Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Beaten Biscuit Brake demo

This Friday there is a demo making Beaten Biscuits on an 1877 biscuit brake (not this pic), Cold Water Biscuits from Malinda Russell's cookbook. Just heard about it today... thanks Foodways Pilgrim for posting on Facebook!

Jun 25 Fri 3 Forgotten Recipes of the Smokies with Virginia Willis — Beaten Biscuits. 'Cold Water Biscuits' recipe from Malinda Russell’s A Domestic Cookbook, 1866, will be made using Virginia Willis own 1877 Biscuit Brake. The Old Mill. TN. Facebook live, 30 min. TAPE HERE

Some time, when I have time, I will make a post on the various ways to make Beaten Biscuits, various brakes, and beat down some myths on beaten biscuits.

The image is a marbletop biscuit brake with the hand crank on the opposite side of the stand, in a private home. Actually the model the speaker used turned out to be a marble top, rather than the sketch in the promo.

And here are just a few talks added since the first of the month. July will be up soon.

Jun 24 Thur 1-2:30 Celebrating 40 Years: Memories and Visions of the Oxford Food Symposium. Kitchen Table #9 HERE

Jun 26 Sat 1 A Dash of History: The Material Culture of Cooking. Julia Wohlforth, Maria Picariello. The Coalition of Master's Scholars on Material Culture HERE

Jun 28 Mon 6pm Take the Art, Leave the Macaroni. “food, wine, and art in 19th century Italy.” Jacki Musacchio. Paul Baylock HERE //

Jun 29 Tue 7-8:30 Old Southern Cookery: Mary Randolph's Recipes from America’s First Regional Cookbook Adapted for Today’s Kitchen. Virginia Housewife. Sue Hendricks (recipe adaptations, 1970s) and son Dr. Christopher Hendricks (historical sections). Spartanburg County Public Libraries SC HERE

July 1 Thur 1 Historic Recipe Road Shows: Sharing Family Recipes. Kevin Davis, Bruce Kraig, and Deb Lorentsen. Culinary Historians of Northern Illinois. Ellwood House Museum HERE

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