Monday, May 31, 2021

Rations and Rationing

Memorial Day ... when we honor those who gave their lives so we can live free.

There have been many talks on rationing over the past year.


Life in Dulwich in WW2 Part 1. “lead-up to the outbreak of war, fascism, evacuation, civil defence, rationing, the Blitz and bomb damage, Dulwich Picture Gallery's dilemma and everyday life.” Brian Green. Bell House UK £5 May 4 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Life in Dulwich in WW2 Part 2: 1942-1945. Brian Green. Bell House. Je 1 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Ships Biscuits . Jeff Pavlik. Bread Seminar and baking by author William Rubel. Join Rubel's Facebook page Bread History and Practice for future topics and details. Jan 21 2021 HERE. TAPE HERE Recipes HERE Summary of Reproducing the 18th Century English Sea Biscuit. HERE

Ship’s cracker, cabin bread, sea biscuits, sheet iron, molar breakers, worm castles… a staple of navies around the world from about the 15th Century to the early 20th Century.” Jeffrey Seymour. Virtual Grog Ration series. National Civil War Naval Museum . Jan 28 2021 HERE cancelled

War Fare: Modern Food, Moral Food. “American eating habits and more were influenced by WWI.” Dr. Helen Zoe Veit. Linda Hall Library and National WWI Museum and Memorial Jan 21 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

War Fare: Food, Gender and German Identity. “culture, gender and the national foodscape during and after WWI in Germany. …better understanding of both world wars.” Dr. Heather Perry. National WWI Museum and Memorial Mar 14 2021 TAPE HERE

Navy Rations. “varied and robust diet of Royal Navy sailors during the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812.” Gurth Pretty. HMS Psyche Virtual Training. 40 min. TAPE HERE

Grog. “history and recipe of the Royal Navy's most iconic drink – grog.” Gurth Pretty. HMS Psyche Training. 35 min TAPE HERE

In the Kitchen: Baking with Rations. “family-friendly … about rations and …recreate WWII cookie recipe that incorporates wartime rations. Abbie Edens. National WWII Museum. New Orleans. Apr 2020 TAPE HERE

Ask a Curator: Rationing 101. Kim Guise. National WWII Museum. Apr 2020 TAPE HERE

Living on Rations in The Second World War. WW2: I Was There BBC series. May 2020 TAPE may be HERE

Food Rationing - How to Make Woolton Pie - WW2 Homefront 001 - April 1940 UK. with recipe, and film clips. 2019 TAPE HERE

Shopping with Rations. with activities. 45 min. National D-Day Memorial Oct 2020 TAPE HERE

Food will win the War': Dietary Morality and Domestic Sacrifice in the Era of the Great War. Emily Bailey. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK Jan 21 2021 HERE TAPES may be HERE

Mock Goose and Lord Woolton’s Pie: Shopping, Eating, and Cooking ‘On the Ration’ in World War II. Annette Laing. Chicago Foodways Roundtable. Apr 8 2021 Great ppt, not publish tape, so watch if she gives it again.

Domestic Soldiers: British Housewives and the Second World War. Jen Purcell. First Congregational Church of Manchester. VT May 5 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

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