Monday, July 22, 2013

Fried RED Tomatoes

For those of us who love green fried tomatoes, here is a delicious 1839 recipe for fried red ones with bread crumbs and fried minced onions...

Fried Tomatoes

Select them large and ripe, take off the peelings, cut them in thick slices and season them with salt and pepper.  Have ready a plate of finely grated bread, dip each side of the sliced tomatoes in it, taking care to make as much of the bread adhere to them as possible, and fry them brown in butter, which should be hot when they are put in.  Serve them warm; mince very fine an onion or two, fry them in the gravy, and transfuse the whole over the tomatoes.

The Kentucky Housewife by Lettice Bryan.  Cincinnati: 1839
The photo shows my friend Heather making these wonderful tomatoes at Historic Cold Spring Village at Cape May, NJ during a cooking weekend several years ago.

©2013 Patricia Bixler Reber

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