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Notice to Milkman!

Quarantine sign tacked to the front door during the Typhoid Fever epidemic of 1911, ordered that the milk bottles were not to be exchanged or the milkman would be fined $5 to $100 (currently $75 to $1500). 

On the internet this notice is said to be from the 1918-1919 influenza (and it may be) but all I could find was the exact wording in the 1911 report of the Pennsylvantia Commisioner of Health in a Typhoid Fever section of the book.

Quarentine notices were put on or near the front doors of houses containing infected individuals during the deadly influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 (when my great grandfather Frank Merwarth Sr. died of influenza on this day Oct 12, 1918).

"Notice to Milkman!"
This house is under quarantine. The Milkman must not enter.
The family will set vessels outside, into which the milk or cream is to be poured by the milkman, who must not handle the vessels.
Milk or cream must not be delivered in bottles, or tickets received from this house, until this card is removed.
Penalty for violation of this regulation - $5.00 to $100.00. [$75-1,500]
By Order of the

Sixth Annual Report of the Commisioner of Health… Penn… 1911. 1913 p1361
Image: "Delivering Milk to City Homes." c1925. Library of Congress
Notice was attributed to the Erie County Historical Society (not heard back yet from my email), Wisconsin or not sourced at all.


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