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Holiday virtual talks

The upcoming holidays - Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and a special day - 'Stir-up Sunday' to make Plum Pudding for Christmas - are the subject of many virtual talks this year.

Uncle Sam is depicted cutting the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner with various naturalized citizens following the ratification of the 14th Amendment in 1868.

Stir up Sunday Christmas Pudding Nov 22
Nov 22 Stir up Sunday, the day to make Christmas Pudding in the UK. Stir-up Sunday post with 3 pictures and poem HERE

Nov 20 Fri 11PM Christmas Cook-along 1860s Como's Plum Pudding. “streamed from Como House's heritage kitchen… handwritten cookbook… Mrs. Lenoard shared her Plum Pudding recipe with the Tuckwell girls before they emigrated to Australia in the 1850s.” National Trust of Australia A$14.69 HERE

Nov 22 Sun 5-7:30AM Stir-up Sunday: Christmas puddings and desserts. Carmela Sereno Hayes. Northampton Museums & Art Gallery. UK £21.43 HERE

Nov 22 Sun 10-12 The Regency Cook’s 1830 Christmas Pudding Cookery Course online. Paul Couchman, London. Tapes sent after £12-£16 HERE

Thanksgiving Nov 26
They Knew They Were Pilgrims: Plymouth Colony and the Contest for American Liberty. 2020 book by Dr. John G. Turner. Little Compton Historical Society. Nov. TAPE HERE

This Land Is Their Land: The Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the Troubled History of Thanksgiving 2019 book by Dr. David Silverman. History Book Festival. Delaware libraries. Nov 5 HERE TAPE HERE

Nov 24 Tue 4 History in the Baking: Thanksgiving Traditions in Colorado. Nathan Richie and children talk and make holiday treat. Golden History Museum & Park, Colorado. TAPE 30 min HERE

Nov 24 Tue 6-7 A Fusion of Corn and Thanksgiving. “what ‘corn’ is to the Wampanoag, the Lenape, and the English, the types of 'corn'... Wampanoag’s harvest of corn.” Susan McLellan Plaisted. Highland Park, NJ Historical Commission. NO tape HERE

Nov 24 Tue 7pm Thanksgiving Mythbusting. Virginia Museum of History & Culture TAPE 30 min HERE

Nov 24 Tue 8pm Mayflower passengers’ first year in Plymouth. Dr. Donna Curtin of Pilgrim Hall Museum. History Camp. TAPE HERE

Hanukkah, Chanukah Dec 10-18

Dec 2 Wed 6-7 The History and Mystery of Chanukah. Mizpah Congregation $15 HERE

Dec 6 Sun 3pm Moroccan and Sephardic Cuisine. “A Moroccan Jew born in New York and at home in Israel, shares the cultures and traditions…several recipes, including festive Hanukkah ideas...” Danielle Renov, Joan Nathan. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Dec 13 Sun 1:30-3:30 Hanukkah: Sufganiyot. “to educate children about culture through food” Cultured Kids Cuisine. Age 6+ Website HERE TicketsHERE

Dec 16 Wed 7-8 pm The Art of Pickling Holiday Edition. “talk through seasonal Jewish pickling traditions and demonstrate how to work with ingredients” Jeffrey Yoskowitz, Liz Alpern. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Dec 17 Thu 5:30-7 Latkes and the Foods of Chanukah. Make latkes and talk about the holiday and its foods from around the world. Richard Witting. City Market Classes & Events. VT HERE

Dec 22 Tue 1pm Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese Food. Andrew Coe. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. HERE

Christmas Dec 25
Nov 18 Wed 7-8pm A Merry Look at Yuletide Fare. Carolyn Blackstock of Waterloo Region Museum. ALHFAM Central Canada. HERE

Nov 27 Fri 9-10am Charles Dickens at Christmas. "the story of the lost Turkey and the amazing circumstances under which Dickens’ most famous book, A Christmas Carol, was written.” Frankie Kubicki. The National Archives. UK HERE

Dec 4 Fri 9-10 Potatoes, Plum Pudding and Peacock: eating with the Victorians at Christmas. Annie Gray. The National Archives UK HERE

