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Prohibition and Tea Talks

On January 17, 1920 the US "went dry" when the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect. The Twenty-first Amendment ended Prohibition in 1933. Talks on rumrunners, speakeasies, temperance movement and even cryptology. It is also National Hot Tea Month with 15 talks.

Jan 12 Tue 6-7 Goodbye Booze: The Music of Prohibition. “Gospel songwriters, Tin Pan Alley tunesmiths, and even moonshiners and bootleggers produced a torrent of commentary on alcohol in song.” Dr. Gregg D. Kimball. Library of Virginia. Russell County Public Library HERE postponed

Jan 14 Thur 6-7:30 Maritime Smuggling on Long Island: From Pirates to Rumrunners. Bill Bleyer. East Hampton Library HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 15 Fri 8pm Speakeasies of NYC: A Tale of Crime, Creativity, and Celebration. Sylvia Laudien-Meo. New York Adventure Club. Tape one week $10 HERE

Jan 19 Tue 7-8 Cracking the Rumrunner´s Code: Elizebeth Friedman and Prohibition-Era Cryptology. A cryptanalyst, “Friedman decoded thousands of messages during Prohibition, including more than 12,000 shortwave radio transmissions sent by rumrunners.” Claire White of The Mob Museum. National Cryptologic Museum HERE

Jan 27 Wed 12 Making Her Mark Spotlight: Temperance and Suffrage. Women had been part of the production and consumption of alcohol, which changed in late 1800s. Dr. Theresa McCulla. HERE

Jan 28 Thur 12-12:45 Dry January and the History of the Temperance Movement. Sarah Lohman. Brooklyn Brainery. $5 HERE

Mar 9 Tue 9-10pm Celebrate America's female Prohibition pioneers. “Each woman bootlegger is paired with a unique craft whiskey and distillery to highlight and honor their individual story.” Saint Liberty Whiskey. Women Who Whiskey Seattle Chapter $35 HERE

Mar 10 Wed 5:30 Taverns, Temperance, Teetotalers & Tommy Guns: The History of Prohibition. Dr. Francis Coan & Stephen McGrath. Weston Historical Society CT HERE


Jan 12 Tue 8-9:30 Tea Talk: Stories of a Leaf. Very thorough talk on types, process, fields, early development from around the world, teaware from various places. ritual. Part 2 Korean tea on Feb. 9. Yoon Hee Kim. Friends of the Chinese American Museum HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 13 Wed 2 The History of Tea. Glen and Marie. Northeast Georgia History Center HERE. Live on Facebook HERE and Youtube TAPE HERE

Jan 16 Sat 2-3 Masala Chai: A Ritual Steeped in Tradition. “history, culture, types, spices, and methods of masala chai.” Timothy Chacko. The Cultured Cup. $15 + 25 gram loose leaf sample HERE

Jan 19 Tue 7pm The Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Urasenke Tea Masters. New York Adventure Club. Tape one week $10 HERE

Jan 19 Tue 7:30-9 The Boston Tea Party. “talk that explores tea, revolution, and the East India Company.” Patty Hamrick. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Jan 21 Thur 7-8:30 Asia in the 19th - 20th c. Global Economy of Capitalism. Andrew Liu author of Tea War: A History of Capitalism in China and India. UCLA Center for Chinese Studies. CA HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 24 Sun 2-3 Tea in Early America: A Virtual Workshop. Mount Vernon Hotel NY $10 HERE

Jan 24 Sun 7 Wild Teas. “native plants that have been used by local tribes in teas” Dessa Gunning. Clarke Historical Museum. CA $10 or $30 teas, mug, strainer HERE

Jan 25 Mon 4 The History of Tea. Active Minds. Littleton Library and Museum Events CO HERE

Jan 27 Wed 7-8 The World of Tea. History, 5 types, more. Nina Androski. Woodbridge Public Library NJ HERE

Jan 28 Thur 1:30 Tea – Britain’s National Drink. Lits. The Holst Birthplace Museum UK £5 HERE

Jan 30 Sat 3-3:45 Tea: Tradition and Medicine. Chinese medicine, history, the evergreen Camellia sinensis plant. Victor Mair, Tracey Wang Stuligross. Penn Museum PA $5 with kit HERE

Jan 31 Sun 2-3 National Hot Tea Month Online Workshop. 19th cen. history. Kelsey Brow. King Manor Museum $5 HERE

Feb 4 Thur 11 An Afternoon History of Tea. Steven Moore of Antiques Roadshow. “how taxes impended both its taste and widespread use and why etiquette rules still in place today were originally a comment of the quality of your china tea set.” MJW Financial Planning Ltd HERE

Feb 9 Tue 8-9:30 pm Tea Talk: Stories of a Leaf . Korean tea, including tea rituals, uses, steeping and beyond. Kim will also perform a demonstration of a traditional Korean Tea ceremony. Yoon Hee Kim - Part 2 [part 1 Jan 12, world wide, was terrific, tape] Friends of the Chinese American Museum HERE

Feb 13 Sat 2-3:30 Dainty Lace Afternoon Tea. “brief sugar lace demo, learn about the origins of afternoon tea, followed by tales on lace.” Bridget Bray. BBNY GROUP LLC $15 HERE

Mar 25 Thur 11:30 A social history of tea, coffee and chocolate. Steven Moore of Antiques Roadshow. The English Manner £27.54 – £32.93 HERE

Ap 21 Wed 1-2 Philosophy in a Tea Cup: an ancient art of Japanese tea ceremony. £22.15 HERE


Tea Talk: The rare Pu’er tea in China; traditional tea demo and book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. Lisa See & Linda Louie. Chinese American Museum. Sept TAPE HERE

Tea party talks. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum info and past tapes HERE

Several tea talks Chinese American Museum. TAPES HERE

The Anarchy The Relentless Rise of the East India Company. Tea trade, India. William Dalrymple. How To Academy. Se 2. Previous tape HERE

Tea War: A History of Capitalism in China and India. Andrew Liu. June TAPE HERE

"New York City Deputy Police Commissioner John A. Leach, right, watching agents pour liquor into sewer following a raid during the height of prohibition" c1921 (Library of Congress)
Liotard Still Life: tea set. c1781. (J. Paul Getty Museum)

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