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Calendar of virtual food history talks, cook-alongs, demos

There have been over 2,800 virtual food history talks, demos and tours by museums, historical associations, small businesses, groups, and others. About a fourth of the talks are taped  and will continue to be freely available in the posts by topic/subject. If you know of any other talks, please use the "contact form" at right.

Archive 2020 list of all past talks - taped & untaped HERE
Archive 2021 list of all past talks Jan-Feb HERE /t/ March HERE /t/ April HERE /t/ May HERE /t/ June HERE /t/ July & Au HERE /t/ Sept & Oct HERE /Nov HERE

Topics lists of past TAPED talks in separate posts: African American /// Alcohol, Prohibition ///Barns, farms /// Bread, flour, salt, horno /// British // Chinese /// Chocolate /// Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Dining out // Fish /// Food aid /// Gardens, Farms /// German / Halloween / Hearth cooking, ovens /// Holiday Christmas /// Holiday Easter Eggs /// Holidays Nv // Ice Harvesting /// Indigenous /// Irish /// Italian /// Jewish // Korean // Maple Sugar // Medical /// Medieval foods, gardens // Mexican // Rationing // Scotland // Tea // Women authors

NOVEMBER EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
180 / 136 start of month

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them. Double check times.

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Nov 26 Fri 7AM Not just a pretty picture - a vital lifeline for many. Peat bogs. Peatland Restoration, Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Jenny Bennion. Vertue £12.50 HERE

Nov 26 Fri 12 Turkey, Tour and Thanksgiving at Alden House. John and Priscilla Alden Kindred of America $8 HERE

Nv 27 Sat 11 Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). “how Indigenous culture, community, food and the environment all work together.” Dr. Adrianne Xavier. McMaster Children and Youth University (MCYU) HERE

Nov 27 Sat 1 Milan and Food Traditions: A Culinary Love Story. Laura Benitti. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Nov 28 Sun 1:30-3 Passport to Chanukah! Around the World, Bite by Bite. Yaffi Lvova. Qesher - Discover, Learn, Connect $18 HERE

Nv 28 Sun 1:30 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. Immersive Experience. “Agriculture, food and drinks, arts, music and dancing, and religious offerings.” World Virtual Tours $9.99 HERE

Nv 29 Mon 12 Making Christmas Puddings. Sara Ward, Hen Corner £30.00 HERE

Nov 29 Mon 5:30-7 The Chocolate King: Life & Legacy of Milton S. Hershey. Tesa Burns, Archivist for Hershey Community Archives. New York Adventure Club $10 1 week tape HERE

Nov 30 Tue 1:30 Wagashi: Confectionery from Kyoto and Beyond. History, regional differences, more. Morisaki Mihoko, Dr Christopher Hood. Embassy of Japan in the UK HERE

Nov 30 Tue 6 Ancient Pottery for Beginners: Why Archaeologists Study Ceramics. James Osborne. The Oriental Institute HERE

Nv 30 Tue 7 Endangered Food! “one in five plant species is in danger of extinction, putting food sources and medications in jeopardy.” The Newark Museum of Art HERE

Nov 30 Tue 7 Tempest in a Tea Pot: The Boston Tea Party. Dr. Richard Bell. Howard County Library System. MD HERE

Nv 30 Tue 7-9 The Occaneechi in the Colonial Era: the long 17th century. “how the tribe traded, lived, and interacted with one another in the colonial era in” NC. Lawrence Dunmore. The Alliance for Historic Hillsborough HERE

Nov 30 Tue 8:30-10 But is it RUM? Cane Spirits of Alternate Traditions. “sugarcane spirits with different traditions… cachaca, arrack and aguardiente.” Matt Pietrek. Museum of Distilled Spirits $25 HERE

DECEMBER EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
/ 125 start of month

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them. Double check times.

