Monday, September 2, 2013

Young cooks in a French kitchen, 1890s

Joseph Bail (French, 1862-1921) painted many views of kitchen helpers and young cooks. 

On this Labor Day, I’ve included some of his paintings depicting children working in a kitchen c.1893 ... a few of the scenes are playful, others poignant. 

Blowing Bubbles

Cleaning the Copper


Cats and Dogs

 Broken Jug

Young Cook in the Kitchen
Most of the paintings are privately owned or their ownership is not noted.  The last picture, the "Young Cook" is in the Hermitage Museum, Russia.  The "Domestic Scene" (the boy pouring water in a tub) is at the Government Art Collection (UK) and "Blowing Bubbles," 1899 (with two boys)  is in the Galerie L'Ergastere in Paris.
©2013 Patricia Bixler Reber

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