Dec 4 Fri 11pm Christmas Cook-along 1930s - Vintage Cocktails & Canapes at The Heights by National Trust of Australia (Victoria) 0-$14.69 HERE

Dec 5-6 Sat 9am- 5 zoom meetings over 2 days (or just one day) Bake along: Panettone. Italian Christmas sweet bread. history and making. Istituto Mondo Italiano. PA $35 HERE

Dec 5 Sat 10-12 and Dec 12 The Regency Cook’s 1830 Mince Pie Cookery Course online. Paul Couchman, London. Tapes sent after £12-£16 HERE

Dec 6 Sun 5:30 The Spirit of Christmas Past: Four Centuries of Christmas in New England. Ken Turino. Image of Santa throwing “English Plum Pudding” down chimney. Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum. donation HERE

Dec 9 Wed 12 Potatoes, Plum Pudding and Peacock: eating with the Victorians at Christmas. Annie Gray. The National Archives UK HERE

Dec 9 Wed 1-2 Christmas Past, Christmas Present. early recipe books treatments for hangovers and over indulging. Charlotte Holmes. 1st talk on genetics of family dynamics by Kevin O’Dell. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 9 Wed 2-3 Christmas Customs. “selected food, decorations, and events“ Sharn Matthews. Northampton Museums & Art Gallery. £5.80 HERE

Dec 9 Wed 3-4 Dutch Holiday Traditions : A History of the Season in the Hudson Valley. Jennifer Brooks. “history and share some Dutch recipes and festive crafts” Historical Society of Rockland County NY HERE

Dec 10 Thur 6-7 Gingerbread with the First Ladies. Federal gingerbread and decorations from Lou Hoover. National First Ladies' Library HERE

Dec 10 Thur 7-8 Dutch Holiday Traditions : A History of the Season in the Hudson Valley. Jennifer Brooks. “history and share some Dutch recipes and festive crafts” Historical Society of Rockland County NY HERE

Dec 10 Thur 7-8 Early Victorian Christmas Traditions. Food and feasting, trees, cards, gifts, Santa. Laurel Historical Society MD HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 10 Thurs 7-8pm Classic Scandinavian holiday treats. Learn history and make Swedish kanelbullar and Norwegian knots (cinnamon buns), Sweden’s St. Lucia buns (saffron, for St. Lucia Day, Dec 13 ) and Danish kringle (layers of pastry with fruit). Terry Kelzer. Farm Table Foundation $10-20 HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 10 Thur 7:30-9PM Baking [at the hearth] for the Victorian Christmas Table- Plum Pudding & Mincemeat Tarts! Sherry Murphy. She’ll be preparing the recipes from Eliza Acton’s Modern Cookery for Private Families (1845-53, 13 editions) on the hearth at Montgomery’s Inn in Etobicoke, Ontario. Live Q&A, Vic recipe booklet & tape for month. Culinary Historians of Canada $30 HERE

Dec 11 Fri 7:45-8:15 AM Magic & Sparkle: M&S at Christmas. Archive materials “from our first mince pies to all-time favourite stocking fillers.” Marks and Spencer stores UK TAPE HERE

Dec 11 Fri 12:30 Holiday Season 1830 food, drink, entertainment and more. Mount Vernon Hotel Museum NY HERE

Dec 12 Sat 5:30-10AM Christmas in Early England. Old Eng calendar 8th cen, excavations of feasting hall-site, Old Eng Yuletide Feast, Christmas at Camelot. Dr Sam Newton. Wuffing Education. UK £30.00 4 ½ hours HERE

Dec 12 Sat 10-12 The Regency Cook’s 1830 Mince Pie Cookery Course online. Paul Couchman, London. Tapes sent after £12-£16 HERE

Dec 12 Sat 7-9pm Christmastide: colonial cooking demo. Cheyney McKnight, Dontavius Williams, and Nicole Moore. Chocolate, oyster stew, and greens with root veg. Stratford Hall, VA TAPE HERE

Dec 13 Sun 12:30-2 Medieval Christmas food, dining, music, various festivals throughout the year celebrated in Middle Ages, and associated plants. Michael Brown author of Death in the Garden: Poisonous Plants & Their Use Throughout History. Friends of St Peter's Church Marefair, Northampton UK HERE

