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Irish food, famine, and drinks talks

St. Patrick's Day - March 17 - means lots of talks on Irish food, drinks and the Irish Potato Famine or the Great Hunger (1845-1852). An American ship brought relief. A new journal. And a new project - FoodCult.

Jul 18 Sun 9 At the Present Time: Gender, class, politics, and the cookbook in Ireland. “Origins of the cookbook in Ireland and to some of recent publications by culinary historian Dorothy Cashman.” PhotoIreland Festival. Donation HERE TAPE HERE Website with stories, recipes, projects, more HERE

May 6-27 Thursdays 8AM Town and Country: Perspectives from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas. “nature and evolution of town–country relationships in Ireland through the ages.” Royal Irish Academy HERE TAPES all HERE; Monastic tenants, Viking raiders and Hiberno-Norse townspeople HERE; Town and country in later Medieval Ireland HERE; HERE; Lawyers, merchants and peasants: town and country interaction in early modern Ireland; Dublin Suburbs in Modern Ireland; Plenary: Medieval towns: why we need to take account of the country

European Journal of Food, Drink, and Society (EJFDS) A new peer-reviewed open access online journal. HERE

FoodCult: Food, Culture and Identity in Ireland circa 1550-1650.
“A five-year project funded by the European Research Council... brings together history, archaeology, science and information technology to explore the diet and foodways of diverse communities in early modern Ireland.” HERE

Jul 31 Sat 1-2:30 Critical Recipes with Ana Núñez Rodríguez. “Cooking Potato stories is a multi-layered trans-local story that follows the routes and roots of the potato through the context of Galicia, Colombia, and The Netherlands” and Ireland. “archival images, articles, and [period] written stories from Irish history.” PhotoIreland Festival. Donation HERE TAPE HERE Website with stories, recipes, projects, more HERE

Irish Potato Famine or the Great Hunger (1845-1852)

Alexis Soyer's Dublin Soup Kitchen 1847 images and description in post HERE

Famine Pot (“workhouse pots”) for soup in Edenderry, relief systems Pt 1 HERE, workhouses, cast iron government supplied under the Soup Kitchen Act 1847, Pt 2. Dr Ciaran Reilly. HERE

Irish Famine Pot: the humble pots that saved a nation. Website w/ many images HERE

Hungry Words: Female Petitions during the Great Famine. Dr. Ciaran Reilly. 2015 Women and the Great Hunger in Ireland Conference. Ireland's Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University. HERE

Sacred and Sacrilegious Women’s Testimonials: The Grey Nuns and Maria Monk, Famine Irish Migrants, and the Montreal Fever Sheds in 1847-1848. Dr. Jason King. Women and the Great Hunger in Ireland Conference. Ireland's Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University. 2015 HERE

Irish Famine Migrant Stories in Ontario. Virtual exhibit of personal histories of migrants and their Canadian caregivers. Dr. Jason King, Robert G. Kearns, Dr. Mark McGowan, Dr. Laura J. Smith. Ireland Park Foundation Mar 17 HERE TAPE HERE

Irish Famine Migrant Stories in Ontario online exhibit HERE

Voyage of Mercy: The USS Jamestown, the Irish Famine, and the Remarkable Story of America’s First Humanitarian Mission. “In 1847, the USS Jamestown set sail from Boston loaded with food for people suffering … famine in Ireland. Starts with Irish music and images. Author Stephen Puleo. The National Park Service, Boston Harbor. Charlestown Navy Yard Mar 9 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Food and culinary cultures in pre-Famine Ireland by Regina Sexton in Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy: Archaeology, Culture, History, Literature. Vol. 115C, Food and Drink in Ireland (2015), pp. 257-306 (50 pages) HERE

Irish Potato Famine 2020 3 TAPES HERE


Dublin Gastronomy Symposium (5th biennial) - Food and Disruption: What shall we eat tomorrow? 50 peer reviewed papers with the talks. and all offered for free. May 25-29, 2020HERE TAPES of past programs HERE

Eating Abroad, Remembering Home: Violent Disruption, the Irish Diaspora, and their Food Parcels, 1845-1960 TAPE HERE Paper HERE

What Shall We Cook Tomorrow? Ireland on the Kitchen Front during war TAPES HERE

'Excuse me dearest Madam I did not send this sooner’. Regarding the domestic in the collections of the National Library of Ireland. Collection of 18th cen recipes. Dorothy Cashman. National Library of Ireland Mar 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Out of the Ashes: Reconstructing the Economic Fortunes of the Lordship of Ireland following the 1922 Destruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland. Bruce Campbell author of English Seigniorial Agriculture 1250–1450. School of Humanities, Sgoil nan Daonnachdan Mar 17 2022 HERE TAPE HERE very interesting

Irish Coffee and Whiskey How made, distilleries, pot stills. “course focuses on the history and cocktail stories.” Horseations Mar 13 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Brewing historical beer in 16th cen Ireland. 2021 website HERE

Irish words by the authors of A History of Ireland in 100 [medieval Irish] Words Museum of literature Ireland MoLI podcasts. HERE

Protecting the Next Generation of Irish Craft Butchers, TAPES HERE

Blog post on Dublin Symposium HERE

First image from 'Views of the Famine: Contemporary newspaper articles and illustrations from the Great Hunger in Ireland, 1845-52' website.HERE

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