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British foodways virtual talks

There are many upcoming talks on British foodways and tapes of talks: Queen Victoria, Stir-up Sunday Christmas Pudding (Nov 22), Colonial sugar trade, Scottish food and many more. Once I find the tapes of talks after they are given, this post (and other topic posts) will only keep the talks with tapes.

King George III toasting muffins, satire by James Gillray in 1791.


British Newspaper Archive HERE

Researching British History online. Institute of Historical Research. U of London TAPE HERE

Layers of London: putting histories on the map Webpage HERE youtube TAPES HERE

British Library. Food history: archives and manuscripts. Collection guides. HERE


Apr 27 Tue 2:30 From Fish Knives to Fish. Food, taste and class. Pen Vogle author of Scoff: A History of Food and Class in Britain. Ruby Tandoh, Dee Woods British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

Apr 27 Tue 6 Cheese, Wine, and Bread: Discovering the Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France! author Katie Quinn with Jen Phanomrat. The Strand Book Store $35.99 HERE

Apr 27 Tue 7:30 Highwaymen, Scandal and Haggis: Recipes from the Cleikum Inn. [The Cook and Housewife’s Manual… by Mrs Margaret Dods, of the Cleikum Inn, St Ronan’s. Edinburgh: 1826. Dods was a character in Sir Walter Scott's book St. Ronan's Well, 1823]. Amy Beingessner. The Centre for Scottish Studies. Canada HERE

Apr 28 Wed 2-3:30 Man Walks into a Pub. “beer and pubs in Britain in the way it should be told: irreverent, discursive, full of tall stories and quiz-winning facts.” author Pete Brown. £3.50 HERE /

Apr 28 Wed 2:30-4:30 Plumbing the Depths of a Bog. 5 speakers on the peatlands, mapping the changes, archaeology and land management, peatland restoration, various names. [peat for fires] Galloway Glens. Scotland HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 28 Wed 2:30-4 To Everything a Season? Seasonal food in Tudor England. Mark Dawson. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

Apr 30 Fri 7-7:30AM Shared Delights: Margaret, Duchess of Portland Entertains. “dessert table, drawing on historic recipes and bills from the Portland archives” Philippa Glanville. The Harley Gallery Welbeck UK HERE

Apr 30 Fri 8-10am Classic Food Fayre from Wales. “make a Welsh Soda Bread, share stories of our food memories and watch some wonderful resources from the Peoples Collection at National Library Wales.” Luke Conlon. DVSC Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council. Wales HERE

May 28 Fri 11 Understanding Newham History Through Food Production. “start with the tea trade through Newham’s docks, look at the east London factories that produced Newham’s sweets, and end with the impact food has on Newham today.” Newham Heritage Month UK HERE


The Radical Potter: Josiah Wedgwood and the Transformation of Britain. author Dr. Tristram Hunt. Wedgwood International Seminar. Oct 22, 2021 HERE

Dublin Gastronomy Symposium (5th biennial) - Food and Disruption: What shall we eat tomorrow? free! 50 peer reviewed papers HERE TAPES of panels HERE

Shakespeare's Kitchen: A Lecture-Demonstration. Francine Segan author of Shakespeare’s Kitchen: Renaissance Recipes for the Contemporary Cook. UCI Illuminations U Cal Irvine Jan 26 HERE TAPE HERE

‘The harte and stomack…of England’: Falstaff’s Ambiguous Stomach. Chloe Fairbanks. Food History Seminar - Institute of Historical Research. De 3 2020 HERE. TAPE HERE

Churchill’s Cook has been taken down. Here is a good podcast on the subject done in Jan. 2020 by the author Dr. Annie Gray Victory in the Kitchen on 'Travels Through Time' podcast TAPE HERE

A Greedy Queen: Queen Victoria and Her Food. Dr Annie Gray. Durham University. 2017 TAPE HERE

Hanoverian Flavours on The King’s Table in the Long Eighteenth Century. Adam Crymble, Sarah Fox. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK Jan 13 HERE TAPES HERE

Kew Palace: The King’s Dinner and the Nation’s Appetites. Rachel Rich // Of Meat and Men: Bodies in the Royal Household. Lisa Smith. Feb 2020 Institute of Historical Research. U of London UK Info and TAPES HERE

Comfort and Convenience in the Country House. “Victorian and Edwardian houses… reasons why some landowners were keen innovators and others not, as well as the effects that new methods of water supply, sanitation, lighting and heating…” Marilyn Palmer. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Jan 18, 2021 TAPE HERE

