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Edible England - national festival and UK talks

The theme for this year's Heritage Open Days is food and related topics, with online and in person activities throughout the country from Sept. 10 to 19.
Edible England search HERE and general information HERE

Talks are being added, and many of their links for tapes will be put on each talk's info page link once the festival starts. "From woodland foraging to factory floor, forgotten recipes to regional delicacies, we're asking our festival community to explore the past, present, and future of our culinary heritage and culture."

UPCOMING TALKS - Edible England and other UK talks

Se 2 Thu 9AM Maritime Blackwall - Spice Traders and Ship Builders. “The story of how voyages of trade, discovery and colonisation started from Blackwall, in London's Docklands” East India Company. Rob Smith. Footsteps of London £12.00 HERE

Se 2-4 Thu 10:15-2:15 Homes, Food and Farms Conference (Day 1). 2 talks: Writing the Garden: Women Gardeners and Print Culture in Britain, 1850-1900. Gender and Local Horticultural Shows in the Nineteenth Century. Women's History Network UK HERE

Se 2 Thu 1-2:30 Richard Spruce on the Rio Negro: Reanimating Biocultural Collections. “biocultural objects collected by nineteenth-century botanist Richard Spruce in Amazonia.” Linnean Society of London HERE TAPE HERE

Se 3 Fri 2-2:40 A History of Community Gardening in Aberdeen from 19th century. One Seed Forward HERE TAPE HERE

Se 7 Tue 1:30 Josiah Wedgwood and the Transformation of Britain. Dr. Tristram Hunt author The Radical Potter. “Wedgewood revolutionised the production of ceramics in Georgian Britain by marrying technology with design, manufacturing efficiency and retail flair… campaigned for free trade and religious toleration… created the ceramic 'Emancipation Badge'.” How To Academy £10.00 HERE Also Se 21

Se 7 Tue 2 Ancient Grain in Wales (Sgwrs: Grawn Hynafol) “Wheat and barley were first grown in Wales almost 6,000 years ago, and bread has been a staple food ever since… how they were grown, how they were prepared and how we are using them today.” Se 6-12 food festival. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. In English HERE TAPE HERE

Se 10-19 Feasting Histories Hunt, Cambridge phone tour or pdf. “From collegial dinners in medieval halls, to Queen Victoria's Coronation Feast in a park.” Open Cambridge. Edible England. HERE

Se 10 The History of Indian Restaurants in Cambridge. Open Cambridge UK Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE 10 min.

Se 10 - Edible East Anglia on Film. East Anglian Film Archive. Edible England. HERE TAPES HERE. many topics: whelks, smallest pub, Cromer crabs, Colman's Mustard, Fens, more.

Se 10 Fri 4 AM Friars' tuck. medieval monks' diets. Jane Abramson of Kirkstall Abbey. Leeds Civic Trust UK HERE TAPE HERE

Se 10 Fri 6 AM Eating outside the home off the ration. “Municipal 'British Restaurants' in WW2 and beyond.” 17 in Portsmouth. Deborah Sugg Ryan. The D-Day Story, Portsmouth UK. Edible England. HERE

The curious history of government-funded 'British Restaurants' in World War 2 TAPE and info HERE

Sep 10 Fri 2 Taking A Look In Liskeard's Larders in Times Gone By. Food and drink “from the Stone Age to the 1970s paintings, photos, shop receipts and dinner menus.” Brian Oldham. Liskeard Unlocked. Edible England HERE

Se 10 Fri 2 Foods of the World, Wales (Sgwrs: Bwydydd y Byd). “different foods and cultures have come together to revolutionise what we eat here in Wales. We’ll also hear how some of our regular street food traders have put a Welsh twist on traditional dishes from across the world…” Se 6-12 food festival. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales HERE

Se 10 Fri 2:30 Sweet Tooth: An Edible History of Art. “16th-century sugar sculpture and venturing all the way up to 3D dessert printing … the origins of dessert, sugar as an artistic medium, the bittersweet histories of sugar, edible architecture, Renaissance banqueting houses, the spectacle of sugar and the future of food.” Dorking, UK Edible England. HERE no tape

Se 11 Sat when tape is available. The Cook, the PM, his wife and their foodways. Dr Annie Gray author of Victory in the Kitchen: the life of Churchill’s Cook. Edible England. HERE