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***





Dec 1 Wed 2:30-4 Christmas food and drink through the ages. In the UK. Sylvia Levi, Simon Fowler. Bolton Family History Society £3 HERE

Dec 1 Wed 2:30-3:45 The Management Lifecycle of a Hedge. Nigel Adams. Wild Oxfordshire HERE

Dec 1 Wed 6 Why We Cook: Women in the Kitchen. “share your experiences in the kitchen, your family traditions, heritage recipes…” Lindsay Gardner author of Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection. one hundred women restaurateurs, activists, food writers, home cooks, and professional chefs. Culinary Literacy Center. Free Library of Philadelphia HERE

Dec 1 Wed 6 Why Food Matters. Paul Freedman. The Athenaeum of Philadelphia. $5 HERE

Dec 1 Wed 6-7:15 All About Sumac. Christine Sahadi Whelan. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School. $24.95 HERE

Dec 1 Wed 7 Bene Appetit: The Culinary Traditions of the Bene Indian Jews. Esther David (author), Joan Nathan. MOFAD $10 HERE

Dec 1 Wed 7 Poor houses and town farms: the Hard Row. Stephen Taylor. Lee Historical Society NH HERE.

Dec 1 Wed 7 Weird Christmas: A Journey into the Dark Heart of the Holiday Season. Matt Lake, author of Weird Pennsylvania. Chester County History Center HERE

Dec 1 Wed 7 Jewish Cuisine: What Makes Traditional Foods Jewish? Jennifer Abadi. Context $36.50 HERE

De 1 Wed 7:30 Broasted Chicken, A Wisconsin Original. “Broaster is a trademarked brand… The combination deep fryer and pressure cooker is a Wisconsin invention that took flight at supper clubs, taverns, and restaurants across the state.” Daniel Higgins. CHEW Culinary Historians of Wisconsin HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 1 Wed 7:30-9 Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol. Mallory O'Meara author. Bourbon Women $25 HERE

De 1 Wed 8-9:30 Israeli Cultural Evening and Chanukah/Holiday Celebration. History of Chanukah, Israeli dishes, wine and more. HERE

Dec 1 Wed 9-10:30pm Hanukkah Latke Making & Music Party. Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed. $25 HERE

Dec 2 Thu 12:30 Jewish Women & American Hanukkah. “evolution of Hanukkah, including a live cooking demo” Aurora Clare. American Jewish Historical Society HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 2 Thu 2-3:30 The Roman Origins of Our Christmas and its Customs. Mark Lewis, from the National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon. Living Levels partnership HERE

Dec 2 Thur 5 Potato Latkes and German Apple Fritters for Hanukkah. Cooking class and history. Jennifer Abadi. Context $36.00 HERE

De 2 Thu 6-7:15 Real Balsamic Vinegar. “differences between modern balsamic and traditional aceto balsamico.” Viola Buitoni and Mariangela Montanar. Milk Street Live. $24.95 HERE

Dec 2 Thur 6:30 Life Downstairs: British Servant Culture in Fact, Fiction, and Film. Ann McClellan. NH Humanities. Hampton Falls Free Library NH HERE Dec 8


Dec 2 Thu 10 Holiday Foods and Your Family History. “cover some of the stories behind holiday foods and how you can document your family's food history.” The Qualicum Beach Family History Society. Gena Philibert-Ortega. British Columbia CA$10 HERE

Dec 3 Fri 8:30-4:30 Animals and Humans in the Medieval and Renaissance Worlds: A Symposium. Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Ohio State University. Hybrid HERE

Dec 3 Fri 9 AM At Christmas We Feast: The history of the Christmas dinner. Annie Gray. National Archives UK HERE

De 3 Fri 12 Indigenous Knowledge Keepers Series. “Traditional Breads- Baganaak; Bannock; Labrador Tea; Food and Language (residential schools); Food and Seven Generations” Audrey Rochette. George Brown College. Toronto, Canada HERE

Dec 3 Fri 5 Turkish Coffee Happy Hour. History, how to brew. Yunus Emre Institute.HERE register after Nov 29