Bread and gender in early medieval England: "Did ladies originally make their own bread?" // "Women, Bread, and the Supernatural." Food History Seminar. Institute of Historical Research. HERE FULL. TAPES HERE This particular tape HERE

Food, the body and visual culture: "Culinary Satire in the Reign of George III" and "Pork, parasites and slaughterhouse reform, 1880-1900." Food History Seminar - Institute of Historical Research. HERE TAPES HERE

Race and Food in the Early Modern Book Food and the Book: 1300-1800. Folger and Newberry libraries. Register HERE TAPE HERE

Domestic Knowledge” in the Early Modern Recipe Book // Consuming Sugar in the British-Atlantic World 1650-1720 Lucy Havard & Mimi Goodall. Institute of Historical Research, University of London .HERE

Cookery Book Collections. A snapshot of how cookery books have been created, used and collected through history and their relationship with wider culture. Curators from British Library, Leeds libraries and U of Leeds. HERE

Salt making on the Solway. Andrew Fielding and John Pickin. 17th cen - Solway Coast Area UK HERE/ TAPE HERE start at 13-14 min.

The Anarchy The Relentless Rise of the East India Company. William Dalrymple. tape HERE

A Regency Kitchen Tour. The Regency Town House. Brighton/Hove UK HERE. Tape HERE

English Puddings. The Regency Town House. Brighton/Hove UK HERE. Tape HERE /

Ice cream in the Age of Enlightenment. Ivan Day. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art CT. Se 21. Ivan Day with an ice cream demo TAPE . HERE and lecture HERE

A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles. author Ned Palmer. May 9 HERE

Many Mouths: The Politics of Food in Britain from the Workhouse to the Welfare State. Nadja Durbach. Oct TAPE HERE

Anchored in Beer and Land- Bullard’s Brewery. Norfolk Record Office. Late 19th cen records HERE TAPE after Oct 8 HERE

Processed food and globalisation. 19th century. Food History Seminar . Institute of Historical Research. HERE TAPES HERE

Health, the body and food. The Intoxicating Liquor Act 1923. Vegetarians and Anti-Vivisectionists in England, 1950-1980 . Food History Seminar - Institute of Historical Research. HERE Tapes HERE

CHRISTMAS - also look at Christmas blog post HERE

How Britain Spent Christmas Hiding From The Blitz. 1944 WWII at “Wartime Farm” BBC program Dec TAPE HERE

Calendar of virtual food history talks HERE

PAST TALKS Waiting to see if/where tape posted

Oc 20 Wed 12-1:30 2021 Prince Henry's sweet tooth? How to shop for a 1612 banquet and bring it alive in the present. Dr Sara Pennell. U of Warwick Food GRP HERE. TAPE may be HERE or HERE. Great details
Manuscript recipe book c1610 U of Indiana. Confectionary and cookery, comfeits prices - allmond confeits 16d, synamon and ginger 20d and ambergris or muscadines 4s; price of gold leaf and where to buy, and final 4 pages listing: Several sorts of sweetmeats fitting for a bankquett HERE

Dec 14 Why We Eat What We Eat at Christmas. Pen Vogler author of Scoff: A History of Food and Class in Britain, on cookbooks, literature, artworks and social records since 1066 in UK. 5x15 Dec 14 TAPE HERE

Nov 12 Thur 7-8AM The Spice of Life: Opening up New Worlds Through Taste . A play with three actors: a sailor; an East India Company man; and an Indian traveler who each deliver a monologue on trade, empire and culinary crossings. The scene: an 18th century Mogul court. Strawberry Hill House. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 13 Fri 1:30-2:30pm The New British Cookbook. 250 years of British cuisine and uncover our changing tastes. Foods of George III. British Academy. Being Human Festival. UK HERE 60 min TAPE HERE

Nov 13 Fri 2-3pm What the Medieval Doctor Ordered. "talk and quiz on medieval medicine in Ireland and Scandinavia." University of Cambridge. Being Human Festival. UK HERE 3 short talks Nov 13. Scandinavia and Medieval Medicine: Remedies, Recipes and Charms TAPE HERE Irish HERE and HERE

Nov 16 Mon 4 (8pm GMT) London’s Food Factories. 19th cen, Victorian. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Nov 17 Tue 9:30-11am The Victorian Walled Garden. “as a larder for the country house with an extended cropping season.” Sue Minter author. Devon Gardens Trust. UK HERE

