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Calendar of virtual food history talks, cook-alongs, demos

There have been over 3,800 virtual food history talks, demos and tours by museums, historical associations, small businesses, groups, and others.

About a fourth of the talks are taped and will continue to be freely available in the posts by topic/subject. If you know of any other talks, please use the "contact form" to the right. ENJOY!

ARCHIVE 2020 list of all past talks - taped & untaped HERE
ARCHIVE 2021 list of all past talks Jan-Feb HERE /t/ March HERE /t/ April HERE /t/ May HERE /t/ June HERE /t/ July & Au HERE /t/ Sept & Oct HERE /Nov & Dec HERE
ARCHIVE 2022 list of all past talks - taped & untaped Jan HERE / Feb HERE / Mar HERE / Apr HERE / May HERE / June HERE /

Topics lists of past TAPED talks in separate posts: African American /// Alcohol, Prohibition /// Art / Barns, farms /// Bees / Bread, flour, salt, horno /// British // Chinese /// Chocolate /// Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Cows / Dining out /// Family Recipes // Fish /// Food aid /// Foraging // Gardens, Farms /// German /// Halloween / Hearth cooking, ovens /// Holiday Christmas /// Holiday Easter Eggs /// Holidays Nv // Ice Harvesting /// Home Ec / Indigenous /// Irish /// Italian /// Jewish // Korean /// Maple Sugar // Maryland / Medical /// Medieval foods, gardens // Mexican //Mills // Rationing // Scotland // Tea // Women authors

AUGUST EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
Many museums, groups, etc are taking a break

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them.

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

Aug 1 Mon 7 Seed Saving. Master Gardener Pauline Kehrli. Cornell Cooperative Extension. East Hampton Library HERE

Au 4 Thu 6 First We Eat: Food Sovereignty North of 60 (Film, viewable week before; discussion). Yukon “remote and northern regions of Canada. 66-day growing season, 40 below” HERE

Aug 7 Sun 1-2:15 Saffron: Sweet & Savory. Romy Gill. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School. $29.95 HERE

Au 8 Mon 7-8:30 The Secret History of Home Economics. author Danielle Dreilinger. Smithsonian Associates. $25 HERE

Au 9 Tue 1 What Does the Future Hold for Corn and Maize? Rowen White, Denisa Livingston, Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson. National Agricultural Library. 3 part series and tapes HERE

Au 9 Tue 4:30 Let’s Get “NOSH-talgic”: Connecting with Food Physically, Jewishly and Culturally. Rachel Packer. Moment. HERE

Aug 10 Wed 6:30-8 A Victorian Picnic! “an Upper Canadian .. traditional Victorian picnic …including Raspberry Pie and Soda Bread.” Museums of Mississauga HERE Jul 17 Jane Austen Picnic

Aug 11 Thu 7 Abenaki Cuisine Demo. Indigenous peoples of NE Maine & Quebec; Algonquian language. Chef Jessee Lawyer. Brattleboro Museum & Art Center VT by Brattleboro Museum & Art Cente HERE

Aug 11 Thu 7 Turning Water to Power: How Water Systems Work in Mills. “structures and devices needed to run a water-powered mill and dissect the “machine on the landscape” using examples from different mills.” Tony Shahan. Newlin Grist Mill HERE TAPE HERE

Au 11 Thu 7 Cooking Program: Fry Bread. Darryl Peasley. Hopkinton Historical Society HERE

Au 11 Thu 10pm Smoked Milk of Kenya. William Rubel. Bay Area Culinary Historians BACH HERE; Website HERE Abridged TAPE may be HERE

Aug 12 Fr 6:45-8 African-Jewish Cooking: A Cultural Crossroads. Michael W. Twitty. Smithsonian Associates $25 hybrid HERE

Aug 13 Sat 1:30 Antonin Carême: Mr. Nouvelle Cuisine of 1820. Charles Perry. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE Eventbrite HERE TAPE may be HERE

Aug 13 2:30-3:15 Edam Cheese Market. Netherlands since 1526. “Tradition… farmers bring 'Noordwester Edammer' to market by boat or horse-drawn cart. They then have their cheese 'laid down' by special cheese carriers who are also members of a special cheese bearers guild. The traders take a sample of the cheese using a special cheese drill…” Heygo HERE

Aug 14 Sun 1 Fritters & Spritzes: The Small Bites of Venice. Emiko Davies. Milk Street Live Online $29.95 HERE

Aug 15 Mon 9pm Chocolate Farm: From Cacao Tree to Yummy Treats. Heygo HERE

Aug 16 Tue 7-8:30 "Inn Civility" - Colonial Taverns and 18th Century America. Dr. Vaughn Scribner. Putnam History Museum $10 HERE

Aug 16 Tue 6:30 America’s Soda History. Francine Segan. AARP not have to be member HERE

Aug 18 Thu 7 Feeding Washington’s Army: Surviving the Valley Forge winter of 1778. Dr. Ricardo A. Herrera, author. The National Museum of the United States Army HERE

Au 20 Sat 2 Coffees from Around the World. Part of the Cuisine of Different Cultures collection. Atlantic Institute HERE

Aug 21 Sun 6:30 Spreckels' Sugar Empire “how Spreckels' influenced San Francisco in the early days and for decades later.” Bruce Bennett. SF City Guides. HERE

Au 31 Wed 5:45AM TOMATINA, Aka the Tomato-Throwing Festival in Buñol, Spain since 1945. Heygo HERE

JULY EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
51 start of month. tape

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them.