Dec 4-5 Past to Apron symposium of 8 speakers. $25-30 tape for weekend HERE

Dec 4 Sat 10:30-11:15 Stewed Lettuce and Peas. History in the Kitchen. 3 sessions “spotlights a dish eaten by one of the following groups: the Mason family, people enslaved at Gunston Hall, and the white laborers, shopkeepers, and tenant farmers of Virginia.” For ages 10-18. Gunston Hall VA HERE

Dec 5 Sun 10-12AM Historic Mince Pie Cookery Course. Paul Couchman £25 HERE

Dec 5 Sun 1 Hanukkah and the Jelly Doughnut. Maite Gomez-Rejón. Skirball Cultural Center $10 HERE

De 5 Sun 1 Hearthwarming: Canadian Winter Holiday Traditions. Topics include: fruitcake; Hanukkah; Vancouver holiday. Interview 6 Canadians. John Ota, author The Kitchen: A Journey Through Time … in Search of the Perfect Design. Culinary Historians of Canada. 2 sessions $17.50ea; $30 both HERE pt 2 De 12

Dec 5 Sun 1 From Parmigiano to Prosciutto: A Culinary Saunter Through Emilia Romagna. Silvia Giogoli Context $36.50 HERE

Dec 5 Sun 3:30 Hanukkah: Sufganiyot. “cook up a dish from Hanukkah, discuss the holiday” age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Dec 5 Sun 4 Prohibition and Repeal. “December 5 marks the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. … speakeasies, gangsters and how Prohibition helped spread American cocktails across the globe.” Tammy’s Tasting $19 HERE

De 6 Mon 1:30-4 Celebrating Uyghur Culture and Jewish Friendship. “two traditional Uyghur dishes: Traditional Uyghur Leghmen noodles, Uyghur Sangza (deep fried dough twists). Mukadas Yadikar and Denise Philips. René Cassin HERE

Dec 6 Mon 3 London's Food Factories. Rob Smith. Footprints of London. £6.00 HERE

Dec 6 Mon 7:30 Midcentury Christmas: Fads and Fun from 1945 to 1970. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Bloomingdale Public Library IL HERE

Dec 6 Mon 6:30-8 Wine and Truth Go Hand in Hand: the ancient Greek symposium and its material culture. Kathleen Lynch. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE

Dec 6 Mon 10pm Jews, Schmaltz, and Crisco: Authority and Authenticity in the Age of Industrial Food. Session 2 of Food Fights: Authority and Authenticity in American Jewish Food. Rachel Gross. HERE

Dec 7 Tue 9AM Christmas in the City of London. Jill Finch. The Friends of the City Churches. Donation HERE

Dec 7 Tue 9AM Anyone for the pub?. History “…how London’s inns, taverns and public houses met and reflected the ever-present needs of Londoners for shelter, sustenance and escape.” London Metropolitan Archives £5 HERE. doc viewing Dec 10

Dec 7 Thu 12 Accounting For Labor In Colonial Connecticut. 17th 18th “wives and children, as well as indentured, hired, and enslaved laborers.” Dr. Caylin Carbonell. Connecticut Historical Society HERE

Dec 7 Tue 12:15-1:45 Christmas at Sea: 400 Years of the Festive Season Afloat. Richard Blakemore, Maya Wassell-Smit, Ellen Gill, Brian Lavery. Institute of Historical Research (IHR) U of London HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 7 Tue 1:45-3:30 A History of Christmas. Prof Ron Hutton, medieval historian. Richard III Society Gloucester Branch £3 HERE

Dec 7 Tue 6 Koekje, Cooky, or Cookie? A History of American Christmas Cookies. Sarah Wassberg Johnson. Hackley Library HERE

Dec 7 Tue 7 Gilded Age Cocktails: History, Lore, and Recipes from America's Golden Age, author Cecelia Tichi. Chester County History Center. tape for 7 days. donation HERE

