Monday, March 3, 2014

Flip 'n pancakes

New England "rum makes pancakes light. Flip makes very nice pancakes." 

To celebrate Pancake or Fasnacht Day tomorrow, here is an interesting recipe using beer, rum, and oh yes, molasses and flour.  A great image of tossing the pancake at a home hearth and a description of the day's event in the UK is HERE


"Pancakes should be made of half a pint of milk, three great spoonfuls of sugar, one or two eggs, a tea-spoonful of dissolved pearlash, spiced with cinnamon, or cloves, a little salt, rose-water, or lemon-brandy, just as you happen to have it. Flour should be stirred in till the spoon moves round with difficulty. If they are thin, they are apt to soak fat. Have the fat in your skillet boiling hot, and drop them in with a spoon. Let them cook till thoroughly brown. The fat which is left is good to shorten other cakes. The more fat they are cooked in, the less they soak.

If you have no eggs, or wish to save them, use the above ingredients, and supply the place of eggs by two or three spoonfuls of lively emptings; but in this case they must be made five or six hours before they are cooked,—and in winter they should stand all night.

A spoonful or more of N.E. rum makes pancakes light. Flip makes very nice pancakes. In this case, nothing is done but to sweeten your mug of beer with molasses; put in one glass of N.E. rum; heat it till it foams, by putting in a hot poker; and stir it up with flour as thick as other pancakes."
Child, Lydia.  American Frugal Housewife.  12th ed enlarged.  1832

"Flip Glasses, Loggerhead, and Toddy Stick" from Earle, Alice Morse. Stage-coach and Tavern Days, NY: 1900 - Photograph

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