Monday, April 8, 2013

Smithsonian food exhibit

FOOD: Transforming the American Table 1950-2000, at the National Museum of American History in DC contains Julia Child's home kitchen, a Krispy Kream donut machine, the first frozen margarita machine and more...

The room is full of "I remember this" items and photographs.  After all, this is not the 150 years after the Civil War, or the two centuries since the War of 1812-14.  No, it is OUR lifetime... so everyone can feel like an antique.  Thanks.

The curator of the exhibit, Rayna Green, led a special tour for a dozen members of CHoW (Culinary Historians of Washington, DC).  Several members had lent items or helped move Julia's kitchen, again.  Hard to believe it has been ten years since her kitchen moved from her home to the museum.  The new location makes it easier to see inside Julia Child's kitchen.  I took some quick pictures of the displays, but missed the wine making on the back wall and the long conversation table, so may add next time I am in the area.  For more information click HERE

Julia Child's kitchen.

The first display, which includes a Krispy Kreme donut machine.

An early microwave and shopping carts.
Coffee cup lids and a glove compartment door with indents to hold a cup.

And finally... the grill...

In New York City, the Museum of Natural History has an exhibition, Our Global Kitchen: Food,Nature, Culture until August 11, 2013. Many pages of information and pictures can be viewed HERE

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