Nov 17 Tue 9-12 African foodways, cookery workshop. Elaine Buchanan. “enslaved Africans influenced the cuisines that now exist in the islands of the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas. We will also cook two simple recipes.” Open School East. UK HERE

Nov 19 Thurs 6-6:45AM Let’s Talk about Food. “new film [about]… the food adventures of European settler colonists in the Americas.” Dr. Winchcombe talks on impact of new food and encounters between colonists and indigenous peoples. John Rylands Research Institute and Library. Being Human Festival. UK HERE Tape not movie, works in the library TAPE HERE

Nov 19 Thur 1:30-3:30pm Bostin’ Tea Party Virtual CafĂ©. “‘Black Country’ words and phrases, especially those related to food.” University of Wolverhampton. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 19 Thur 3pm (8pm GMT) London's Historic Markets. Rob Smith. Footprints of London £6 HERE

Nov 20 Fri 6-9AM Sensing Sugaropolis. Greenlock, Scotland was mid 19th cen sugar refining hub. Migrant workers at refineries; German sugar-bakers, Italian grocers and confectioners. ‘Sensory kit’ pick up at The Watt Institution, Greenrock. U of St. Andrews. Being Human Festival. UK HERE 12 min TAPE HERE

Nov 21 Sat 9-10:30AM Alcohol in the Archives. U of Glascow archives collection of 19th and 20th century Scottish temperance movements will have access for the writing project. University of Glasgow. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 22 Sun 5-7:30AM Stir-up Sunday: Christmas puddings and desserts. Carmela Sereno Hayes. Northampton Museums & Art Gallery. UK £21.43 HERE

Nov 22 Sun 5:30-7:30AM / and 8-9AM 2 sessions. Yum Yum: Get a Taste for History. “…colonial horticulture and food. Try some familiar and more unusual food items that have travelled continents and to settle in the UK. Compare their changes of names and preparations along the way”. Race Council Cymru in partnership with Bangor University. Wales. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 22 Sun 10-1 Sugar Sugar: The Taste of Colonialism. History of slavery on plantations, export, consumption; taste sugar in different states; see raw sugar cane, sugar beets. Dr. Malcolm Cocks, and poet Keith Jarrett. Centre for Public Engagement. U of London. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 24 Tue 2pm The King’s Peas: Food Culture in the Age of Enlightenment. “changes to food culture in France and England in the Age of Enlightenment. Increased growing seasons and the import and cultivation of new crops, innovations in stoves …” Meredith Chilton. Wadsworth Atheneum CT HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 3 Thur 2pm; Dec 8 Tue 2pm Slums to the Stars: Covent Garden in the Nineteenth Century. (“largest fruit and veg market in the country”… surviving structures) Richard Watkins, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Dec 5 Sat 10-12 and Dec 12 The Regency Cook’s 1830 Mince Pie Cookery Course online. Paul Couchman, London. Tapes sent after £12-£16 HERE

Dec 9 Wed 12-1 also Dec 4 Potatoes, Plum Pudding and Peacock: eating with the Victorians at Christmas. Dr. Annie Gray author of . The Greedy Queen: Eating with Victoria. The National Archives. Taped, no Q&A HERE

Dec 9 Wed 2-3 Christmas Customs. “selected food, decorations, and events“ Sharn Matthews. Northampton Museums & Art Gallery. £5.80 HERE

Dec 17 Thurs 12:30-2 Scottish food: ferments and sweets. Sowans and other ‘Scrappy’ Fermented Foods / Evolution of the consumption of sweet discretionary products. Food History Seminar - Institute of Historical Research. HERE TAPES HERE

Dec 17 Thur 1:30-4 Taste the Solway: Historical Recipes. Talk and demonstrate some Roman to Medieval dishes in UK. Caroline Nicolay from Pario Gallico. Solway Coast AONB HERE TAPE HERE

Nov 6 10-11:30 Chart(er)ing a New Course in Scottish History at the University of Guelph, which houses “the largest repository of Scottish rare books, archival materials, and ephemera outside of the United Kingdom.” Signed and Sealed: The Rise of the Charter in Medieval Scotland - online exhibit, scans HERE and online catalog HERE

Se 1 Wed 2&7 Representations of Health in the World of Jane Austen. “William Buchan’s Domestic Medicine, the most popular domestic health handbook 1769… health as shown in the social exchanges in the world of Jane Austen in her novel Emma and other novels” Julie Miller. History Indoors UK HERE. TAPE HERE

Se 10->19 The History of Indian Restaurants in Cambridge. Open Cambridge UK Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE 10 min. may end Sun 19th

Se 10-19 Edible East Anglia on Film. East Anglian Film Archive. Edible England. HERE TAPES HERE. many topics: whelks, smallest pub, Cromer crabs, Colman's Mustard, Fens, more.

