Thursday, January 13, 2022

Canned goods grown on the farm & Home Ec talks

Some puckish humor from Puck, 1906 - "What we get to eat in the country." Cans of chickens running around the barnyard, fishing for canned salmon, condensed milk in the dairy...

As some of us gather canned goods for yet another snow storm, here is some comic relief. Click to enlarge. Remember Home Ec? Well, there are two upcoming talks, one is this Sunday hosted by CHAA.

"Illustration shows a vignette cartoon showing a country woman harvesting canned fruits and vegetables from "The Quaint Old Kitchen Garden", surrounded with scenes of
a young boy catching canned "Salmon" from a stream filled with other canned fish,
an old man trying to catch cans of chicken running about the farm yard,
a man loading a wagon at the "Freight Depot" with food products shipped from New York, and a
milkmaid at a dairy opening a can of "Condensed Milk" at "Milking Time".
Caption: "Table stocked daily with an abundance of eggs, milk, fresh fish and vegetables."
Puck, v. 59, no. 1534 (1906 July 25), centerfold. Library of Congress

Home Ec. Junior High School. 1905 photo Library of Congress

The Secret History of Home Economics. Danielle Dreilinger. CHAA Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor Jan 16 2022 HERE TAPE HERE or HERE . Domestic Science in Pa. Feb 23

Feb 23 Wed 2 Women in the Kitchen: Domestic Science in the Delaware Valley. Dr. Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, Bonnie Tobin. Friends Life Care: VigR® HERE

Feb 23 Wed 6-7:30 Women in the Kitchen: Domestic Science in the Delaware Valley. Dr. Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, Bonnie Tobin. Friends Life Care: VigR® HERE

Fe 24 Thu 12:30-2 American Home Cookery. A Survey of Culinary Education (Mostly in America). Peter Hertzmann. / The Home Economists Go to Work: Popularizing Culinary Knowledge by Any Means Necessary, 1900-1950. Jessica Carbonne. Institute of Historical Research HERE

The Secret History of Home Economics: How Trailblazing Women Harnessed the Power of Home and Changed the Way We Live. "women who pioneered and pursued the “revolutionary science of better living.” by Danielle Dreilinger. TAPE C-SPAN May 2021 HERE

North Carolina Tomato Club History. NC State University. Jun 3 2021 TAPE HERE Digital collection HERE Tomato club reports HERE

IA Extension Homemakers Clubs in Iowa, 1920-1960. “farm women developed skills, forged friendships, and fostered community through extension homemakers clubs.” Iowa History 101. State Historical Society of Iowa TAPE HERE


Cornell University Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition and History (HEARTH) HERE

Beecher, Catharine. A Treatise on Domestic Economy; For the Use of Young Ladies at Home and at School. NY: 1843 HERE

Tegetmeier, W.B. A Manual of Domestic Economy…the Home and Colonial School Society. London: 1862 HERE

Domestic Economy: A Class-book for Girls. 1876 HERE



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