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Cattle, Dairy, Cheese, and Butchers virtual talks

There was an interesting talk last fall on "Plymouth Women and the Birth of the American Dairy Business," taped, but there have been, and will be, other good talks. Image: Cattle Market before a large city, 1820

Cattle in early times were taken into the city to butcher shops to be butchered and sold. Seen in the taped talk from Leeds.

Fe 16 Wed 2 Animal City: The Domestication of America by author Andrew Robichaud. 19th cen. American cities … cows grazing open lots, pigs foraging gutters, horses by the thousands, cattle driven through busy streets, and stockyards intermixed with residential neighborhoods…” changes. Animal History Group HERE

Fe 26 Sat 10AM Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker: Using Occupational Records. Amy Johnson Crow. Delaware Genealogical Society HERE

Feb 26 Sat 3-5 The Archaeology Of Cheese: Cattle, Strainers, Chemistry, And Genes. “earliest use of dairy products in prehistoric Europe weaves together archaeology, analytical chemistry, and genetics.” Dr. Peter Bogucki. The Denver Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. HERE

Mr 1 Tue 2-3:45 Ancient Egypt: Cattle in art, design and texts. Dr Joanne Backhouse. £8.68 HERE Links and articles will be sent out after each lecture.

Mr 16 Wed 3 Market metropolis: cattle and the making of Dublin city. 19th century. Juliana Adelman. AHG Seminar Animal History Group HERE

Mr 18 Fri 2-4 Living and Dying with Vikings: Geoarchaeology, Lipid biomarkers and interdisciplinary perspectives on human-animal relations in the Viking Age. “shared their lives [and graves] with domesticated horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, poultry, and sometimes deer…” Dr. Karen Milek. U. of Toronto Anthropology 2022 Colloquium Series. HERE

Ap 6 Wed 6 The Archaeology of Cheese: Cattle, Strainers, Chemistry, and Genes. “earliest use of dairy products in prehistoric Europe weaves together archaeology, analytical chemistry, and genetics.” Peter Bogucki. Archaeological Institute of America HERE

Apr 21 Thu 1 The Meatpacking District: Through the Lens of a NYC Meat Purveyor. Jacquelyn Ottman. New York Adventure Club $10 HERE

Ap 24 Sun 4 Unpacking the Meatpacking District Legacy of Ottman & Company, New York’s Storied Meat Purveyor. Jacquelyn Ottman. Culinary Historians Ann Arbor. HERE

May 3 Tue 8-10 Barn Identity: Exploring the Architecture and Preservation of Midwest Barns. McHenry County Historical Society. Friends of the Edwards House HERE

May 5 Thur 11AM Home Butcher: Making Boudin. Shannon Dietz, County Extension Agent-Ag & Natural Resources HERE

May 26 Thu 1 Meatpacking America: How Migration, Work, and Faith Unite and Divide the Heartland. Kristy Nabhan-Warren. Iowa History 101. State Historical Society of Iowa HERE


Plymouth Women and the Birth of the American Dairy Business. David A. Furlow. Alden House Oct 29 2021 TAPE HERE

When the Streets ran with Blood: Butchers, Slaughterhouses & More 1710-1914 Leeds UK . Dr Kevin Grady. Leeds Civic Trust. Feb 9 2022 HERE TAPE HERE

Ruman Nation: An Environmental History of American Cattle. “growth of the livestock feed industry from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century, to its dominance of the economic scene.” Nicole Welk-Joerger. Nov 29, 2021 Hagley Museum and Library TAPE HERE and info HERE

“Wild Neat Cattle” Domesticated Livestock and Landscape Change in Colonial Maryland. Valerie Hall Historic St. Mary's City. Sept 17 2020 TAPE HERE

Animal City: The Domestication of America. author Andrew Robichaud. Conversation with Catherine McNeur author of Taming Manhattan: Environmental Battles in the Antebellum City. Boston University. Feb 9 2022. synopsis and TAPE HERE or HERE

Civilised by Beasts. author Juliana Adelman. “From manure heaps to horse whips, pedigree dogs to diseased meat: join us for a completely different take on Dublin's past that puts animals at the centre.” 120 Dublin Stories. Little Museum of Dublin Mr 11 2021 TAPE HERE

The gospel of kindness: Animal welfare and the making of modern America. Conditions before and after ASPCA founded 1866 to protect trolley horses, livestock, stray dogs, and other animals. Janet M Davis. Project for Media in the Public Interest. 2019 TAPE HERE

NYC Meatpacking District through the eyes of a Fifth Generation Meat Purveyor’s Daughter. Jacquie Ottman of Ottman & Company. Village Preservation. Oct 14 2021 TAPE HERE

Bank Barns and taped barn & farm talks HERE

Victory Gardens, Plants, Farms talksHERE


Wilhelm von Kobell. Cattle Market before a large city on a lake. 1820
Cow Keeper’s Shop in London, 1825, George Scharf. British Museum



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