Dec 7 Tue 7 Chocolate and Soul Food, from Colonial Virginia to Contemporary Kitchens. Cheyney McKnight, Nicole Moore, Ramin Ganeshram, Kelley Fanto Deetz. Stratfod Hall. VA HERE

Dec 7 Tue 8 Around The World in 80 Pies Experience Series: Cool Britannia. Capri Cafaro and British food historian Emma Kay. ChefsFeed by Tastemade $20 HERE

Dec 8 Wed 1 Bread, Milk, Fish and Gold : Cheapside's Great Market. Richard Watkins. Footprints of London £6.00 HERE

De 8 Wed 1:30 Sherry - the finest wine. Ben Howkins. Académie du Vin Library. £10 HERE

De 8 Wed 1:30 English Pastoral. “farm that was passed down to James, and of the things that were lost – wild things, community, age-old rhythms of work… doing his best to restore the life that had vanished” James Rebanks. 5x15 £0 – £16.76 HERE

De 8 Wed 2-3:30 Traditional Christmas: How our British traditions of the Christmas season came about. Bob Massey. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

Dec 8 Wed 2-3:30 Er... what's in that hedge?! “foraging for food in hedgerows.” Adele Nozedar. Shropshire Hedgerow Project monthly talks. CPRE Shropshire HERE

De 8 Wed 2:30-4 Smuggling before, after and during the Napoleonic Wars. Waterloo Association £5 HERE

Dec 8 Wed 6-8 Anatomy Eats is where the culinary arts meet the medical arts. heart, bone marrow, and the liver. Chef Ari Miller and Dr. Jonathan Reisman. Culinary Literacy Center. Free Library of Philadelphia $25 hybrid HERE

Dec 8 Wed 8 Slicing into Chicago's Pizza History. Steve Dolinsky. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE

De 8 Wed 8 Christmas in Oaxaca - A Virtual Tour of Mexican Christmas Traditions. “uniquely Oaxacan celebration: the Night of the Radishes.” Suzanne Barbezat. Discover Oaxaca Tours. $20 HERE

Dec 9 Thu 9AM Smithfield. How “ ’smooth field’ where horses were sold and tournaments took place became London’s biggest meat market.” Pete Smith. Guildhall Library. London HERE

Dec 9 Thur 12 John Chochrane. A late 18th century British miller who owned four flour mills in India. His work, A Seaman's Guide (1797) is the focus of the talk. William Rubel. Bread History facebook page. HERE Registration will be on Eventbrite

Dec 9 Thur 12 Washington at the Plow. Bruce A. Ragsdale. Virginia Museum of History & Culture HERE

De 9 Thu 12:30 What can the recipes of the past tell us about the society they came from? Rebecca Earle. The Garden HERE

Dec 9 Thur 12:30-2 Industrial Food in the Wilderness: Dining and Democracy in US National Parks. Kathleen LeBesco. Institute of Historical Research (IHR) U of London HERE TAPE may be HERE

De 9 Thu 1 Kitchen Table Conversation: We need to talk about... Street Food! Gamze Ineceli, Scott Barton, Ansel Mullins and Sarah Khan. Oxford Food Symposium £15 HERE

Dec 9 Thu 2-2:45 Christmas and New Year Traditions Wales. “the museum’s archive and collections… seasonal delicacies, carols, decorations and of course, the famous Mari Lwyd… Plygain singing, to collecting calennig or New Year's Gifts.” National Museum Wales £1.26 – £5.58 HERE

Dec 9 Thu 2 Mistletoe, Wrens and Mumming: British Christmas folklore and traditions. Kirsty Hartsiotis £5 HERE

Dec 9 Thu 5:30 A Dickens' Christmas Feast: Culinary Traditions of 1800s Britain. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for 1 week HERE

Dec 9 Thu 6 The Birth of Southern Cooking: Food, Politics, and Mary Randolph. Dr. Christopher E. Hendricks. Wilton House Museum HERE

Dec 9 Sat 6:45-8 Treasures of the Mexican Table. Pati Jinich. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

