhal author of The Chocolate King. Moment Magazine HERE TAPE may be HERE //

Fe 16 Wed 2:30 Tour of Bournville. “1879 the Cadbury Brothers moved their famous chocolate factory … built a village of social housing both for their workers and for others, where people could live in clean, light, spacious and airy conditions… “ Ian Jelf. £10 HERE Fe 17 Bournville

Fe 17 Thu 9:30AM Bournville - Village Built On Chocolate. “Cadbury family built not just their chocolate factory but a healthy and pleasant place for their workers to live.” Heygo HERE Fe 16 Bournville

1930s Cadbury chocolate factory at Bournville UK, ‘Bournvita’ malt drink film. From milking to all stages in the factory. TAPE 11 min. HERE

Feb 17 Thu 6 Sweet City: A History of Candy Manufacturing in the Somerville Area. Boston once had “over 140 factories producing a wide variety of chocolates & candies.” Jeremy Spindler. Somerville Museum. HERE //

Feb 19 Sat 2 Food of the Gods: The History and Material Culture of Chocolate. “history of chocolate in the early United States.” Amanda Lange. Lexington Historical Society $15 HERE //

Fe 28 Mon 2-3:30 Xocolatl: Food of the Gods. Chocolate history. Darlene Tenes. San Jose Woman's Club Antiques Group HERE

TAPES - Chocolate history

History of Chocolate. David Borghesani of American Heritage chocolates. National Archives. Jl 30 2020 TAPE . HERE

The History of Chocolate and the Military. Dave Borghesani, Mars Wrigley Chocolate Historian. Free samples to the first 500 who register. National Archives. Oc 27 2020 HERE TAPE HERE

Behind the Scenes: Mars Chocolate. David Borghesani. History to modern production and Mars Factory Virtual Tour. National Archives DC Dec 10 2021 TAPE HERE

The King’s Chocolate Kitchen at Hampton Court. Marc Meltonville of Hampton Court Palace in UK. Culinary Historians of Southern California. Oc 10 2021 TAPE HERE

Flavor Principle Puzzles: Chili Pepper, Chocolate and Tomatoes. Paul Rozin. CHoW Culinary Historians of DC Oc 11 2020 HERE TAPE HERE

Digital Chocolate Festival. origins. Celebrate Cacao (promotes, teaches about ethically made craft chocolate, UK. Oct 14-20 2020 HERE TAPE Facebook HERE

Chocolate history. David Greenwood-Haigh. Digital Chocolate Festival. Celebrate Cacao UK. Oc 15 2020 Program HERE TAPE Facebook HERE

Hanoverian Flavours on The King’s Table in the Long Eighteenth Century. Adam Crymble, Sarah Fox. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK Jan 13 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Milton Hershey: The Chocolate King. Biography TV TAPE HERE

The Ancient Story of Chocolate: Dr. Rosemary Joyce | Tiny Lectures. Archaeology Now. Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

Chocolate, Food of the Gods. Arlene Shaner. Library collection of the New York Academy of Medicine. TAPE HERE

Norwich: City of Chocolate. “twentieth century, Caley’s, Rowntree-Mackintosh and Nestle employed thousands of people and filled the city’s streets with the smell of chocolate.” Facebook premiere. Edible England. Se 18 2021 HERE 15 min TAPE HERE

1930s Cadbury chocolate factory at Bournville UK, ‘Bournvita’ malt drink film TAPE 11 min. HERE

Chocolate Making. Colonial Williamsburg. Trades Tuesdays. Facebook Live. Feb 9 2021 TAPE HERE

Colonial Chocolate in the Atlantic World. Dr. Leni Sorenson. A cacao grinding stone was at Stratford Hall, proof that enslaved cooks like Caesar made chocolate for the Lee family. Stratford Hall VA Feb 13 2021 Info and TAPE at bottom of page HERE

Decolonizing Cacao: An Introduction to Indigenous, Colonial and Decolonial Uses of Cacao. Gillian Goddard. Residency Unlimited (RU) NYC /Dec 12, 13 2020 SOLD OUT/ HERE. TAPE HERE

Bloody Chocolate: Contraband and Violence in Eighteenth Century Costa Rica. History Indoors. UK Dec 2 2020 HERE TAPE HERE

Militant Candies in the Soviet Union. “analysis of 200 Soviet candy wrappers, printed in the 1920s-50s, they also fed people’s mind with propaganda. Dr. Raluca Parfentie. Digital Materialities Webinar series #7. Material Culture @LarcaParis Universite de Paris May 17 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

SCIENCE of chocolate tapes

Science of Chocolate. Michael Cima. MIT Club of Boston. Je 25 2020 TAPE HERE

The Science of Chocolate. “explore the chemistry behind chocolate and the ingredients” Selvyn Simoes. RCIScience Canada Feb 18 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Viscosity, Pastry, and Chocolate. Marike van Beurden. Science and Cooking Public Lecture Series. Harvard Oc 26 2020 HERE TAPE HERE

Engineering chocolate. Maria Charalambides on “her work on engineering better-tasting, healthier chocolate.” Imperial College London UK Dec 1 2020 HERE TAPE HERE

PAST BLOG POSTS ON CHOCOLATE , 'Instant cocoa' (Racahout des Arabes), Liotard's images, Chocolate making equip, recipes HERE


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