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Ramps - Allium tricoccum (three seeded garlic, or wild leeks) - are found in the spring and early summer in wooded areas along the Appalacian Mountains. Don't confuse with Lily of the Valley.

There are many small and large Ramp festivals and dinners. West Virginia hosts so many there is a website listing yearly events HERE

Other talks on Ginseng, Nettles, Goldseal, Fungi and general foraging for edible and medicinal plants. Taped talks followed by this week's talks.

Foraging as young lad, recalled as adult in 1843 -
"I will tell you how I discovered the dangerous qualities of mushrooms. When I was about eight years old I was sent to a dairy for a can of milk, and I took care to go early before the dairy-maid was up, that I might go foraging about, as I have since seen all boys will do, after apples, crabs, nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, or any other fruit I could lay hands on."
The Gardener's Magazine ... May 1843. editor John Claudius Loudon

Apr 27 Wed 12 John C. Loudon and his wife Jane Webb, an amazing Victorian double act. "Loudon (1783-1843) designed Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Derby Arboretum, the first public park; published the first Gardening periodical." The Gardener's Magazine (above) and several notable books. Warwickshire Gardens Trust £4 HERE

UPDATE. Last week's post about potatoes on the loft over an Irish hearth had a less clear picture. I did get a higher resolution, sharper drawn image so the potatoes are distinguishable. Click to enlarge images at the link HERE


Apr 1-May 1 tape Cooking with Wild Garlic and Nettles. Seasonal Wild Food. Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service £4 HERE

Apr 4 Mon 1 Breaking Down Botany. “Plant Blindness … Botanical history, anatomy, categorization, identification, ecological systems and relationships, endangered species, and botanical latin… how your vegetables and culinary herbs are related.” Jocelyn Perez-Blanco. The SocietyX Community. $15 HERE

Ap 9 Sat 1-3 The Elixir Kitchen: Foraging and Plant Identification. “practice of foraging, its history, and how to identify common plants…” Lachelle Cunningham, Eva Garrett. Mississippi Market Co-op HERE

Ap 14 Thu 6-7:30 Forest Farming Goldenseal & Other NTFPs. Forest Farming in Focus. Jeanine Davis, Margaret Bloomquist; Joe Boccardy. Horticultural Science HERE, More materials HERE. TAPE may be HERE

Ap 21 Thu 4 Sacred Herbs of Spring: Magical, Healing & Edible. author Ellen Evert Hopman. The festival of Beltaine, May Day. Stanley-Whitman House. CT HERE

May 17 Tue 2-5 Disturbance Ethnobotany – using edible and medicinal weeds. Tusha Yakovleva and Sarah Howard. Krater & Eclipta Herbal. donation HERE


Ramps Festival and dinners in Appalachia WV HERE

Ramps. Forest Farming in Focus- A Deeper Dive. Dr.Eric Burkhart, Steve Schwartz, of Delaware Valley Ramps PA. To learn basics go HERE. Horticultural Science. Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition. fEB 24 2021 Register HERE , More materials HERE. TAPE HERE

Ramp Cultivation Webinar. Wild leeks. “Learn about the history, cultivation, and many uses of this important and delicious native plant.” Rural Action. Mar 4 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Fungi. Hannah Hemmelgarn, others. Forest Farming in Focus. Horticultural Science. Mar 10 2021 HERE. , More materials HERE TAPE HERE

Ethical Harvesting for Medicinal Plants. Corey Pine Shane, author Southeast Medicinal Plants & Dr. Deena Class. Firestorm Books & Coffee. Mar 17 2022 HERE TAPE HERE

Grand Forage 1778: The Revolutionary War’s Forgotten Campaign. Todd Braisted author of Grand Forage 1778: The Battleground Around New York City. David Library of the Amer Rev 2016 TAPE HERE

Mar 24 Thu 6-7:30 Ginseng. Forest Farming in Focus Dr. Eric Burkhart. To learn basics go HERE. Horticultural Science. Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition . Register HERE. More materials HERE TAPE may be HERE

IMAGE - Ramps "Allium tricoccum" three seeded garlic An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, 1896 Britton and Brown. p 497



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