De 9 Thu 7 Celebrating a Victorian Christmas with Körner’s Folly. NC “seasonal food and drinks from the family cookbook” and decorations for the Körner family’s c1880 home. Suzanna Ritz. N. C Museum of History HERE

Dec 9 Sat 7-8:30 Dashing Through the Snow, the real history of Christmas in New England. “the historical actuality of the celebration of Christmas – or lack thereof – is an interesting tale and one that blends the heritage and spirit of many cultures and many lands.” Dennis D. Picard. Great Barrington Libraries HERE

Dec 9 Thur 8 When Cooking Was a Crime: Masak in the Singapore Prisons, 1970-1980’s. illegal cooking in the cells. author Sheere Ng. MOFAD $10 HERE

Dec 10 Fri 5:15-9:45 AM Sutton Hoo and the Old English Yuletide Feast. 3 talks: Old English calendar, mead-hall, Old Eng Yuletide Feast. “Excavations of rich barrow-burials like Sutton Hoo, which have revealed such fine drinking vessels and other feasting accoutrements” Dr Sam Newton FSA. Wuffing Education £30 HERE

Dec 10 Fri 11 Christmas Traditions and Food in Devon. “Vegetarian Christmas menu from the Dartmoor Hotel, Belstone, 1908… recipes from “Mrs Beeton, Mrs Martineau, Mrs Hallett, and the cookery book from Queen Mary's Dolls' House, 1924.” Dr Paul Cleave. Crediton Library HERE

Dec 10 Fri 12:30-2 Jewish Traders and the 17th century Dutch Atlantic World. Deborah Hamer. Institute of Historical Research (IHR) U of London HERE TAPE may be HERE
Dec 10 Fri 2:30 A Royal Christmas with Siobhan Clarke, Lecturer for Historic Royal Palaces. Hampshire County Federation of Womens Institutes £5 HERE

Dec 10 Fri 7 & 8:30 Spice Cabinet. “key ingredients in bitters, liqueurs, infused syrups and other cocktail ingredients. This class will explore their uses in a variety of cocktails.” Tammy’s Tasting $19 HERE

Dec 11 Sat 10:30-11:15 Transparent Pudding. History in the Kitchen. 3 sessions “spotlights a dish eaten by one of the following groups: the Mason family, people enslaved at Gunston Hall, and the white laborers, shopkeepers, and tenant farmers of Virginia.” For ages 10-18. Gunston Hall VA HERE

Dec 11 Sat 1:30 The Appalachian Tradition and Culture of Salt Rising Bread. Genevieve Bardwell. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Dec 11 Sat 4-6 Recipes for the Holidays, artist Eva Scott Fenyes. “Amy Breyer recreates handwritten recipes from Eva Scott Fenyes’ kitchen.” Gingerbread, Cheese Straws, Lemon Pie. Fenyes 1849-1930 watercolors, sketchbooks in Pasadena Museum of History CA $20 HERE

Dec 12 Sun 1 Hearthwarming: Canadian Winter Holiday Traditions. Topics include: lefse, rosettes, and lutefisk… Norwegian-Albertan holiday; Gingerbread … and meat pies, not tourtières Acadians; Christmas foods of Icelandic emigrants. Interview 6 Canadians. John Ota, author The Kitchen: A Journey Through Time … in Search of the Perfect Design. Culinary Historians of Canada. 2 sessions $17.50ea; $30 both HERE pt1 De 5

Dec 12 Sun 2 Yoghurt, A Global History. author June Hersh. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE

De 12 Sun 2-3:30 A Dive Into Barrel Aged Gins. Natasha Bahrami. Museum of Distilled Spirits $25 HERE

De 12 Sun 2-4 Traditional European Holiday Baking. Stollen, Lebkuchen, Platzchen. Germany, Austria and the surrounding areas. Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen – Brotbakery. VT $40 HERE

