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Bank Barns and taped barn & farm talks

The Pennsylvania Barn, in German areas of America, was set into a hill to allow the horse and wagon to enter the upper story to unload the hay, which would be dropped to the lower floor to feed the cows, horses, etc, who could exit on that level thro doors under overhang.

The upper level entrance of a barn in Niantic, PA (back of the barn in first photo).
Although I love a Pennsylvania bank barn (my great grandfolks had one; it's still there but not farmed) an interesting ramp or "high-drive" could be built to the upper floor. This picture is of the Shaker barn in Enfield NH, built 1854.

Oct 14 Thu 2-3:15 Farming in Oxfordshire in the interwar years. “From the early 1920s to the end of the 1930s most farming wasn't profitable, for a variety of reasons.” Dr. Michael Heaton. Pendon Museum. £7.06 HERE


There have been alot of talks on barns (always among my monthly search terms) with over 20 taped. Future taped talks will be added here by state or UK.

AK Back Road Barns. Arkansas PBS TAPE HERE

CA That Farm Town, Los Angeles. Charles Perry. Culinary Historians of Southern California. Jan 9 HERE TAPE HERE

MA Round Stone Barn. Hancock Shaker Village TAPE HERE

NC An Appalachian Farm & Barn Tour --Two Centuries of the Anderson Homeplace. Four barns spanning two centuries with "four architecture types… [3 log barns and one tobacco slat barn, thoroughly explained] in this iconic farmstead in the Mars Hill area just north of Asheville.” Taylor Barnhill. Appalachian Barn Alliance, NC. Tape can be rented thru Apr 30, [perhaps can still be 'rented' from the Alliance HERE] $5 Info and nice photos: HERE TAPE HERE

NC Appalachian Barn Alliance barns database HERE

NH The History of Agriculture as Told by Barns. “Barns changed from the early English style, to Yankee style, to gambrel and then pole barns to accommodate the changing agriculture.” John C. Porter author of Preserving Old Barns: Preventing The Loss Of A Valuable Resource. NH Humanities. Washington Historical Society Au 2021; HERE TAPE 2015 HERE

NY Great Stone Barn, 1859 largest stone cattle barn in America, Shakers. Mount Lebanon. TAPE HERE

NY Grassroots Leviathan: Agricultural Reform and the Rural North in the Slaveholding Republic. by author Dr. Ariel Ron. The Library Company of Philadelphia. Sept 10 HERE TAPE HERE

NY The Nature of the Future: Agriculture, Science and Capitalism in the Antebellum North. NY 1800-1861 Emily Pawley. The Library Company of Philadelphia. Dec 10 HERE TAPE HERE

NY The Story of the Sayre Barn: A Symbol of Southampton Agriculture. “1739 and used during the Revolutionary war for stabling the horses of British troops…” Zachary Taylor. Southampton History Museum. May 2020 TAPE HERE

NY Life on the Farm: Legacies of Dutch Colonial Brooklyn. “use unique archival material to tell stories of colonial family life, slavery, and power, and the lasting legacies of colonial Brooklynites.” Educators 1.5 CTLE credits. Brooklyn Connections. Ap 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

OH An Architectural Heritage in Ohio’s Rural Landscape. “the traditional barn and house types found on Ohio farms.” Tom O’Grady. Friends of Ohio BarnsHERE TAPE HERE

OH Converting Living History into Living Space. 1810 barn. Ric Beck. Friends of Ohio Barns. Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

OH Barn Stewardship. Rudy Christian, Caleb Miller. Friends of Ohio Barns. Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

OH Farm News Before Facebook. “Gleanings from the Agricultural Press, 1830-1900” Steve Gordon. Friends of Ohio Barns. Apr 28 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

PA Pennsylvania Farming: A History in Landscapes. author Sally McMurry talk on myriad of aspects from before 1800 to current. State Library of Pennsylvania Jan 11 HERE. Terrific talk TAPE HERE

PA Preserving the Kauffman Farm: over 250 years of Pennsylvania German Agriculture. “a very well preserved farmstead in the Oley Valley… owned by the Kauffman family for 271 years.” now owned by non-profit. Jim Lewars. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum May 2021 HERE Oley Valley Heritage Assn 2019 TAPE HERE

VA Our Historic Barns: An Agricultural Legacy. “Shenandoah County's historic barns and their impact on local agriculture.” John Adamson. Shenandoah County Historical Society TAPE HERE. Webpage with historic barns and barn map HERE

DC Lost Farms and Estates of Washington, D.C book by Kim Prothro Williams. Capitol Hill Restoration Society. Nov 18 TAPE HERE

New Eng Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn “how and why farmers in New England converted their homes and barns into connected farmsteads.” Author Thomas Hubka. 2018 TAPE HERE

UK Traditional Farm Buildings of the Yorkshire Dales . Such as “field barns.” James Brightman. Thornton-le-Street History UK Jan 21 HERE TAPE HERE

UK A farmer-miner landscape: cowhouses and smallholdings in Castle Bolton. Hannah Kingsbury. Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group UK Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

UK Historic Farmsteads on the Solway. 16-17th cen. very detailed layout, buildings, clay, stone. Dr Peter Messenger. Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Beauty. Dec 3 HERE TAPE HERE

Photos are from Library of Congress, click to enlarge.

This list was originally in my blog post on Victory Gardens, Gardens, Plants (wild rice, sugar beets, etc), Seeds, Farms, Stone walls, Livestock and more. HERE

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