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Drink up! Talks: Taverns, Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Whiskey...

There is no denying it... there are more and more virtual talks about drinks as our Covid lockdown continues. Grog (yes, grog by a Naval museum), beer, whiskey/whisky, gin, cocktails, teas and chocolate. Many talks include recommended  samples - either mailed or picked up locally. And even beer games done museum style (Penn Museum of UPenn). Tapes, then the October talks.

Taped talks (a couple before quarantine) -


Taverns, Temperance, Teetotalers & Tommy Guns: The History of Prohibition. Dr. Francis Coan & Stephen McGrath. Weston Historical Society CT Mr 10 2021 HERE

America Walks into a Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns and Saloons, Speakeasies and Grog Shops book talk by Christine Sismondo. Fraunces Tavern Museum. NYC Tape HERE/

Ferries and Taverns During the Revolution. social life. Washington Crossing Historic Park curator Kimberly McCarthy. HERE TAPES HERE

Women and Taverns in Colonial Maryland. Rod Cofield. Historic Londontown MD TAPE HERE


Brewing at Newlin: An English Ale in an American Kitchen. Marc Meltonville of Hampton Court Palace in UK. Newlin Grist Mill. HERE TAPES HERE

Baltimore’s Brewing Industry - Past, Present & Future. Baltimore Museum of Industry. Theresa MuCulla, Curator of the American Brewing History Initiative at the Smithsonian, and local craft brewers TAPE HERE

The History of Beer in New York. Debra Schmidt Bach. New-York Historical Society Oc 14 2020 TAPE HERE

Fermentation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Beer, Bread and More Beer Weekly Fermentology tape HERE

Colonial Milling & Brewing by traditional miller, Steve Bashore and 18th-century baker, Justin Cherry at Stratford Hall, VA HERE TAPE bottom of page HERE

Prohibition, Beer . Beers with Bill with Dr. Allen Pietrobon TAPE . HERE Series HERE

Anchored in Beer and Land- Bullard’s Brewery. Norfolk Record Office. Late 19th cen records. 20 min. TAPES HERE

Women Brewing Beer in History, Africa, and Rwanda. July 30 2020. HERE. TAPE HERE

Wine, Mead

Nourishing Genius: Food and Wine in the Time of Michelangelo. Fred Plotkin, Julian Brooks. Includes a list of wine and food. Getty Museum HERE TAPE HERE

History of Wine. Professor Ken Albala TAPE .HERE

Wine and the White House with Frederick J. Ryan, Jr. White House Historical Association Oct 2020 TAPE HERE

Ancient Wine-Making, Heirloom Seeds, and Archaeobotany. Dr. Chantel White. Penn Museum. TAPE . HERE

National Mead Day. Aug 1. History, tasting guides, making mead advice. F.H.Steinbart Co. 4 mead talks tapes: Mead origins, traditions, and future. HERE . Taste honey HERE. Making mead HERE. Virtual mead flight HERE

A 40,000 Year History of Mead in Southern Africa. Neil Rusch. Fermentology NC State U info Mr 4 2021HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Make Mead Like a Viking. Jereme Zimmerman. Fermentology NC State U info, Mr 18 2021 HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Rum, Sherry, Moonshine

The Rule of Rum. Cynthia Clampitt. Culinary Historians of Chicago tape June 18 Thurs 8pm HERE tape HERE

Caribbean Rum and the Making of the Atlantic World. Dr. Fred Smith, author of Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History. Stratford Hall VA $8 May 8 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Grog. “history and recipe of the Royal Navy's most iconic drink – grog.” Gurth Pretty. HMS Psyche Training. 35 min TAPE HERE

Sherry: Stories, Love & Cocktails. history. NY Cocktail Expo. selection of TAPES . HERE /

First in Moonshine: North Carolina and the Illegal Liquor Business. Dr. Daniel S. Pierce. Wake Forest Historical Museum. TAPE . HERE

North Carolina: Mountains, moonshine and barbecue. National Geographic Traveller UK Mar 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Whiskey, Bourbon