De 12 Sun 3 Christmas Cookie Class in Tuscany. Cinzia. NextStopItaly tips HERE

Dec 13 Mon 12-1:15 Tiepolo and Cicchetti: Exploring Venice Through Art and Food. Elaine Trigiani. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

??Dec 13 Mon 6 All About Chocolate. Maite Gomez Rejón. La Plaza de Cultura y Artes HERE

De 13 Mon 8pm Profiteroles: The Classic French Dessert Made Easy. Caprial Pence. RevelEleven HERE TAPE may be HERE

De 13 Mon 10pm Shabbat Candlestick Salad: The Serious Business of Jewish Food and Fun in the 1950s. Session 3 of Food Fights: Authority and Authenticity in American Jewish. Rachel Gross. HERE

Dec 14 Tue 10:30 The Customs and Etiquette of British Christmas. Steven Moore. The English Manner £13.52 HERE

Dec 14 Tue 5:30-7 Intro to German Holiday Baking. “history, traditions, and recipes around holiday baking…” City Market Classes & Events HERE

Dec 14 Tue 6:30 Tavern Tastings: Tea. Keeler Tavern Museum HERE

Dec 14 Tue 7 The Spirit of Christmas Past: Four Centuries of Christmas in America. Ken Turino. Morris-Jumel Mansion HERE

Dec 14 Wed 8 Victoriana: Christmas Traditions. Mandy Crypt. Effing Chicago HERE live on their Facebook page, tape available for a while HERE

De 15-16 W-Th 4AM-11 Odeuropa Workshop: Malodours as Cultural Heritage? “unpleasant or foul odours [like rotting food]… Heritage and museum initiatives tend to shy away from malodours…” Odeuropa. 28 speakers and info HERE

Dec 15 Wed 11 A Victorian Christmas. Francesca Herrick. Context travel $36.50 HERE

De 15 Wed 11 AM Salt production and trade in Medieval Ethiopia. Helina S. Woldekiros. CfIA - IAIS [Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies] - University of Exeter HERE

De 15 Wed 1-1:45 Feeding the Laird and the Clansmen in 18th century Braemar, Scotland. Braemar Community Ltd for the restoration of Braemar Castle. £5.98 HERE

Dec 15 Wed 6:30 Virtual Tenement Kitchens: Holiday Edition. “Through different families and time periods, you’ll see how food was prepared in tenement kitchens, where people shopped, how women made decisions about what to cook, and what they cooked around the winter holiday season!” Tenement Museum NYC $10 HERE also De 22

Dec 15 Wed 6:30-7:45 Italy’s Holiday Traditions. Francine Segan. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Dec 15 Wed 7 An Andalusian cookbook. Nawal Nasrallah author of Best of Delectable Foods and Dishes from Al-Andalus and Al-Maghrib: a Cookbook by Thirteenth-Century Andalusi Scholar Ibn Razin Al-Tujibi (1227-1293). Culinary Historians of Boston HERE

Dec 15 Wed 7 Christmas Among the Enslaved. Dr. Robert E. May. author of Yuletide in Dixie: Slavery, Christmas, and Southern Memory. Profs and Pints $12 HERE

Dec 16 Thur 12:30-2 “Home for Xmas?”: mobility, marketing and London’s railways at Christmas, 1900-1914. David Turner. Institute of Historical Research (IHR) U of London HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 16 Thu 2 Christmas festivities and family traditions. Mulled wine and chat . Glamorgan Family History Society, Wales HERE
Dec 16 Thur 2-3:30 A Wartime Christmas. at the homefront. Elsie Walton WWII memories. History Wardrobe £5.98 HERE

De 16 Thu 2-3:30 Recipes & Rituals - feasts for days of death and days of life. Seren Charrington-Hollins. Highgate Cemetery West £5 HERE

??Dec 16 Thu 2:30 Archaeology of Earthquakes. “How can we track its impacts after several hundred years? How did past societies react to tectonic hazards.” Dr. Chris Gerrard. Thornton-le-Street History Group HERE

