Sunday, July 25, 2021

Feeding the poor and needy

Soyer's Soup Kitchens during Irish Famine (image) more HERE, Americans sending aid to Ireland in 1847 and Europe after WWI, workhouses, almshouses and other ways to help the poor.

Se 13 Mon 2:30-4 Destitution & Despair: The early years of Claypole Workhouse. “Newark Poor Law Union Workhouse at Claypole on the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border.” Peter Hammond. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

Care of the Poor in some Mid-Devon Parishes. Before the Victorian workhouse was built, how were the poor fed and helped since the 16th cen. Elly Babbedge. Crediton Library UK Jan 8 2021 HERE . very interesting TAPE HERE

Hungry Children: Historical and Contemporary Reflections. 5 talks. Institute of Historical Research Oct 9 2010 HERE TAPE HERE

Herbert Hoover and the Feeding of Germany. Dr. David Mills. National WWI Museum and Memorial Feb 9 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Voyage of Mercy: The USS Jamestown, the Irish Famine, and the Remarkable Story of America’s First Humanitan Mission. “In 1847, the USS Jamestown set sail from Boston loaded with food for people suffering … famine in Ireland. Starts with Irish music and images. Author Stephen Puleo. The National Park Service, Boston Harbor. Charlestown Navy Yard Mar 9 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Famine Foods: Plants We Eat to Survive. “examine alternative foods in human societies throughout the world, from hunter-gatherers to major nations.” Paul Minnis. University of Arizona Press May 5 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Famine Food Database Robert Freedman at Purdue U HERE

CARE Package Cook-off Chef Spike Mendelsohn, featuring contents from the original CARE Package. At the end of WWII, group created “CARE Packages of lifesaving food and supplies.” 75th Anniversary. CARE USA June 9 2021 HERE TAPE HERE or facebook TAPE HERE

Families and Food in Hard Times. Panel of 8 speakers incl authors Dr Rebecca O'Connell, Julia Brannen. University College London. June 9 2021 HERE. TAPE HERE. openaccess e-book HERE

In Their Own Write: The Testimony of the Victorian English and Welsh Poor. 1834-c1900. New Poor Law “letters from paupers and other poor people…petitions, sworn statements and advocate letters …to investigate the lives of the poor.” Paul Carter. The National Archives UK July 23 2021 HERE. WEBSITE project HERE. TAPE may be HERE

Calendar of food talks HERE

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