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Acorn Mush cooked in basket

Incredibly, the steam was from a rock heated in a fire, then stirred in the Wiiwish... IN a basket. The pounded acorns and water eventually thickened and the basket was not burned.
The 40th Annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2006 included Native American basket makers from around the country. One group from California demonstrated preparing Wiiwish (acorn mush) in a family heirloom basket.
Acorn mush was made from black acorns pounded or as flour/meal and water. Soapstones were heated in a fire and transferred by two poles acting as tongs. 
After being quickly dumped in water to clean off the ash, the rock was lowered into the acorn mixture and constantly moved on the stick stirrers so not to burn the basket. A new rock replaced the old until the mixture thickened. Winnowing basket -
Ancient mortar holes, California 1919

Acorn shucking 1908
Acorn mash in basket and heating rocks 1908
Acorn caches 1908
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