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Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham and Oyster dinners in St. Mary's County, MD

These fundraising annual dinners are held in church rec halls and fire departments in St. Mary's County.  The corned ham - wet cured with unusual taste - is stuffed with kale, cabbage, celery, onions & lots of red pepper, detailed in post HERE

The additional 'proteins' (fried chicken, turkey, shrimp...) and side dishes vary, so contact them about details, date and price (has been $25-30). 


Oct. 8 Leonardtown.  Camp Maria Retreat Center 11th Annual Oyster Scald. scalded oysters, fried oyster basket, fried chicken basket, ?stuffed ham sandwich? not say menu this year HERE

Oct. 21-22 Leonardtown. 57st Annual oyster festival HERE. Oysters to eat, shucking contests and more
Nov 5 Sun 12-5 2023 Annual Fried Oyster & Ham [stuffed and regular] Dinner. Cobb Island Firehouse, 17069 Cobb Island Road. Preorders taken. HERE


Oct. 22 Bushwood. Sacred Heart Catholic Church Dinner usually 4thSunday; with turkey and sides. 

Nov. 11  St. Mary’s City.  Trinity Episcopal Church.   Dinner with fried chicken, steamed-spiced shrimp and sides.

??  Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Dept. Stuffed ham, Oysters fried & raw. usually last Sat. Feb

??  Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Hollywood, MD

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'Country ham', ‘old hams’,  or 'Kentucky hams' (with Redeye gravy) are dry cured by salting and smoking.

Oc 14  Chaptico. Christ Episcopal Church. Country and sweet ham, fried oysters

Mechanicsville.  St. Joseph Catholic Church dinner held at Mother Catherine Academy.  also fried oysters and turkey,

Ju 24  Bushwood.  Sacred Heart Church   Crab Cakes, Country Ham, Fried Chicken and sides.  the 4th Sunday

There are also many other fundraisers with fried oysters in other parts of Maryland - the Bull and Oyster Roasts, Country ham or 'sweet' ham and fried oysters, Seafood dinners and other combinations.  These are done by museums, fire departments and other organizations with many people volunteering to help cook, serve and cleanup.

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