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6 series of talks and 90 virtual talks now thro October

There are several interesting food history series in October that I want to bring to your attention. Signup just started for Folger and Newberry libraries "Food and the Book: 1300-1800." A conference next week on "Material Culture of Sugar in Early New England" is at Historic Deerfield. Also the British Library’s "Food Season," "Masterworks of Japanese Tea Culture," and a series by Enfield Shaker Museum. "Food History Seminar" by Institute of Historical Research has 6 talks. Next week a talk on the study and redoing of the 1739 kitchen at Newlin Grist Mills. October already has over 70 talks.

Food and the Book: 1300-1800, 12 sessions Oct 2-12 by the Folger and Newberry libraries on cookbooks and other books, digitizing, transcribing, Indigenous Foodways. FREE HERE.

Just learned of another online conference! Next week, Sept 26 Sat, all day 9:30-5. The Bitter and the Sweet: The Material Culture of Sugar in Early New England. Historic Deerfield. $60 HERE

On Thursday Sept 24 Tony Shahan will talk on Clues, Craft, & Cookery. Documenting, restoring, and furnishing the original 1739 kitchen and pantry at Newlin Grist Mills, PA. HERE  

The Masterworks of Japanese Tea Culture talks about one tea ceremony object for six 75 min. sessions, held by a Canadian museum. The next object is the iron kettle (Se 20, with a mention of the sunken hearth) then tea bowls, tea scoop, cold water jar. $10 each HERE.

The British Library’s 'Food Season' has 14 digital talks through Oct 20 including Jewish Food, a talk by Claudia Roden and Simon Schama on the Hebrew Manuscripts exhibit in the British Library (Se 21, £5.00). HERE

Enfield Shaker Museum is doing 4 Thursday talks in October at 7pm. All at Home: A Taste of History. Talks on cheese & cider, pie, bread, US cider industry. With weekly tasting baskets. $15 + baskets HERE

Oct 1-Dec 17 6 talks. Food History Seminar - Institute of Historical Research. Six talks from Oct 1 to Dec 17 HERE Tapes HERE

October has over 70 talks, thus far, including the Kings Chocolate Kitchen at Hampton Court Palace, Chicago’s candies (at one point made 1/3 of US candies), 'Galettes & History', ‘Food, Politics & Colonial Women’ and once again, plenty of drinks (lots of teas, Sake, Ky Bourbon (festival, 19 talks), Whiskey, Grog, Victorian Gin-Slings & Timber-Doodles). September has over 80 talks, with 30 still upcoming.

Calendar of virtual Food History talks HERE

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