Dec 13 Sun 12:30 Dickens and Christmas by author and descendant Lucinda Dickens Hawksley. Charles Dickens Museum. £8 HERE

Dec 14-16 Eat Medieval – A Taste of Christmas Past. 3 days online to create a Medieval Christmas feast. Blackfriars Restaurant and Durham University's Institute of Medieval & Early Modern Studies £65 HERE

Dec 14 Mon 2-3 Scoff: Why We Eat What We Eat at Christmas author Pen Vogler with Rosie Boycott, cross-bench peer and co-founder of 5x15 donations to 5x15 £0 – £22.15 HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 15 Tue 5:30-7 A Holiday Gathering: Food, Foraging, and Mythology. “origins of holidays, festivities, and culinary traditions across the globe. We'll go over recipes for two baked goods with wild ingredients.” Lori McCarthy, Felicity Roberts. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Dec 15 Tue 6:30-7:30 The Spirit of Christmas Past: Four Centuries of Christmas in New England. Ken Turino, of Historic New England. Newburyport Public Library MA HERE

Dec 15 Tue 6:30-9:30 Noche Buena: History and Cooking. Christmas Eve dinner after midnight Mass. Filipino Cultural Association of George Mason University HERE

Dec 15 Tues 7pm Pennsylvania German Christmas and other unique traditions. Timothy Essig. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 16 Wed 12-1 Moravian Christmas Traditions. Christmas Eve love feasts, candle tea… Johanna Metzgar Brown of Old Salem. North Carolina Museum of History. HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 16 Wed 12:30 Christmas with Victoria and Albert. History, “folklore, traditions and feasts… see where the geese were traditionally fattened for Christmas dinner.” The Royal Parks £10 HERE

Dec 16 Wed 2:30-3 Christmas Food Traditions From Around the World. by Zeebee – “an international community for people in their 20's and 30'sHERE

Dec 17 Thur 7AM Edwardian Christmas. “Hear about the traditions, costumes and feasts “ The Churches Conservation Trust UK £2.00 /donations HERE

Dec 17 Thur 2 Victorian Christmas -Virtual London Tour “of historical Victorian Christmas sites …” talk about Christmas dinners and other traditions. Impossible Things £10 HERE

Dec 17 Thur 2 Dumfries House Virtual Insights: The Perfect Christmas Dinner. Set table and cook Brussels sprouts, haggis & sausage stuffing… The Prince's Foundation [which bought 18th cen house & furniture to preserve] HERE

Dec 17 Thur 5-6 Christmas at Barns-Brinton House Chadds Ford. Chester County Historic Preservation Network PA HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 17 Thur 7-8pm Celebrations Around The World: A Conversation About Our Shared Traditions. “food traditions of some of the most celebrated winter festivals and holidays” Pick up free recipe kits at Benares Historic House Museums of Mississauga, Canada HERE

Dec 17 Thur 7-8 A Very Atlas Holiday Special “exploring festive traditions from around the world” pic of Feuerzangenbowle (German Fire-tongs punch with flaming sugar cone) Atlas Obscura $15 HERE

Dec 19 Sat 10-11 3 Course Historic Christmas Menu with The Regency Cook. Paul Couchman. The New Healthy. £11.37 HERE

Dec 19 Sat 2-3 Fort from Home: Victorian Cooking: Suet and Lard and the Christmas Spirit. Mince Pie with Cumberland Rum Butter, Christmas pudding. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum. Donation $10-50 HERE

Dec 19 Sat 1-3 Fred Harvey Holiday cooking class. Castaneda Hotel Christmas Cooking Class. Chefs Sean Sinclair & Johnny Vee. The New Mexico History Museum, which has the nation's only major permanent exhibit about Fred Harvey gets Donations. $25 HERE

Dec 19 Sat 2:30-4:30 Portuguese Christmas King's Cake: BOLO REI and BOLO RAINHA Queen Cake. Chef João Batalha. Pastelaria Batalha. Lisbon €10 HERE

Dec 20 Sun 6-7 AM Christmas Foods & Traditions of the US. types of foods, desserts and candy. designed for non-native English speakers by Global Immersions, Inc (homestays) Boston. $23 HERE

