Saturday, February 5, 2022

Bees and Insects - virtual and taped talks

Bee behavior, wax, honey, an entire day of bee talks and two talks on eating insects.
Image of bee tanging, link below.



History of Beekeeping in North America. Dr. Tammy Horn Potter author Bees in America, How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation. Heritage Acres Market. Mar 2021 TAPE HERE

The Mind of a Bee, author Lars Chittka. Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, Jan 2021. TAPE HERE. Training bees! Bees pull on string for sugarwater; fascinating and the 2021 talk cleverly taped like a show entrance.

The Lives of Bees: The Untold Story of the Honey Bee in the Wild. author Dr. Thomas D. Seeley. 2021 TAPE HERE

Bee Hunting. Bee lining. “way to locate wild colonies of honey bees, using the tools and techniques of a bee hunter.” Dr. Thomas D. Seeley. Mar 2020 TAPE HERE

The Bee Colony as a Honey Factory. Dr. Tom Seeley. Calgary and District Beekeepers Assn. Mr 10 2021 TAPE HERE

Bees Besieged: A History of Beekeeping. Bill Mares and Larry Karp authors of The Land of Milk and Honey, a History of Beekeeping in Vermont. June 2020 TAPE HERE

What’s that bee? Is it a bee? John Catton. Somerset Wildlife Trust. UK Jan 18 2022 HERE TAPE HERE

Flower power – the science of pollination. Hamish Symington. BeeCraft Mag, Central Association of Bee-Keepers Feb 15 2021 HERE

Bee Craft magazine videos HERE

Polling the Pollinators: Taking part in the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme. The Field Studies Council HERE. Apr 2022 TAPE HERE

Native Plant-Pollinator Interactions. Evan Abramson. Honoring Our Indigenous Heritage: Native People, Plants, Pollinators series. Osher at Berkshire CC Mass. and Massachusetts Pollinator Network June 2022 HERE (4 Sessions June 3,10,17,24) TAPES HERE


Bees in the medieval world website HERE

Bees in the medieval world. The British Academy · Nov 3, 2021 TAPE HERE

History of and Wonder of The Legend of Beeswax April 2021 TAPE HERE

Beekeeping Through the Ages: Exploring Tools, Techniques and Hive Designs. Ancient and medieval. HL Melissa of Dalmatia. Early Sweden Jul 2020 TAPE HERE

Beekeeping 102. Ancient and medieval. HL Melissa of Dalmatia. Early Sweden Jul 2020 TAPE HERE

How did ancient people keep bees? TAPE HERE

Lighting the Night in Ancient Egypt. “wide variety of uses for beeswax and torches in ancient Egyptian life.” Dr. Jennifer Wegner. Penn Museum. 2020 TAPE HERE

?Jan 27 Wed 2-3 Bees and beeswax - the gold of the medieval world? Dr Alex Sapoznik to talk about the importance of bees, beekeeping and beeswax. Cambridgeshire Beekeepers Association UK HERE

?Jan 29 Fri 12:30-2 The Bishop of St David’s comes to Bruges: Gift-giving, civic entries and beeswax in north-western Europe. Mark Whelan. IHR


The Role of Insect Eating in Human Diets, Past and Present. Dr. Julie Lesnik. Smithsonian Natural History Museum. DC Au 19 2021 HERE. TAPE HERE

Insect Foods: Back to the Future? “role of insects in human foodways past and present using examples from across the globe. .. potential of insects for sustainable food and feed into the future.” Dr. Gina Hunter. International Museum of Dinnerware Design Apr 12 2023 HERE Entomophagous Dining (Eating Insects) juried exhibit at The Museum on Main Street, Ann Arbor with IMoDD HERE. TAPE HERE or youtube HERE

Insects in Decline, Academy Conversation. We “rely on them for … coffee (pollinators) to red dye in fabric and food (scale insects) to recycling (decomposers). But two frightening trends are occurring: increased global temps and decreased insect populations. Tanya Dapkey. The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel U. PA Au 14, 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse. author Dave Goulson. Severn B-Lines Project. Buglife Jan 13 2022 HERE. TAPE HERE

Attracting Bees and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants. Heather Holm. Dutchess Land Conservancy NY Jan 2022HERE TAPE may be HERE

How To Eat Every Insect. Epicurious. Oct 2021 TAPE HERE

Edible Insects. NOVA PBS Oct 2021 TAPE HERE

Feb 12 Sat 4:30AM -12 2022 Bee Lecture Day. “Bumblebees and Solitary Bees, bees have swarmed, honey bee removals, bees on the roof of Manchester cathedral to Buckingham Palace.” Somerset Beekeepers' Association HERE

Calling bees - Tanging or ringing HERE
Buckwheat Honey for Honey Gingerbread HERE
Bees - Glass hives, many more subjects HERE


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