Se 10 Fri 4 AM Friars' tuck. medieval monks' diets. Jane Abramson of Kirkstall Abbey. Leeds Civic Trust UK HERE TAPE HERE

Se 11 Sat when tape is available. The Cook, the PM, his wife and their foodways. Dr Annie Gray author of Victory in the Kitchen: the life of Churchill’s Cook. Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 11 -> Edible England Exhibition, Hampshire “history behind some of our local fare and take a look at certain food brands… produce from coast to forest, rivers to valleys and heath to weald. Sheep, pigs, honey, strawberries, trout, hops, wheat, watercress and vines.” Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Rochdale & Early Cooperative Movement Webinar. National Farmers Union. Ap 13 2021 TAPE HERE

A short history of English Puddings. Paul Couchman. The Regency Town House UK TAPE HERE

A Regency 1830s Kitchen Tour. Paul Couchman. The Regency Town House UK TAPE HERE

How to set a Regency dining Table. Paul Couchman. The Regency Town House UK TAPE HERE

Se 18 Sat 3-11AM Grimsby Kasbah – buildings, smokehouses and ice factory along the dock of Grimsby, once the world’s largest fishing port, produced smoked fish. Edible England. HERE . 10-30 min. TAPES Kabash tour HERE Memories and photos HERE Chef does smoked salmon and haddock recipes HERE

Smokehouse at Grimsby. 100 yr old Alfred Enderby Smokehouse with tar buildup in brick smoke rooms, tall brick chimneys does traditional cold smoking fish overnight, and now a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). 10-30 min. TAPES tour HERE interview HERE

Ice factory at Grimsby. "UK’s last surviving example of industrial-scale ice-making, with its equipment still in situ. In fact, it was the biggest of its kind in the world." 10-30 min. TAPES tour HERE last Cooper HERE Interviews "people who are former Ice Factory employees, who used the Ice that was made in the Factory, or who remember the Docks in their heyday." HERE

Se 14 Tue 5AM Danbury Delights - cooking at the palace gatehouse. “mushroom ketchup and unlocking the mystery of the “pickled knight”. Followed by baking traditional style loaves using locally sourced flour as well as reviewing the history of mills in Danbury” hybrid. Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 14 Tue 1 Meat from the market, spices from the Fair. Cambridge. “In the early days there were gardens and orchards in the middle of the town growing vegetables and fruit, alongside poultry and pigs. More exotic foodstuffs reached Cambridge through the annual fairs.” Open Cambridge HERE TAPE HERE

Se 15 Wed 1-2:30 Hinxton Hall: Hidden Heritage and Home Grown Veg. “Our experts will lead us through its orchard and kitchen garden, explain how part of Pompeii ended up in its parlour, and share the challenges of developing a new heritage project…” Wellcome Connecting Science UK Edible England.HERE TAPE HERE

Se 16 Thu 7:30-8AM Telebars and Tinned Jam: The History of Food at M&S. Marks and Spencer M&S Company Archive UK Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 16 -> Trenchers and Teapots: Food at Winchester College. Podcast. Edible England. HERE SOUND TAPE HERE

Se 18 Sat 6 AM A Land Drained, A Nation Fed: The Fens since 1600. “Gravity drainage in the 17th century was succeeded by windmills in the 18th, steam in the 19th and diesel and electric power in the 20th.” Open Cambridge UK HERE TAPE HERE

Se 18 Sat 7 AM Norwich: City of Chocolate. “twentieth century, Caley’s, Rowntree-Mackintosh and Nestle employed thousands of people and filled the city’s streets with the smell of chocolate.” Facebook premiere. Edible England. HERE 15 min TAPE HERE

Se 13 Mon 9AM Place Names as Edible Encyclopaedia. “Place names imprinted a shared encyclopaedic knowledge on the landscape: where to find plants and animals; where to hunt and where to avoid.” Dr Eric Lacey. Winchester Heritage Open Days HERE TAPE HERE

Se 15 Wed 8AM Manchester Histories Salon: Nation of Shopkeepers. 18th-20th cen. Hannah Barker and Dr Michala Hulme. Manchester Histories HERE TAPE HERE

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