Dec 20 Sun 11 Christmas in Georgian London. [1714-1830s] Early: “decking the room with rosemary, eating Christmas porridge, or dining on a buttock of beef.” to later revivals of Old England feasts for St. Nicholas Day and Twelfth Night. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Dec 20 Sun 12-1 Caribbean Christmas Cooking . Learn history of Sorrel, Ponche de Creme, and Black Cake and ingredients, traditions. Nina Compton. Know Your Caribbean £25 HERE

Dec 20 Sun 3-4:30 German Christmas Traditions. Stollen cake and Fuerzangenbowle food, Christmas Markets, St. Martin’s Day lantern parades, Krampus, New Years and more. Tom Mills. Context Travel $36.50 with tape HERE

Dec 21 Mon 3-4 A Victorian Christmas in Islington. Thomas’s currant cake or a special lunch for the Boot Black Brigade, and newspaper accounts. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Dec 22 Tue 8-9:30 Christmas in Oaxaca - A Virtual Tour of Mexican Christmas Traditions. “uniquely Oaxacan celebration: the Night of the Radishes” posadas, poinsettia. Suzanne Barbezat. Discover Oaxaca Tours HERE

Dec 26 Sat 11-12:30 History and Celebration of Kwanzaa. “learn what symbols, foods, and spoken words and celebrate Kwanzaa!” $10 HERE

Dec 28 Mon 10AM Christmas in Nikolskaya Street, Moscow. A live 30 min. tour on street while talking about “why Russians celebrate Christmas in January but exchange presents on New Year’s night, we will talk about Russian customs and traditions and festive Russian food.” Virtualtrips tips HERE

Jan 30 Sat 11-2 Classic King Cake. Joy the Baker. Bakehouse. New Orleans $45 HERE

Mardi Gras Feb 16 Tuesday New Orleans parade canceled this year

Food Glorious Food: Dinner with Dickens. Series of short videos by Pen Volger author of Dinner with Dickens and Christmas with Dickens for 2018-2019 exhibit at Charles Dickens Museum HERE
The original Christmas Pudding Recipe: Cooking with Dickens 10 min TAPE HERE
Delicious Victorian Gingerbread: Cooking with Dickens 9min TAPE HERE
Charles Dickens's Favourite Brandy Punch Recipe: Cooking with Dickens 7 min. TAPE HERE
Alexis Soyer: Victorian Celebrity Chef 3 min TAPE HERE
Toasted Cheese with the Dickenses 2 min HERE

The Spirit of Christmas Past: Four Centuries of Christmas in New England. Ken Turino. Gunn Historical Museum Dec 8 HERE

Mrs. Beeton’s Christmas. Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1861. Dr Annie Gray. Ironbridge Gorge Museum 2017 HERE

Magic & Sparkle: M&S at Christmas. Marks & Spencer Dec TAPE HERE

Rather Splendid Christmas London Walk and its Traditions - Bah Humbug! Delightful tour/show with foods (pie, wassail...) showing locations in Dickens Christmas Carol, and many traditions UK. by Joolz Guides many tapes here HERE TAPE HERE

How Britain Spent Christmas Hiding From The Blitz. 1944 WWII at “Wartime Farm” BBC program Dec TAPE HERE

New Years, Twelth Night Dec 31, Jan 6

Dec 30 Wed 1-2:30 Celebrating Scottish New Year: The History and Traditions of Hogmanay. Dr. Jenny Litster. Context Travel $36.50 with tape HERE

Hogmanay blog post HERE

Jan 3 Sun 3-4:30 'Galette des Rois', an Iconic French Holiday Dessert. History and traditions of the dessert for Epiphany (Three Kings) 12th Night. Mardi Michels. Context Travel $36.50 with tape HERE

Calendar of virtual food history talks. Dec has over 150 talks HERE

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"Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving Dinner" by Thomas Nash. Harper's Weekly. Nov. 20, 1869. The 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, on the rights of citizens born or naturalized and celebrated by Nash. HERE

“Making the Christmas Pudding,” Illustrated London News. Dec 25, 1848

"Farmer Gile’s Establishment – Christmas Day 1800" William Heath, published by T. McLean 1830. © The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum, London. series of 3 HERE

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