Se 11 -> Edible England Exhibition, Hampshire “history behind some of our local fare and take a look at certain food brands… produce from coast to forest, rivers to valleys and heath to weald. Sheep, pigs, honey, strawberries, trout, hops, wheat, watercress and vines.” Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 11 Sat 6-11AM Edible England at Manor Farm. (Local Historian – Eileen Bowlt), 12noon (Beekeeping), 1pm (Contemporary Food – Alina Apostu) and 2pm (Historical Food). Greater London. Edible England. HERE

Se 11 Sat 7-8:30 AM A Taste of History. culinary collections of Cheshire Archives. Leo Burtin. Cheshire Archives & Local Studies HERE Eat the Archives website HERE

Se 11 Sat 9-10:30AM A History of the Co-operative Movement ... Rochdale Pioneers to the present. The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers, founded in 1844, Stores. Sophie McCulloch, Archivist, Co-operative Heritage Trust. Oldham and District Branch UK HERE

Se 11 Sat 11-11:40 AM A short history of English Puddings. “Hear about the first Roman puddings, learn about the importance of the pudding cloth, discover the strange pudding names and watch a live demonstration of a pudding been made” in an 1830s London kitchen. Paul Couchman. The Regency Town House UK HERE OTHER TAPES HERE

Se 12 Sun 2 Hannah Glasse – Our Forgotten Hexham Heroine. “three short films each inspired by one of a collection of Hannah’s letters to her aunt held by Northumberland Archives within the Allgood family collection.” [Glasse 1708-1770, illegitimate child of landowner Isaac Allgood, wrote The Art of Cookery Made Plain & Easy in 1747] Northumberland Archives HERE. Three ~15 min films with Glasse (actress) talks about many topics from letters while making the recipe. Well done. filmed at Blackfriars priary/ restaurant in Newcastle, then Wallington Hall (2d film) TAPES Intro, pickle. Plague recipe HERE Mushroom catsup. Rebels HERE Currey. India HERE. A Letter from Hannah Glasse to her aunt Mrs Widdrington with a recipe against the Plague HERE Archives Learn HERE

Hannah Glasse facebook page. Northumberland Archives UK HERE

Se 13 Mon 8 AM Supper from the Sound Archives. Norfolk Record Office HERE

Se 13 Mon 9AM Place Names as Edible Encyclopaedia. “Place names imprinted a shared encyclopaedic knowledge on the landscape: where to find plants and animals; where to hunt and where to avoid.” Dr Eric Lacey. Winchester Heritage Open Days HERE

Se 13-27 Mon 1-2:30 Introduction to Commercial Gardening. Se 13: Overview and the world of commercial gardening before the Restoration; Se 20: The emergence of specialist trades; Se 27: Eighteenth Century Nurseries . David Marsh. The Gardens Trust. 3 talks, tape for one week £15 HERE

Se 13 Mon 2:30-4 Destitution & Despair: The early years of Claypole Workhouse. “Newark Poor Law Union Workhouse at Claypole on the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border.” Peter Hammond. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

Se 14 Tue 5AM Danbury Delights - cooking at the palace gatehouse. “mushroom ketchup and unlocking the mystery of the “pickled knight”. Followed by baking traditional style loaves using locally sourced flour as well as reviewing the history of mills in Danbury” hybrid. Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 14 Tue 1 Meat from the market, spices from the Fair. Cambridge. “In the early days there were gardens and orchards in the middle of the town growing vegetables and fruit, alongside poultry and pigs. More exotic foodstuffs reached Cambridge through the annual fairs.” Open Cambridge HERE TAPE HERE

Se 15 -> From ‘field to fork’ in World War Two, Winchester. Podcast, Edible England. HERE Hampshire HistBites podcasts HERE

Se 15 Wed 8AM Manchester Histories Salon: Nation of Shopkeepers. 18th-20th cen. Hannah Barker and Dr Michala Hulme. Manchester Histories HERE

Sep 15 Wed 1-2:30 Edible Norfolk: Behind the Scenes at Norfolk Heritage Centre. Norfolk Heritage Centre. Edible England HERE

Se 15 Wed 1-2:30 Hinxton Hall: Hidden Heritage and Home Grown Veg. “Our experts will lead us through its orchard and kitchen garden, explain how part of Pompeii ended up in its parlour, and share the challenges of developing a new heritage project…” Wellcome Connecting Science UK Edible England.HERE TAPE HERE

Se 15 Wed 2 Winchester's Royal Wedding Banquet from the Middle Ages. “1403… wedding of the new king Henry IV and his bride, Joan of Navarre…” menu survives. Chris Woolgar, Dr Ellie Woodacre. Winchester Heritage Open Days HERE

