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Maple sugaring

Native Americans collecting sap, then boiling it in a 1724 image. Two talks are about Native American traditions in Vermont and Michigan.

Several taped maple syrup and harvesting talks, followed by this week's talks.

Mar 9 Wed 6:30-8 Cooking With Maple! “how you can use this delicious food in various dishes from around the world.” Museums of Mississauga. Ontario, Canada HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 10 Thu 5:30 Maple Sugaring in Askaskwiwajoak (the Green Mountains) VT. “lesser-known traditions of maple sugaring among the region's Abenaki communities, including historical practices…” Alexander Cotnoir. Sustainable Woodstock HERE TAPE . HERE

Mar 31 Thu 7-8:30 Sugarbush Season: Anishinaabe Traditions Connect Us to Our Environment. Elizabeth Chivis Whitepigeon. Holland Museum MI HERE


The History of Maple Sugaring & Maple Syrup. Good overview of history, evolution of equipment, science. Northeast Ohio. Karie Wheaton. Mentor Public Library. Mar 10 2021 TAPE HERE

Maple Sugaring, Adirondack Style. History, equipment and the largest syrup production operation in the world by A.A.Low. Artifacts. Quite a complex around 1900. Dr. Matthew M. Thomas author of A Sugarbush Like None Other: Adirondack Maple Syrup and the Horseshoe Forestry Company 2020. Adirondack Experience: The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake. NY Mar 24 2021 TAPE scroll down HERE. Maple Sugar History blog HERE

From Pails to Pipelines: The Origins and Early Adoption of Plastic Tubing in the Maple Syrup Industry author Dr. Matthew M. Thomas. From buckets and pails to wooden troughs in 1794 to metal pipe lines then plastic tubing in the 1950s. International Maple Museum Center has a tubing history display. Croghan NY. North American Maple Syrup Council. Jan 11 2022 TAPE HERE
Maple Sugar History blog HERE

Maple Morning - Maple Sugaring Presentation. History and process, visit NH Maple Museum as the sugarhouse next door is boiling sap (by showing a short film). Nigel Manley. Forest Society NH Mar 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Traditional Abenaki Sugaring and Stories. Vermont Land Trust Mr 25 2021 TAPE detailed info and photos HERE

Tree Saps & Syrups. Forest Farming in Focus- A Deeper Dive. To learn basics go HERE. Horticultural Science. Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition. Feb 10 2022 Register HERE, More materials HERE. TAPE HERE

Maple Magic in Mississauga. Maple harvest, First Nations, syrup. Museums of Mississauga. Canada Feb 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

The History of the New England Maple Sugar Harvest. Folklore of maple sugar making in New England from the Native Americans to the end of the 19th century. Dennis D. Picard. Great Barrington Libraries MA Feb 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Maple Sugar blog posts HERE

Image - "Native Americans collecting sap and cooking maple syrup in pots, tilling soil into raised humps, and sowing seeds, North America" in: Lafitau, Joseph Francois. Moeurs des sauvages ameriquains, comparées aux moeurs des premiers temps. v.2. Paris: Saugrain l'aîne, 1724. Library of Congress

Ice harvesting in 19th and 20th century America taped talks – another seasonal activity HERE



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