Monday, July 6, 2020

Strawberry Fritters 1755

If you are able to get large strawberries, this sounds like a delightful recipe to try.  John Nott had a delicious fried beet recipe with a wine batter from 1723, so next year I'll try earlier to find some sturdy strawberries.    

Cookery reformed; or, The Lady’s assistant, 1755, we offer a recipe for Strawberry Fritters. 

"Having made a batter with flour, a spoonful of sweet oil, another of white wine, a little rasped lemon-peel, and the whites of two or three eggs, make it pretty soft, so as just to drop with a spoon. Mix it with some large strawberries, and drop them with a spoon into the hot fritters. When they are of a good colour, take them out, and drain them on a sieve. When they are done, strew some sugar over them, and glaze them."

Glaze:  ”strew some sugar over a dish, and set it on the fire; lay in the fritters, strew a little sugar over them, and glaze them over with a red-hot salamander.”  German fritters with apples [Mason, 1801]

Davey, P.  Cookery reformed; or, The Lady’s assistant. London: 1755
Mason, Charlotte, The Lady’s Assistant. London: 1801. German Fritters (apples)
John F. Francis, American, 1808-1886.  Dessert still Life. 1855  Yale University Art Gallery

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