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Tea Talks

It is National Hot Tea Month with 15 talks. Saved the taped talks from 2020, 2021. Blog Post on Ice/Iced Tea HERE


The History of Tea. In a nutshell. Marie Bartlett. Northeast Georgia History Center. Jan 13, 2021 HERE. Live on Facebook HERE and Youtube TAPE HERE

The World of Tea. History, 5 types, more. Nina Androski. Woodbridge Public Library NJ Jan 27 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Tea: The Story of a Leaf. Damian Harper, writer for Lonely Planet. China Hour on Sky UK TAPE . Episode 1 - The Spirit of Tea.HERE. Episode 2 - The Road’s End HERE. Episode 2 - The Road’s End HERE. Episode 3 - Making Tea HERE. Episode 4 - Foreign Lands, Homeland HERE. Episode 5 - Time Stops for Tea [England] HERE

Tea Talk: Stories of a Leaf. Very thorough talk on types, process, fields, early development from around the world, teaware from various places. ritual. Part 2 Korean tea on Feb. 9. Yoon Hee Kim. Friends of the Chinese American Museum. Jan 12 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Tea Talk: Stories of a Leaf. Korean tea, including tea rituals, uses, steeping and beyond. Kim will also perform a demonstration of a traditional Korean Tea ceremony. Yoon Hee Kim - Part 2 Friends of the Chinese American Museum Feb 9 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Tea Talk: The rare Pu’er tea in China; traditional tea demo and book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. Lisa See & Linda Louie. Chinese American Museum. Sept 2020 TAPE HERE

Tea Talk: Teas of Japan. Rika Iwasaki. Chinese American Museum Se 25 2020 HERE this and past TAPES HERE

Several tea talks Chinese American Museum. TAPES HERE

Tea: Tradition and Medicine. Chinese medicine, history, the evergreen Camellia sinensis plant. Victor Mair, Tracey Wang Stuligross. Penn Museum PA $5 with kit. Jan 30 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company. Tea trade, India. William Dalrymple. How To Academy. Se 2 2020 Previous TAPE HERE

Tea War: A History of Capitalism in China and India. Andrew Liu. June 2020 TAPE HERE

Asia in the 19th - 20th c. Global Economy of Capitalism. Andrew Liu author of Tea War: A History of Capitalism in China and India. UCLA Center for Chinese Studies. CA Jan 21 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

The Art of Serving Tea - a Cross-Cultural Perspective. China and Japan. Explore Culture 2020 TAPE HERE

Indonesia’s Spice Connection: From Tree to Tea. Origin, how grown, international dishes, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves. Petty Elliott. Explore Culture 2020 TAPE HERE

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Tea Movement. Bruce Richardson author The Great Tea Rooms of Britain. Frist Art Museum. Jun 2021 TAPE HERE

Tea party talks. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum info and past tapes HERE

Series of talks on teas, many history. Blue Monkey Tea Co. TAPE HERE

Tea: Nature, Culture, Society, 1650-1850. 3 day Conference. Linnean Society of London
Jun 22-24 Wed 8AM-12; Th 11-3; Fri 9-1 Full schedule with videos and panels (not recorded) HERE; TAPES may be HERE. I will add specific link for tapes below after conference
The Poetry of Tea and the Uses of Natural History. Markman Ellis. Early writings (travel books, tea, poems) about tea to early 1700s TAPE HERE
Short film of Linnean Society of London holdings – books, tea sets (longer version with plant specimens) TAPE HERE
Tea in Early Modern Botany. Bettina Dietz. TAPE HERE
Reading the Tea Leaves: Tea in the Economic Botany Collection at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Mark Nesbitt, Aurora Prehn TAPE HERE
Jungli Imaginaries? Assam Tea and the Jungle. Romita Ray. TAPE HERE
Substance, Sinology and Sonneteers; or Literature, Porcelain and Tea Cultures in the Late Eighteenth Century. Emma Newport. TAPE HERE
Art History without the Art: The Curious Case of Sino-Vietnamese Teapots before 1700. Katharine Burnett. TAPE HERE
Branding Bohea into a Successful Commodity: The Collection, Screening, and Allocation of Knowledge along the Value Chain in the Early Tea Trade. Kunbing Xiao. TAPE HERE
The Quest for Camellia sinensis: Joseph Banks, the State and the East India Company. Jordan Goodman, Josepha Richard. TAPE HERE
Were all Cups of Tea Created Equal? Tea and the erosion of social barriers in the Low Countries during the Enlightenment. Wouter Ryckbosch. TAPE HERE

Stimulating/Intoxicating Beverages: Tea, Coffee, Chocolate

Tea Gardens and New Intoxicants in Early Modern London. James Brown. Institute of Historical Research (IHR) U of London Nv 11 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Intoxicating Spaces: The Impact of New Intoxicants on Urban Spaces in Europe, 1600-1850. “Focusing on four European cities – Amsterdam, Hamburg, London, and Stockholm – this two-year project (2019–21) explores the impact of new intoxicants (especially tea, coffee, and tobacco) on urban public spaces.” Online exhibits, maps, 2020 HERE and TAPES HERE, HERE, HERE

Hagley's Capitalism and the Senses conference. includes Thurs 9am “Use not perfumery to flavor soup;” 10:45 “Teacup: American Tea Consumption in 19th cen” and “The Sensory Synergies of Alcohol Beverage Marketing in mid20th cen US.” Hagley Library. Info and papers of talks. Nov 5-6 2020 HERE TAPES Thurs Panel 1 HERE Panel 2 HERE Fri Panel 1 HERE Panel 2 HERE Ai Hisano. Visualizing Taste: How Business Changed the Look of What You Eat. 2019 Sensory Marketing HERE

Stimulating Beverages: A Social History of Tea, Coffee and Chocolate in Early America. Amanda Lange. Alden Kindred of America. Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

The Hot Drinks Revolution. Dr. Whitney Howarth. includes “origins of tea, the Atlantic slave-sugar trade, indigenous resistance to plantations, and the seductive tale of the coffee bean in Latin America.” New Hampshire Humanities. 2021 TAPE HERE

Liotard Still Life: tea set. c1781. (J. Paul Getty Museum)

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