Monday, September 23, 2013

Food History Symposiums 2013 pt. 3

4 food symposiums and conferences for the fall of 2013. 

Oct 26  Ontario, Canada
Forgotten Food Symposium at Waterloo Region Museum.  Call the museum to register: 519-748-1914 and more info HERE

Nov 4 Maryland
Belair Mansion at Bowie MD will host a day on Sugar, Spice, Isinglass and Cakes - Great and Small! The four talks are - "Sugar: From Harvested Cane to the Table (Deborah Peterson), "Blessed be he that invented Pudding.." (Dr. Clarissa Dillon), "A History of Spice: Its Cultivation, Combination and Magic!" (Mercy Ingraham) and "Cakes... Great and Small" (Cate Crown).   Cost for the day, including lunch and coffee, is $75, register by October 30.  Any questions call 301-809-3089 or

Previous posts mentioned these symposiums -

Oct 3-6: 16th Southern Foodways Symposium. Oxford, MS HERE

Oct 15-16 University of Texas Third International Conference on Food Studies. Austin, TX HERE

Call for proposals

Oct 15  Proposals deadline for Apr 3-5 Conference in NYC
From Flint Knives to Cloned Meat: Our Ambiguous Love, Hate, and Fear of Food Technologies, is scheduled for April 3-5, 2014 at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City. Proposals should be limited to 300 words or less and should be sent no later than Oct 15 to”  For more information : HERE
For past symposiums and conferences click HERE

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