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Fishing, River restoration, Seafood, Roman Fish Sauce talks

World Ocean Day is June 8. As some may have noticed, a few of my monthly search terms involve fish, oysters and river restoration measures like old mill dam removal and removing weirs. This month there are 12 talks, including a virtual international Fish Passage Conference, archival films of Scottish fishing communities, environmental, and women herring packers travel around Scotland. Past taped talks include shrimpers, oysters, shad, and salmon.


Jun 8 Tue 9AM Caller Herring - Scottish Women Herring Workers. “herring gutters and packers…travelled around Britain’s island and mainland communities, working for salt curing companies.” Margaret Ritchie. Museums & Galleries Edinburgh. Fascinating talk. HERE

Herring info - Johnston Collection photos 1863-1975 online HERE The Wick Society oral history (284 recordings) HERE

Jun 8 Tue 6 History of the Conestoga (Part II) Dammit! The effects of dams in the 18th and 19th century. Lancaster Conservancy PA HERE TAPE may be HERE

History of the Conestoga River Aug 17, 2020 TAPE HERE Jun 10 Thur 6 A Fishy Tale of Great Underwater Migrations. “tell the tale of our fishy Susquehanna [River] migrants past and present.” Keith Williams. Lancaster Conservancy PA HERE

Jun 10 Thur 7 The Oyster Wars of the Chesapeake. “mid-19th century through the 1950s, oyster pirates, legal watermen, and authorities engaged in violent disputes.” Dakota Springston. Smithsonian Associates $30 HERE

Jun 11 Fri 9:30-11pm Visiting Japan's most well known fish market. Tsukiji fish market. “secrets of sashimi, tuna, wide array of seafood from oysters, crabs and sea urchins to exotic rare ones… learn Japanese cuisine and gastronomy.” Centre for Responsible Tourism Singapore $17.84 HERE

Jun 17 Thur 8AM One Year of Irish Seafood - Book Launch and End of Project Event. Authors Dr Cordula Scherer and Dr Agnese Cretella “aim to boost Ocean Literacy amongst the people of this island nation across all ages” stewardship Food Smart Dublin, Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities HERE

Jun 18 Fri 9AM Fishing for Films in the Moving Image Archive. “from the late 1800s to the 1960s… thriving fishing communities of the past, showing how people worked and lived.” National Library of Scotland HERE

June 19 Sat 11:30 Shrimp Ceviche and Coctel de Camarone. Cuisines of Different Cultures. Atlantic Institute SC HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 21 Mon 12 The Americas. Fish Passage Conference 2021 “fish passage engineering, fishway research and telemetry studies, river restoration measures like dam removal, mapping migratory routes of fish, legislation.” (Africa, Europe, Oceania June 22-24) World Fish Migration Foundation HERE World Fish Migration Foundation HERE

Jul 22 Thur 1:30 Oyster Restoration in the UK: Restoring a forgotten ecosystem. Celine Gamble. London Natural History Society HERE

Jun 23 Wed 10-11:30 Involving Communities in Species Conservation. 5 UK groups protecting oysters, seagrass, lobster, sharks, fish. Sea-Changes UK HERE

Jun 23 Wed 1 Fish Sauce at the Roman Table. “various forms of ancient fish sauces - garum, liquamen, muria, and allec… proposed that certain forms of ceramic cups were associated with these sauces. subjected to residue and use-wear pattern analysis.” Sally Grainger. Study Group for Roman Pottery UK HERE


Shrimpers. Shrimp Tales: Small Bites of History. author Beverly Bowers Jennings. Story & Song Bookstore Bistro Apr 2021 TAPE HERE

Oystering in Norwalk, Connecticut A Photographic Collection. author and photographer Bill Whitbeck. Norwalk Historical Society Mar 5 2021 TAPE HERE

Oyster Wars. Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: From the Colonial Era to the Oyster Wars. author Jamie L. Goodall. George Washington's Mount Vernon. Jun 23 2020 TAPES HERE

Sharp Tongues and Sharp Knives’ The Herring Lassies. Donna Heddle. Article and hour tape Dec 10 2020 TAPE may be HERE or HERE

Water over the Dam: The Destruction of Colonial New England's River Fisheries. Dr. Zachary Bennett, Dr. Matthew McKenzie. Massachusetts Historical Society Jan 12 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

The Nation's Founding Fish [Shad] Returns to America's Historic Small Watershed [Brandywine River]. Dr. Gerald Kauffman. Athenaeum of Philadelphia Dec 8 2020HERE TAPE HERE

Restoring our Rivers – Removing Barriers to Fish Migration. “how these weirs, locks and other infrastructure affect fish migration along the River Severn - and what could happen if they were removed.” Barbel fish. Dr Catherine Gutmann Roberts. Bournemouth University UK Mar 2 2021HERE TAPES HERE [River Severn also Mar 18]

Hidden Journeys within our Rivers “fascinating biology behind migration and the challenges” such as mid 18th century weirs disrupt twaite shad from going upstream to spawn in the River Severn. Dr. Catherine Gutmann Roberts, Pete Davies. Unlocking the Severn series UK Mar 18 2021 HERE website HERE TAPE HERE

Restoring Wild Salmon Populations. Rivers and Rewilding. The Atlantic Salmon Trust May 24 2021 HERE TAPE HERE The Atlantic Salmon Trust HERE

Fish of the Peninsula and the South Bay Watersheds. “where these fish live, where they used to live, and why many of their populations have sadly deteriorated due to historical and current-day environmental impacts.” Salmon, trout, other native fish of San Francisco. Richard Tejeda. Peninsula Open Space Trust. CA Mar 5 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Calendar of virtual food history talks HERE

Past blog posts on fish - Huge fish smoker 1779, Shad fishing 14 images from 16th to early 20th, and 1833 fishing cartoons HERE

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