Tuesday, September 3, 2019

5 centuries of Picnics

Beautiful picnics in paintings from the 1530s to the 21st century.  A couple early ones involve "Halte de Chasse" or a break in the Hunt.

The image on the left is by the Frenchman James Tissot in 1870.

Bernard van Orley's  Halte de Chasse c1531  Louvre

Arcadia by Frans Francken 1626-32 (private; Web Gallery of Art)

Halte de Chasse.  Carle van Loo 1737  Louvre

A Pic Nick in the Woods of New England.  Jerome Thomson c1855  Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  details on the painting HERE

The Picnic.  George Goodwin Kilburne.  c1900 from Bonhams

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