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Food Day Canada - Aug. 1

Let's show support for our Canadian friends and "Cook like a Canadian" on their #FoodDayCanada. Their catchy "Put Canada on the Menu" with recipes and nice photos are on the official website HERE And remarkably, cooking in a First Nations wooden box.

So what is Canadian food?  Here are a slew of recipes - "Cook like a Canadian" HERE
Bentwood box cooking of the First Nations HERE

Hashtag it -  "Whether you’re shopping at a farmers’ market, grilling in your back yard or at your campsite, cooking for hungry diners in your restaurant or having a quiet meal at home, just add #FoodDayCanada to your posts on Instagram and Twitter.  Let’s show the world who makes our food. Now sit back, grab a frosty beverage and enjoy the delicious stories below!"

Culinary Historians of Canada. HERE

Food history virtual talks list HERE
First couple weeks worth -

July 30 Thur 12-1:30 Women Brewing Beer in History, Africa, and Rwanda. HERE

July 30 Thurs 4pm Vegetable Fermentation 20 min talk by author Sandor Katz at Fermentology more topics HERE

July 30 Thurs 5pm History of Chocolate. American Heritage chocolates. National Archives HERE

AUGUST EVENTS - Eastern time zone

Aug 1 Sat #FoodDayCanada. For recipes to "Cook like a Canadian" and info to use the hashtag HERE 

Aug 1 Sat 1-8pm National Mead Day. History, tasting guides, making advice… F.H.Steinbart Co. HERE

Aug 1 Sat 2pm American Cuisine in the Colonial Era. What is American cuisine and how has it reflected social trends and divisions? Newlin Grist Mill HERE

Aug 4 Tues 8:30-10pm Food on Wheels in the American West for the San Francisco Professional Food Society HERE

Aug 6 Thurs 11am Warner’s Gin Distillery tour and botanical gardens, Scotland HERE

Aug 8 Sat 2pm A Recipe for Subversion: How Suffragists Used Cookbooks to Fight for the Vote. HFSDV HERE

Aug 11 Tue 6:30-8:30  The History of Scotch Whisky $6  HERE

Aug 12 Wed 2pm Real Bread Bakers. Screening and panel discussion  $5 (half goes to a Glasgow food fund) HERE.

Aug 12 Wed 7-8:30 Whiskey, Boxing, and Politics: The Lost New Orleans of Big Jim Comiskey, (1897-1972) Hermann Grima House HERE;   Great July talk, available on tape for a short time - Cradle of the Cocktail: The Rise of Drinking Culture in 19th Century New Orleans. Dr. Kristen Brooks (PhD in aspect of history of alcohol)  HERE
Aug 12 Wed 8pm Beyond the North Wind: Russia in Recipes and Lore. Darra Goldstein. Culinary Historians of Chicago. HERE

Aug 13 Thurs 12pm  Early Mills and Milling Seminar and baking with author William Rubel, speaker Tony Shahan of Newlin Grist Mill museum PA.  Join Rubel's Facebook page Bread History and Practice for weekly topics and details HERE

Aug 13 Thurs 6:30pm Cooking by the Book: Celebrity Chefs, Cookbookery, and the Changing Landscape of American Cuisine. HERE 

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