Friday, June 18, 2021

Chinese foodways, restaurants

Several interesting upcoming talks - one on Chinese workers in early Napa Valley wineries, evolution of restaurants in Southern Cal, and China's eight regional cuisines. There have been many tapes on restaurants, tea, even chili peppers.


Jun 23 Wed 10pm The Evolution of Chinese restaurant food in Southern California. c1960 to the present. Dr. Jong Chen author of Chop Suey, the Story of Chinese Food in America and Pamela Tom. China Society of Southern California HERE/ TAPE may be HERE

Jun 26 Sat 5 The Forgotten Chinese of the Napa Valley, 1870 – 1900. “despite significant discrimination … Chinese vineyard workers were able to find success in the early days of Napa Valley.” John McCormick. Chinese Historical Society of America. Donation HERE /

Jul 1 Thur 2 Discover the Eight Great Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine. “many different regional styles of cuisine …. Historically, however, eight regional cuisines have been consistently earmarked as the best.” TanSuo Cultural Travel HERE



Fifty Years of Chinese Food Studies Roundtable. With several videos. Modern Chinese Foodways Conference 2021 UNC Apr 23 HERE/ TAPE HERE

The Chile Pepper in China: A Cultural Biography. Brian Dott. CHNY Oct 19 HERE TAPE HERE

The Chile Pepper in China: A Cultural Biography. author Brian R. Dott. Columbia Global Centers. TAPE HERE

Lord Millet in Alibaba’s cave: the resurrection of an iconic food. Millet grain. Dr. Francesca Bray. Modern Chinese Foodways Conference 2021. UNC Apr 22 HERE TAPE HERE


Tea Talk: Stories of a Leaf. Very thorough talk on types, process, fields, early development from around the world, teaware from various places. ritual. Yoon Hee Kim. Friends of the Chinese American Museum. Jan 12 HERE TAPE HERE

Tea Talk: Explore Pu’er Tea with author Lisa See The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. “role of Pu’er tea in Chinese culture and society. You will also learn how to steep tea correctly, how to smoke chicken at home, and how to make tea eggs and Pu'er shortbread cookies.” Professor Judy Wu, Chef Jessica VanRoo. UCI Illuminations U Cal Irvine. Mar 11 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mooncakes and Tea. Rita Shan. Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese American Museum DC. Oct 1 TAPE HERE


Chinese Restaurants in Madison before 1980 . Ann Waidelich. CHEW Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin. Dec 2 TAPES HERE

Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese Food. Andrew Coe. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Dec 22 HERE TAPE HERE

Chinese New Year Celebration: American Chinese Restaurants. Chinese food in Midwest, Jewish American connection, restaurants in South & Central America. By the authors of American Chinese Restaurants Society, Culture and Consumption. Chinese Historical Society of America. Feb 13 HERE TAPE HERE

A Seat at the Table: Chinese Immigration and British Columbia exhibit. “Using food and restaurant culture as an entry point… the great diversity of immigrant experiences and of the communities that immigrants develop.” Bérangère Descamps, Charlotte Chang. Museum of Vancouver, Canada. Jan 27 HERE TAPE HERE

Saving Chinatown and Our Legacies. Part of CULINASIA: The Future of Asian Food in America. Smithsonian Associates. May 5 HERE TAPE HERE

China and Northern Europe: Horticultural and Botanical Connections. “plants, gardens, and garden architecture, focusing particularly on Scotland, Sweden, and Russia.” The Manchester China Institute. Feb 16 HERE TAPE HERE

Calendar of virtual food history talks HERE

Image: King Yen Lo's Restaurant, Finest Chinese Restaurant in America, Chicago No. 7946. Library of Congress. 1906

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