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Italian foodways in Italy and America

From Michelangelo to Scappi (image), from pasta to pizza to olive oil to many more subjects. And so many interesting talks were taped. Also Greek foodways talks.


May 10 Mon 7 Understanding Italian American Cuisine. “five distinct categories of Italian American cuisine and how they came to be.” Amy Riolo. Italian American Museum of Los Angeles. Info HERE Facebook live HERE TAPE HERE

May 12 Wed 1 A Taste of Rome’s Historic Jewish Cuisine. Leah Koenig. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research HERE

May 15 & 16 S&S 12:30 Pizza Margherita (2 sessions). Neapolitan style Pizza and Roman ‘Pizza in Teglia'. Make dough and rise for next day. Mariella Bliss. £27.54 HERE

May 15 Sat 1 Limoncello and Granita: A Taste of Sicily. “Greeks were making it [Granita] using ice from Mount Etna in Sicily over 2000 years ago!” Michael Sampson. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 15 Sat 2:30-4 Garum: Ancient Umami and Modern Gastronomy. Panel: Harold McGee, Pere Planaguma, Aylin Tan, Dimitra Mylona and Sally Grainger author of The Story of Garum: Fermented Fish Sauce and Salted Fish in the Ancient World. Facebook Live. Turquazz culture TAPE HERE Youtube live HERE

May 19 Wed 5 Dinner with Socrates: Feasting in Ancient Greece. Francine Segan. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 22 Sat 1 Food of the Italian South: Recipes for Classic, Disappearing, and Lost Dishes. By author Katie Parla. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 22 Sat 2 Italian Migrants and the Land. “Italians in America from the 1770s to the present listing all the contributions Italians made in the many different areas of American culture, agriculture, cuisine, industry…” Vincenza Scarpaci. Caffè Culturale HERE

May 29 Sat 11 Coffee: A Tradition and a Trend. “Cappuccino and espresso are part of Italian culture. History. Katie Parla. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

May 29 Sat 3 Tuscany - Food, Wine & Traditions. Vineyards, olive groves, “truffles, the exquisite cured meats, the extra-virgin tuscan olive oil, the delicious Tuscan pecorino and the Chianina beef…” NextStopItaly HERE

May 30 Sun 12 (weekly dif types) Tagliatelle con pomodoro e basilica with cookbook author in Florence, Italy. “Emilia-Romagna, the region home of egg-based pastas like tagliatelle and ravioli.” Patrizia Cantini. Curious Appetite Travel $40 HERE

May 30 Sun 4-5:30 Southern style hand formed pasta. Class make “semolina and water pasta…five traditional hand formed pasta shapes including cavatelli, sardinian gnocchi, orecchiette, capunti and lorighittas.” Laurie Boucher baltimorehomecook $40 HERE


Nourishing Genius: Food and Wine in the Time of Michelangelo. Oct 2020 Getty Museum LC TAPE HERE

Bartolomeo Scappi's Paper Kitchens . Deborah L. Krohn. Getty Research Institute 2016 HERE

Italy's Gastronomic Traditions LC Francine Segan Oct 2019 TAPE HERE

Street Life in Renaissance Italy. Author Fabrizio Nevola. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK Mar 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Forbidden Knowledge: Medicine, Science, and Censorship in Early Modern Italy. Author Hannah Marcus. Rare Book School. Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography Nov 2020 HERE TAPE HERE

An Art Historical Tasting: Food and Drink in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art. Princeton University Art Museum. The museum has arranged it so locals can watch while enjoying a specially designed menu from a downtown Princeton restaurant Mezzaluna for pickup and wine pairings from next door Public Wine, Beer and Spirits. What a great idea! May 28 2020 TAPE HERE

The Story of Garum: Roman Fish Sauce in a Modern Context. Sally Grainger author of Cooking Apicus: Roman Recipes for Today and her latest The Story of Garum: Fermented Fish Sauce and Salted Fish in the Ancient World. Fermentology NC State U info Jan 2021 HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Garum: Ancient Umami and Modern Gastronomy. Panel: Harold McGee, Pere Planaguma, Aylin Tan, Dimitra Mylona and Sally Grainger author of The Story of Garum: Fermented Fish Sauce and Salted Fish in the Ancient World. Turquazz culture. May 2021 2.5 hrs. Facebook Live TAPE HERE Youtube live HERE

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting to Greece & Italy. “a culinary adventure through two incredible countries.” Christina and Carolyn, from Myths and Muses Tours. Ingenious Travel Mar 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

L. da Vinci, the Last Supper, and the Art of Throwing a Great Dinner Party. 1495 on refectory (dining hall) wall of Dominican convent, was culmination of iconographic tradition. Dr. Rocky Ruggiero. Making Art and History come to Life. $15 [Aug 2020] HERE TAPE HERE

Italy: Cities, Culture & Cuisine. “traditions, dishes and delicious ingredients.” National Geographic Traveller (UK) Apr 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

A Virtual Italian Perspective: Food and Cult May 2021 TAPE HERE

Thoughts on the Origins of Pizzerias in America and Chicago. Peter Regas of Chicago Foodways Roundtable Feb 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families by author Jane Ziegelman. Tenement Museum Youtube live Feb 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Developing Italian food. Tradition and creativity in recipe design. Ale Gambini. Dr. Luca Cottini of Italian Innovators. May 2021 HERE


Sweet Greeks: First-Generation Immigrant Confectioners in the Heartland. Ann Flesor Beck. Chicago Foodways Roundtable. Nov 2020 HERE / TAPE HERE

Greece: Discover a Delightful Food & Wine Holiday Destination. 3,5000 years of winemaking, tour wine regions, indigenous varieties. Wine Events Worldwide Mar 4 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Ancient Origins of the Mediterranean Diet. Ancient Greek Cuisine. Ed Sherman Renaissance Café Mar 3 2021 TAPE HERE

Heroes, Hunters, and Hunchbacks: Tableware and Its Meaning in Medieval Byzantium [Constantinople]. Lara Frentrop. Institute of Historical Research. U London Nov 24 2021 HERE TAPES HERE

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