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Volunteer to transcribe manuscript cookbook recipes

Handwritten documents - recipes, letters - are important for research.  You can help other researchers and libraries from your home computer by transcribing digitized manuscript cookbooks; thus making them easier to read and able to be searched.

I have added a section on transcribing to my blog post on virtual talks, workshops, and readings, but wanted to showcase this wonderful opportunity in its own post.  As for webinars, etc. - 22 new talks and activities - over 75 total, complete list HERE Update: 49 talks in Aug, and 42 for Sept so far - more will be added.


Many manuscript cookbooks have been - and continue to be - digitized.  The image is a page from a c1700 cookbook (with the transcription on left) in the Szathmary Culinary Manuscripts and Cookbooks at University of Iowa Libraries.  

Manuscript Cookbooks Survey is a phenomenal resource for finding handwritten manuscripts with cooking recipes.  Some of the collections have been digitizing their manuscript receipt books including Folger Shakespeare Library, U of Iowa, Wellcome Library and others.

Folgers list of online resources has many links to learn, practice early modern English paleography… HERE
Folger Shakespeare Library recipe book transcriptions HERE and a list of recipe books HERE


EMROC Early Modern Recipes Online Collective - coordinates transcribers... HERE

Folger Shakespeare Library, DC - EMMO, Before Farm to Table... more info - HERE
**update 6/6/2020 they do not need help now, until the building opens and more manuscripts can be digitized

Szathmary Cookbooks at University of Iowa - more info HERE

Wellcome Library (not sure if still working on cookbooks or just medicine side) - HERE

NYPL New York Public Library menus - more info HERE

Oct 5 Mon 5-7 Transcribathon Food and the Book: 1300-1800. Folger and Newberry libraries. Register HERE

Oct 10 Sat 2-3 Digitizing Food in the Book Food and the Book: 1300-1800. Folger and Newberry libraries. Register HERE TAPE HERE

Nov 14 Sat 10-11am Medieval Books in the 21st Century. Digital editing. University of Exeter. Being Human Festival. UK HERE

Mar 4 2021 Thur 1-2:30 Nineteenth-Century Archives and Handwriting in the Digital Age roundtable. Dr Leon Litvack, Angelique Richardson, Beth Mills, Dr Christopher Ohge, Adrian S. Wisnicki. HERE

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