Sunday, March 24, 2013

Food History Symposiums and Conferences 2013 pt.2

15 events in the USA and Europe

April 4-6 Our Barbecue, Ourselves. 3rd Annual Foodways Texas symposium. Austin, TX HERE

Apr 20 Traditions and Transformations: An Interdisciplinary Food Studies Conference. California State University. Fullerton, CA HERE

Apr 21 Five a Day: Part 1 – Vegetables. Leeds Symposium on Food History and Traditions. York, UK HERE

Apr 26-27 Food and Hospitals: an historical perspective. Brussels, Belgium HERE

April 29 Kitchen and Table in Early Modern Europe and Colonial America Symposium. Bard Graduate Center. NYC HERE

June 2-7 Barbara Ketcham Wheaton's seminar: Reading Historic Cookbooks: A Structured Approach. Harvard Un. Cambridge MA HERE

June 21-23 Foodways in the Northeast II: A Second Helping. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife. Historic Deerfield. MA HERE

July 5-7 Food and Material Culture. Oxford Food Symposium. Oxford UK HERE

July 11-12 Food in History. Anglo-American Conference. London UK HERE


Sept 12-13 Women, Work and Food. Graduate Student Conference, University of Mississippi, MS HERE

Sept 16-20 Food and major exhibitions in the 19th and 20th centuries. ICREFH conference. Brussels, Belgium HERE

Sept 27-29 Corn! Kendall College School for Culinary Arts, Chicago, IL HERE

Oct 3-6: 16th Southern Foodways Symposium. Oxford, MS HERE

Oct 15-16 University of Texas Third International Conference on Food Studies. Austin, TX HERE


Jan 2014 Cooking up the Low Countries: Textual and Visual Representations of Culinary Culture in Belgium and the Netherlands (16th-21st century). The first Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food in the Low Countries HERE

For previous symposiums and conferences click HERE

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  1. Great list! Did any of these symposia generate any publications? If they did, where can copies of such publications be acquired?

  2. There are two that I know who publish some old symposium papers - Oxford and Leeds:

    Or go to online used book sales or try interlibrary loan.


  3. Sure thing! It seems the links didn't come through and have to be cut and pasted.