Monday, July 13, 2020

World Heritage Sourdough Library

The remarkable Puratos World Heritage Sourdough Library in Belgium was created by the Puratos company to "safeguard the sourdough biodiversity and preserve the sourdough heritage and baking knowledge."  It opened seven years ago.

Karl De Smedt's (the curator) quest for samples of Sourdough from around the world is on the Puratos Group YouTube channel (24 videos/2020).  He talks with the bakers, owners of the starters and often with scientists from Greece (Holy water with basil, and outside wood oven), China (steamed buns), Italy (Altamura durum bread), Turkey, Japan, San Francisco and the Alaska Klondike starter (pancakes & waffles). HERE

Sourdough Library website (picture is from their site) HERE and virtual tour HERE

The Sourdough Library amazing. Every two months all the refrigerated sourdough must be refreshed using the flour of that batch (local). 

Updates to my post on free virtual talks  HERE   Found another one - on chocolate!!  this Thurs, July 30

The seminar/workshop is over - curator Karl De Smedt did an outstanding talk and tour - so I have taken out the information about the class and signup.  However most Thursdays at noon William Rubel or a guest speaker discusses a particular topic, then those who want to, will prepare that week's bread recipe. Join his Facebook page Bread History and Practice for weekly topics and details HERE

Rubel is working on a huge book of bread, and wrote The Magic of Fire: Hearth Cooking and Bread: a global history.  Each week he presents history, technique and insights into various historic breads, and concludes with an historic recipe with redaction. 

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