Dec 16 Thu 5 Christmas Unfolds at Anselma Mill. “The Mill retains its original Colonial-Era power train, as well as multiple layers of industrial equipment ranging from the late 1700s to the mid 1900s.” Chester County Historic Preservation Network HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 16 Thu 5:15-6:30 Local Food Before Locavores: Growing Vegetables in the Boston Market Garden District, 1870-1930. Sally McMurry. Environmental History Seminar. Hybrid. The Massachusetts Historical Society HERE TAPE HERE

Dec 16 Thu 8 Cooking and learning from a manuscript cookbook, circa 1892 with Nicole Stocker of the Dunn Museum and Catherine Lambrecht. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE

De 16 Thu 9-10:30 Pagan Bay: San Francisco's Impact on American Tiki. Eric Jost. SF City Guides HERE

Dec 17 Fri 7 AM The Rich Miss Scott’s [Duchess of Portland] Christmas Special. “Duchess Henrietta's household accounts from 1813-1834.” Deriek Adlam. The Harley Gallery, Portland Collection museum UK HERE

Dec 17 Fri 3 German Christmas Traditions. Tom Mills. Context $36.50 HERE

Dec 18 Sat 11 A Very Italian Christmas. Laura Benitti. Context travel $36.50 HERE

De 18 Sat 3 The Thirteen Desserts & Mulled Wine. History and traditions of ‘The Thirteen Desserts’ for Christmas in the South of France. Anina Belle and Sébastien Giannini. The Alliance Française of Washington, D.C. $5 HERE

Dec 19 Sun 1-2:15 Baklava and Turkish Coffee. Özlem Warren. Milk Street Live Online 24.95 HERE

Dec 19 Sun 2:30-4:30 Christmas with Jane Austen. Regency. Virtual London walk. And Did Those Feet £10 HERE

Dec 19 7-10pm Fruit From the Sands: The Silk Road Origins of the Foods we eat. by Dr. Robert Spengler III. ("with all available videos from the catalog for this event, including live session recordings as available") Cultures.Group HERE

Dec 20 Tue 2:30-4 The History of Christmas. “aspects descend directly from very important and very ancient pagan festivals.” Ronald Hutton. The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society £5.82 – £11.04 HERE

Dec 20 Mon 6 Holidays at the White House. Sarah Morgan of Cooking with the First Ladies. National First Ladies' Library HERE

Dec 22 Wed 3 Christmas in Georgian London. “decking the room with rosemary, eating Christmas porridge, or dining on a buttock of beef.” Rob Smith. Footprints of London £6 HERE

Dec 22 Wed 5 The Christmas Feast: An Artist's Point of View. “food and feasting is depicted in paintings.“ Sarah Ciacci. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

De 22 Wed 6:30 Virtual Tenement Kitchens: Holiday Edition. “Through different families and time periods, you’ll see how food was prepared in tenement kitchens, where people shopped, how women made decisions about what to cook, and what they cooked around the winter holiday season!” Tenement Museum NYC $10 HERE also De 15

Dec 26 Sun 3:30 Kwanzaa: Jollof Rice. “cook up a dish from Kwanzaa, discuss the holiday” Age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Hogmanay blog post images, quotes HERE

Dec 29 Wed 1 Celebrating Scottish New Year: The History and Traditions of Hogmanay. Dr. Jenny Litster. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Dec 29 Wed 3 Cleopatra's Table: Feasting and Entertainments in Ancient Egypt. Francine Segan. Context Travel $36.50 HERE


Ice harvesting 1889 (click to enlarge)
During the past year I have written many posts highlighting subjects from the main calendar or related to the lockdown. Taped talks continue to be added to subject posts and eventually talks not taped will be deleted (except in Archives lists). Due to the ever increasing number of talks (over 200) each month, I have removed all the info and links from the end of this main post, perhaps make new post or add back when fewer talks.

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Flour barrels rolled down stairs to Civil War bake ovens in US Capitol 1862
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