Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Home cooks in the past put bits and scraps of pork in a container and covered with grease/fat after each addition. It was a means of combining scraps and to preserve until ready to use...

Butchers put small pieces into an aluminum loaf pan and cover it all at once.

In the Frederick, MD and Lancaster, PA areas with a strong German heritage, scrapple and pudding are sold by butchers. While I have eaten scrapple all my life, I never tried puddin, or meat pan pudding. The puddin picture is from Hemps Meats in Jefferson near Frederick MD.

Although puddin looks like scrapple, it does not fry as a solid piece, but as small pieces of meat in melted fat. Pudding can be cooked in a steamer insert with the fat dripping into the water.

Once cooked,the pudding is served over hominy, waffles, toast or fried potatoes.  It can be topped with King Syrup or syrup.  Pie filling can also be made from it... a Pudding Pie.

©2011 Patricia Bixler Reber


  1. pudding and hominy is traditionally eaten in Frederick Maryland and points South. The pudding is cooked first and then Manning's Hominy from Virginia( originally from Baltimore) is stirred in. It is served with white toast and butter.My father Frank and Uncle Herman's favorite!

    1. Yes, Dad sure liked it and when i first tasted puddin and hominy-I loved it. My sister and my Mom always cringed when me and Dad cooked it but with hominy and toast it was just the best. Woodsboro's Dorsey's Pudding was our favorite and the Dorsey Family were great German butchers in Frederick county. The Best. Like my Dad.

    2. After reading your comment I wanted to try their version and checked the web. Sadly, Dorsey’s Meats in Woodsboro, closed in 2012. It started in 1859 and stayed in the Dorsey family until it closed – that’s 152 years!

    3. Trouts in Woodsboro sells the best puddin ever!

  2. Steam the hominy with the pudin add onion pure deliciousness ! Stoney Point Farm Market In Littlestown PA just across the MD line makes it .

  3. My Dad would make puddin and beans when I was growing up. He was from Baltimore