Whiskey in America: Education and Libation. Good history of whiskey. The coppersmiths who made the Colonial/Federal era 100 gallon stamped copper still. Luke Pecoraro curatorial director Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. TAPE HERE

Kentucky Bourbon Festival 19 sessions TAPES HERE

Bourbon Justice: How Whiskey Law Shaped America author Brian Haara. Bourbon trademarks. May 1, 2020 TAPE HERE

Whiskey From Home - A Virtual Bourbon Conference. 5 hrs of many speakers. May 2020 TAPE HERE

Irish Coffee and Whiskey. Horseations Mar 13 TAPE HERE


Spirits Sugar Water Bitters: How the Cocktail Conquered the World. authors Derek Brown, Robert Yule TAPE . HERE

Cocktail seminar series. National Archives. 2005 TAPE . HERE

How Malaria Shaped Our Cocktail Menus. Absinthe, gin, tonic. Nancy Hill. Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. TAPE HERE

Great Hoaxes in Cocktail History. TAPE . HERE

Liquid Vacation: A History of Tiki Cocktails. Eve Bergeron, granddaughter of “Trader Vic” Bergeron; Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, and Brian Miller tiki expert. Brooklyn Historical Society. TAPE . HERE

Tiki Time! Horseations Free Course #8. World Mai Tai day Aug 30. Rum. History of drinks, art, make a Mai Tai. Horesations Au 14 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Alameda's Coolest Private Tiki Bar. Brian McDonald “collectible mugs, totems and special Rums” Alameda Architectural Preservation Society. May 2021 HERE TAPE HERE


“Alcohol's Empire: Distilled Spirits in the 1700s Atlantic World,” great ‘interactive publication’ about the exhibit at Minneapolis Institute of Art, MIA HERE

“Intoxicated Empire: Alcohol, Consumption & Slavery in the 18th-c. Atlantic World.” Talk by Bertie Mandelblatt. TAPE HERE

Alcohol Use in the Early American Republic. Alan Taylor TAPE HERE

Drugs and Alcohol During WWII. Dr. Kristen Burton. National WWII Museum. Nov 2020 TAPE HERE

Prohibition in Washington, DC: How Dry We Weren't. Garrett Peck. USCHS US Capitol Historical Society tapes HERE

How NC Became the Moonshine Capital of the World. Dr. Daniel S. Pierce. North Carolina Museum of History HERE

Goodbye Booze: The Music of Prohibition. Dr. Gregg D. Kimball. Library of Virginia Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

Modern Bar Cart. Many episodes HERE

Just the tonic: A natural history of tonic water. Kim Walker, Prof Mark Nesbitt FLS, Kew botanists and authors. Linnean Society of London. Feb TAPE HERE

Seltzer. Barry Joseph author of Seltzertopia. Lots of TAPES . HERE

Coffee, Tea and Chocolate

Tea: The Story of a Leaf. Damian Harper, writer for Lonely Planet. China Hour on Sky UK TAPE . Episode 1 - The Spirit of Tea.HERE. Episode 2 - The Road’s End HERE. Episode 2 - The Road’s End HERE. Episode 3 - Making Tea HERE. Episode 4 - Foreign Lands, Homeland HERE. Episode 5 - Time Stops for Tea [England] HERE

History of Chocolate. David Borghesani of American Heritage chocolates. National Archives TAPE HERE and his talk on Chocolate and the Military HERE

Digital Chocolate Festival. History (Oc 15 2021 1pm), origins. Celebrate Cacao (promotes, teaches about ethically made craft chocolate, UK. TAPE Facebook HERE

Coffeeland: One Man's Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug. Augustine Sedgewick. Facebook live at Revolution Books New York Tape HERE

Image: Ale Toby Fillpot  1786 British Museum

October had 149 talks, 28 drinks talks at start were on drinks. Only the ones with tapes will be saved among the subject lists. All lists will be maintained on the Archvies page HERE

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