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Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities, UK - 11 food history talks

Food history events, listed below, and many more interesting talks (over 200) in this UK festival from Nov 12 to 22. HERE

Nov 12 Thur 7-8AM The Spice of Life: Opening up New Worlds Through Taste. A play with three actors: a sailor; an East India Company man; and an Indian traveler who each deliver a monologue on trade, empire and culinary crossings. The scene: an 18th century Mogul court. Strawberry Hill House. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

A book on the East India Company's power [they had a huge army] The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company. William Dalrymple. Previous tape HERE

Nov 13 Fri 1:30-2:30pm The New British Cookbook. 250 years of British cuisine and uncover our changing tastes. British Academy. Being Human Festival. UK HERE 60 min TAPE HERE

What the Medieval Doctor Ordered. University of Cambridge. Being Human Festival. UK Nov 13 HERE 3 short talks. Scandinavia and Medieval Medicine: Remedies, Recipes and Charms TAPE HERE Irish HERE and HERE

Nov 14 Sat 9-10am Medieval Books in the 21st Century. Digital editing. University of Exeter. Being Human Festival. UK HERE
My post on volunteer options to transcribe recipe manuscripts and virtual talks HERE

Nov 18 Wed 2-3pm The American Discovery of Europe. 17th cen Native Americans to Europe – Henry VIII met a Brazilian king, Mayan nobles made chocolate for Spanish king; potatoes, tomatoes, peppers. Dr. Pennock author On Savage Shores. U. of Sheffield. Being Human Festival. UK HERE CANCELLED

Nov 19 Thurs 6-6:45AM Let’s Talk about Food. “new film [about]… the food adventures of European settler colonists in the Americas.” Dr. Winchcombe talks on impact of new food and encounters between colonists and indigenous peoples. John Rylands Research Institute and Library. Being Human Festival. UK HERE Tape not movie, works in the library TAPE HERE

Nov 19 Thur 1:30-3:30pm Bostin’ Tea Party Virtual CafĂ©. “Black Country words and phrases, especially those related to food.” University of Wolverhampton. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 20 Fri 6-9AM Sensing Sugaropolis. Greenlock, Scotland was mid 19th cen sugar refining hub. Migrant workers at refineries; German sugar-bakers, Italian grocers and confectioners. ‘Sensory kit’ pick up at The Watt Institution, Greenrock. U of St. Andrews. Being Human Festival. UK HERE 12 min TAPE HERE

Nov 21 Sat 9-10:30am Alcohol in the Archives. The U of Glascow archives has a collection of 19th and 20th century Scottish temperance movements, some of which will be available for the writing project. University of Glasgow. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 22 Sun 5:30-7:30AM / and 8-9AM 2 sessions. Yum Yum: Get a Taste for History. “…colonial horticulture and food. Try some familiar and more unusual food items that have travelled continents and to settle in the UK. Compare their changes of names and preparations along the way”. Race Council Cymru in partnership with Bangor University. Wales. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Nov 22 Sun 10-1 Sugar Sugar: The Taste of Colonialism. History of slavery on plantations, export, consumption; taste sugar in different states; see raw sugar cane, sugar beets. Dr. Malcolm Cocks, and poet Keith Jarrett. Centre for Public Engagement. U of London. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Let’s talk about food TAPE HERE

These talks are also on Calendar of food history virtual talks (almost 120 in Nov.) HERE

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