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Art and food

Vermeer’s The Milkmaid c1660 (left) is his perfect painting in a talk next month. Bellini's Feast of the Gods, 1514 was one of the first to show Chinese porcelain, and another talk is also on Chinese porcelain. Over 2000 images of 16th century Mexico (including pouring chocolate) in The Florentine Codex are being digitized with text and made searchable.
Jan 12 Wed 11:45-1:30 Fit for the Gods: Chinese Porcelain in Duke Alfonso d’Este’s camerini. Renaissance art and material culture. Giovanni Bellini’s Feast of the Gods … one of the earliest representations of Chinese porcelain in Italy. Painted for one of the famed camerini of Duke Alfonso d’Este of Ferrara and later repainted by a compatriot, Titian… The Murray Seminars at Birkbeck HERE

Jan 19 Wed 1-2:30 The Florentine Codex Initiative: Indigenous and Global Book Histories Converging in Sixteenth-Century Mexico. Codex by friar Sahagun, Nahua authors and artists (2000+ images). “the Digital Florentine Codex (DFC), a digital critical edition giving full online access…” Getty Research Institute HERE

Jan 20 Thu 11 Love of Lemons in Northern Renaissance Art. Dr. Demet Guzey. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 27 Thu 11 Oysters and Champagne: From Jan Steen to Édouard Manet. Dr. Demet Guzey. Context $36.50 HERE
Feb 22 Tue 9AM Johannes Vermeer’s Perfect Painting. The Milkmaid (1654–58) Dr. Peter Ross. Guildhall Library HERE

Feb 23 Wed 1 The Walters Art Series: Chinese Porcelain. The Walters Art Museum. Howard County libraries MD HERE


There will be more when I go through the past talks

Florentine Codex
The Colors of the New World: Artists, Materials, and the Creation of the Florentine Codex. “complexity of meanings inherent in the selection of pigments used in the manuscript” Diana Magaloni Kerpel. Getty Center 2013 TAPE HERE

Project 1521 and the Florentine Codex. The General History of the Things of New Spain, quincentennial of the conquest of Mexico. Panel. Fowler Museum at UCLA Nv 2020 TAPE HERE or HERE

The Emergence of the Lemon Twist in Dutch Still Life. Mariët Westermann. Exhibit and talk Jan 2020 at NYU Abu Dhabi Institute TAPE HERE

When Art Gives You Lemons. Mariët Westermann. article HERE

Johannes Vermeer's The Milkmaid c1660 (date on museum site) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Florentine Codex Bk10 p142 Library of Congress
Giovanni Bellini’s Feast of the Gods 1514, 1529. National Gallery of Art, DC


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