Se 15 Wed 2 Cutlery for Afternoon Tea. Victorian “over 50 unusual objects that were made in Sheffield and then shipped around the world to adorn dining tables.” Nick Duggan. Sheffield Museums HERE

Se 15 Wed 2 Bygone Harvests - Superstitions, Traditions and Rituals. Maureen Sutton. Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology (SLHA) HERE

Se 16 Thu 7:30-8AM Telebars and Tinned Jam: The History of Food at M&S. Marks and Spencer M&S Company Archive UK Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 16 -> Trenchers and Teapots: Food at Winchester College. Podcast. Edible England. HERE

Se 16 Thu 8 AM John Evan Bedford Library of Furniture History. 3,000 printed items “from interiors and furnishings to lighting and metalwork, drapery and upholstery to architectural and garden design.” iron fireplace grates, ranges. Catalogued, searchable, some viewable. Leeds University Library UK HERE

Se 16 Thur 2-3:30 Food in the Archives. “Food related material in our collections” Northumberland Archives HERE

Se 16 Thu 2-3:30 Daily life in the Crusader States. (1097-1291) “diet, disease, and architecture… culture and artwork… impact of the region’s ongoing wars.” Dr Nicholas Morton. Heritage Lincolnshire. £9.21 HERE

Se 18 Sat 3-11AM Grimsby Kasbah – buildings (smokehouses, ice factory) along the dock of Grimsby, renowned fishing port, producing smoked fish. Edible England. HERE

Se 18 Sat 6 AM A Land Drained, A Nation Fed: The Fens since 1600. “Gravity drainage in the 17th century was succeeded by windmills in the 18th, steam in the 19th and diesel and electric power in the 20th.” Open Cambridge UK HERE TAPE HERE

Se 18 Sat 7 AM Norwich: City of Chocolate. “twentieth century, Caley’s, Rowntree-Mackintosh and Nestle employed thousands of people and filled the city’s streets with the smell of chocolate.” Facebook premiere. Edible England. HERE

Se 21 Tue 1-3 The Radical Potter: Josiah Wedgwood and the Transformation of Britain author Dr. Tristram Hunt. “Wedgewood revolutionised the production of ceramics in Georgian Britain by marrying technology with design, manufacturing efficiency and retail flair… campaigned for free trade and religious toleration… created the ceramic 'Emancipation Badge'.” Potteries Lunar Society UK Donation HERE Also Se 7

Se 21 Tue 3 London's East India Company Legacy. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Se 22 Wed 1:30 Food, Drink, and Manners At Shakespeare’s Table. Richard Foss. City of Calabasas Recreation Department. $12 HERE

Se 23 Thu 6 AM Gardens of the Early 18th Century. Se 23 overview; 30 Practical Gardening, Theory and the Beginnings of Garden History; Oc 7 London and Wise; 14 Hawksmoor, Vanbrugh and Bridgeman; 21 New World Explorers and Collectors; 28 Thomas Fairchild and early botanical science. The Gardens Trust. 6 talks £30 HERE

Se 23 Thur 2-3:30 Hedge Laying History. Why just in Britain, their role, how to make and manage, tools. David Rodger. Heritage Lincolnshire. £8.14 HERE

Se 24 Fri 5-12:30AM Natural History and Visual Art from the Margins. “Linnean Society’s own holdings of natural historical art from India, the Caribbean, and other non-European locales, this symposium focuses on these stunningly beautiful and complex works, as well as their cultural, social, and political meanings.” Many talks. Linnean Society of London £11.37 HERE

Se 28 Tue 9-11 AM Coastal Saltmaking in Lincolnshire c. 1300 BC – AD1600. “how the seawater was turned into salt. Moreover, we will question why salt was made in such quantities, what it was used for and by whom. We will examine changes in saltmaking techniques over time…” Tom Lane. Heritage Lincolnshire. £8.14 HERE Salt talk also Au 31

Se 30 Thur 9AM Lodging in Georgian London. Gillian Williamson author of Lodgers, Landlords, and Landladies in Georgian London. *Don’t count on Eventbrite, and if not get an email from library the day before, send them an email immediately for numbers. Do not wait to see if link works that day and email them then.* Guildhall Library HERE

Se 30 Thu 1:30 Dirty Old London: The Victorian fight against filth. Lee Jackson. Southwark Cathedral £3 HERE

British foodways taped talks HERE

Calendar of virtual food history talks HERE

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