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Jewish cookery books

"American Foodways: The Jewish Contribution" was an exhibit at the Longone Culinary Archive, University of Michigan Library.  This fine online exhibit contains images and information about each book and author; menus, markets, and food festivals.  It may be viewed HERE and HERE

The first Jewish cookbook in English was The Jewish Manual published in London in 1846.  The first published in America was Esther (Jacobs) Levy's  Jewish cookery book, on principles of economy: adapted for Jewish housekeepers, with the addition of many useful medicinal recipes, and other valuable information, relative to housekeeping and domestic management.  Phila: 1871    

Direct links to some early cookbooks -

Montefiore, Lady Judith. The Jewish Manual. London: 1846 

Levy, Esther. Jewish Cookery Book. Phila: 1871 

Atrutel, Mrs. J. An Easy and Economical Book of Jewish Cookery: Upon Strictly Orthodox Principles. London: 1874 

Kramer, Bertha. Aunt Babette's Cookbook. Cincinnati: 1889 

Moritz, Mrs. C.F. The Twentieth Century Cook Book. [Alabama: 1897] NY: 1898 

Kander, Lizzie Black. The Way to a Man's Heart, "The Settlement" Cookbook. Milwaukee: 1901 

Kander, Lizzie Black. The Settlement Cook Book. Milwaukee: 1901 

Council of Jewish Women. The Neighborhood Cook Book. Portland, OR: 1914 

Greenbaum, Florence. The International Jewish Cook Book. NY: 1918

Image from the U of Mich. library exhibit.

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