Monday, September 22, 2014

Sargent's The Dinner Party - Mystery object

Does anyone have a guess what the small object on the floor near the sideboard is and why is it at that location? (closeup below)  I would think a stool, heater (food, dish), brazier bottom or whatever would trip up the servers. The Dinner Party by Henry Sargent (1770-1845) was painted c1821 in Boston.

An example of something else - chafing dish - on the floor (front right) from 20 years earlier -

The Dinner Party is in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. For more information go HERE. The museum was given the cellaret or wine cooler, seen in the front left corner of table. That picture and information is HERE

For a previous post on what comprised a 'Gentlemen's Dinner' - with ladies - click HERE

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