Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving leftovers

How do you eat the turkey after Thanksgiving dinner... sandwiches, pour heated gravy over cold slices, curried turkey?  Some 1877 recipes to ponder: hash, escalloped turkey, and croquettes.


a most excellent hash may be made thus: Pick meat off turkey bones, shred it in small bits, add dressing and pieces of light biscuit cut up fine, mix together and put into dripping-pan, pour over any gravy that was left, add water to thoroughly moisten but not enough to make it sloppy, place in a hot oven for twenty minutes, and, when eaten, all will agree that the turkey is better this time than it was at first;

or warm the remnants of the turkey over after the style of escaloped oysters (first a layer of bread-crumbs, then minced turkey, and so on);

or add an egg or two and make nice breakfast croquettes.

The common error in heating over meats of all kinds, is putting into a cold skillet, and cooking a long time. This second cooking is more properly only heating, and should be quickly done. All such dishes should be served hot with some sort of tart jelly. Always save a can of currant juice (after filling jelly cups and glasses), from which to make jelly in the winter, and it will taste as fresh and delicious as when made in its season.

Buckeye Cookery, And Practical Housekeeping: Compiled From Original Recipes. Minneapolis, Minn.: Buckeye Pub. Co., 1877.
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