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Jewish foodways talks

The British Library has an exhibit Hebrew Manuscripts and The Great Big Jewish Food Fest really was great, with many taped talks. YIVO's terrific course A Seat at the Table will be free until Aug. There are two talks this Sunday, so I am putting this post up early.

May 12 Wed 1 A Taste of Rome’s Historic Jewish Cuisine. Leah Koenig. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research HERE

May 13 Thur 7 History + Highballs: Meshugganah. “Rob Clement, owner of Jewish deli, Meshugganah, will focus on a few specific dishes and how Jewish cuisine relates to food in the South.” N C Museum of History HERE

May 13 Thur 7:45 Dining at the Dairy Restaurant. Ben Katchor illustrator and author. “also discuss dairy in Montreal and the family owners of Toronto’s United Bakers Dairy Restaurant” The Museum of Jewish Montreal HERE

A Seat at the Table: A Journey into Jewish Food. "This course features hundreds of never-before-seen archival objects, lectures by leading scholars, and video demonstrations of your favorite Jewish recipes by renowned chefs." YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. free until August HERE

Hebrew Manuscripts: Journeys of the Written Word. Exibition at the British Library until June 6, 2021. Intro and link for virtual tour HERE

Bringing Israel Home. Michael Solomonov. every Wed at 8 Livestream and past talks TAPE HERE

American Foodways: The Jewish Contribution. Cookbook online exhibit at Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive. University of Michigan Library HERE

Jewish Food: Claudia Roden and Simon Schama in Conversation. British Library. Se 21 TAPE HERE

1000 Cookbooks Yiddish Gems from a Personal Collection. Dr. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. Yiddish New York Dec 2020 TAPE HERE

The Great Big Jewish Food Fest May 19-28. (Jan 16 Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest). TAPES HERE

The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902. Scott Seligman. Center for Jewish History. Dec TAPE HERE

The Dairy Restaurant with Ben Katchor YIVO Institute for Jewish Research May 27 TAPE HERE

Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese Food. Andy Coe. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Dec 22 TAPE HERE

Chinese New Year Celebration: American Chinese Restaurants. Chinese food in Midwest, Jewish American connection, restaurants in South & Central America. By the authors of American Chinese Restaurants Society, Culture and Consumption. Chinese Historical Society of America Feb 13 HERE TAPE HERE

Fermenting and Foraging: Resourcefulness in the Historical and Contemporary Kitchen. Jane Ziegelman and featuring chefs Ari Miller and Jeremy Umansky. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Nov 18 TAPE HERE

Jewish food, Identity, and Social Justice. Peter Hoffman and Ben Kaplan. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. June 15 TAPE HERE

Jewish Merchants on the Ancient Silk Road. Author Eric Hanson; Vlady Cornateanu, Robert Duke. The Dunhuang Foundation. Mar 4 2021 ppt and videos 90 min TAPE HERE

Bringing Israel Home every Wed at 8 with past talks TAPE HERE

Cooking Sephardic Comfort Food. Susan Barocas. Sutlach (Rice Pudding), Baklava, and Garbaznos (Sephardic Chickpeas) Jewish Food Experience. Sephardic Brotherhood. May 3 TAPE HERE

Hamentashen Class cookies for Purim. [Purim Feb 25-26] Debbie Lewis. The Breman Museum. Tradition Kitchens Feb 15 HERE TAPE HERE

New York Style Bagels with Aaron. Tradition Kitchens Feb 3 TAPE HERE

Biscochos and Sephardic Culture Class with Sarah Aroeste. Tradition Kitchens Jul 27 TAPE HERE

The Last Ghetto: An Everyday History of Theresienstadt Apr 2020 TAPE HERE

1,000 Jewish Cookbooks: Gems from a Personal Collection. Dr. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett.50 years of collectins, her favorites, Yiddish cookbooks. Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies. University of Texas at Austin. Feb 28 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Matzoh Brie (Tradition Passover Breakfast). Cuisines of Different Cultures series. Atlantic Institute SC Mar 20 2021 TAPE may be HERE

Sephardic Culinary History. Episode 8 Mexican Crypto-Jewish Pesach recipe. Dr. Hélène Jawhara Piñer author of Sephardi: Cooking the History. Recipes of the Jews of Spain and the Diaspora, from the 13th Century Onwards. Center for Jewish History, and American Sephardi Federation Mar 21 2021HERE TAPE HERE

Persian Passover Sweets & Tea. “three essential Persian Passover sweets [loz’e nargil (coconut diamonds), badam sookteh (burnt caramel almonds), and toot (marzipan mulberries)] and a demo of using the vaunted double-boiler method for making a perfect glass of Persian tea.” Tannaz Sassooni, Iranian-Jewish cookbook writer. The Community Kitchen Mar 21 2021 TAPE HERE

What’s cooking for Passover – the Cream Puff challenge! Sarah Lohman. Then Melanie Meyers talks about some Passover cookbooks to show changes in holiday food trends. American Jewish Historical Society. Mar 24 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

A tasty experience: Mapping the multisensory dimensions of the Passover Seder. Julia Biggs. Book by email: Food History Seminar. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK Apr 1 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Gourmet Ghettos: Modern [Jewish] Food Rituals. Exhibits over the past decade. “150 objects from around the world, including cookware, tableware, kitchen textiles, books, manuscripts, paintings, and drawings. The exhibition examined Jewish food rituals.” Francesco Spagnolo, Shir Kochavi curators at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life Apr 16 2021 TAPE HERE


Seder image from from the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia HERE

Calendar of food history talks HERE

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