Many museums, etc are taking a break in July/August

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

Jul 1 Fri 9AM ‘The peasant food question’ agrarian reforms depeasantisation and food sovereignty in dispute colombia 1961-2013. presentation of thesis. Diana Valencia-Duarte. HERE

Jul 1 Fri 9AM 13 Foods That Shape Our World, author Alex Renton. Digital Museum HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jul 1 Fri 5 What to Eat in Ireland: A Culinary Saunter through Irish History. Francine Segan. Context travel conversations. Tape $26.50 HERE

Jul 5 Tue 3 London's East India Company Legacy. Rob Smith. Footprints of London £8 HERE

Jul 5 Tue 9:15pm Coffee, toast and some heritage. Singapore. Heygo HERE

Jul 6 Wed 11:30AM China through a glass of wine. “Chinese history, poetry and culture through the unfamiliar story of an ancient drinking culture.” Janet Wang. Online Confucius Institute at The Open University HERE

Jul 6 Wed 6:30-8 Feeding Washington's Army: Surviving the Valley Forge Winter of 1778. author Ricardo Herrara. Society of the Cincinnati HERE. Am Rev Institute. Jul 2022 TAPE HERE

Jul 7 Thu 12:30-2 Celebrity Chefs, Ice Cream Makers, and White Supremacy: Global Food and Cooking in London Homes, 1850-1914. Laura Humphreys. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE

Jul 7 Thu 2 Microworld: How microfossils unravel ancient natural histories. Anke Marsh. London Natural History Society HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 8 Fri 5 Cocktail-Making Class: Wimbledon's Iconic English Drinks. Diana Pittet. Context travel Conversations $26.50 tape HERE

Jul 9 Sat 1:30 Dickens’ Diet in Books and in Life. “how the Victorian diet changed during Dickens’ lifetime, and how it is presented in his books.” Richard Foss. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 11 Mon 7 Cooking Program: Abenaki Squash Soup. Liz Charlebois. Hopkinton Historical Society HERE

Jul 12 Tue 6 History of the Meatpacking District and Its Pioneers. “Meatpacking District’s considerable history, architectural landmarks and its industrial backbone.” 400 years NYC. Jacquelyn Ottman, author of Ottman and Company: Meatpacking District Pioneers. The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen. $10HERE CHAA - TAPE HERE

Jul 12 Tue 9pm Hiýáḿ Project - Stinging Nettle. “culturally important plant to Squamish and other Indigenous communities.” Skwalwen Botanicals x Satinflower Nurseries $11.62 HERE

Jul 13 Wed 1-2:30 Egyptian Cuisine. Alaa Zalat. MACFEST - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival. £5.98 HERE

Jul 14 Thu 10AM Bournville - Village built on Chocolate. “Cadbury chocolate factory but a healthy and pleasant place for their workers to live.” UK Heygo HERE

Jul 14 Thu 3 The Irish Potato Famine. Jennifer Carbery. Context travel Conversations $26.50 tape HERE

Jul 14 Thu 4 Whiskey and Wiretaps: The Northwest’s Rumrunning King. Steve Edmiston. Seattle Parks and Recreation - Lifelong Recreation HERE

Jul 14 Thu 7-8:30 Tales from the Archives: Michigan Beer: A Heady History. Patti Smith. Holland Museum HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 14 Thur 7 Wine in the White House. Frederick J. Ryan author Wine and the White House: A History. Culinary Historians of Washington DC (CHoW) HERE TAPE HERE

July 15-31 Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery. Portable Food: Food away from the table. [July 8-10 in person] £50 HERE

Jul 15 Fri 5 Cocktail-Making Class: Bourbon and Rye, America’s Native Spirits. Diana Pittet. Context travel Conversations $26.50 tape HERE

Jul 17 Sun 11-1 Jane Austen Picnic Experience. Paul Couchman. The Regency Cook £29 HERE Canadian Victorian picnic Au 10

Jul 17 Sun 3 London Windmills and Watermills. Rob Smith. Footprints of London £8 HERE

Jul 18 Mon 2 Maryland Cooking: Historic Cookbooks of the Old Line State. Julie Saylor. Enoch Pratt Free Library; and Keswick Wise & Well Resource Center. HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 18 Mon 6 Cooking with the First Ladies: Nancy Reagan. Sarah Morgan. National First Ladies' Library HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 18 Mon 7 The Importance of Bunker (Menhaden) to the Atlantic Fisheries. “‘munnawhatteaug” meaning “that which fertilizes” and the English name became “Menhaden.” Learn about this important fish, the history of its use, and its connection to Fire Island.” Fire Island National Seashore Ranger. East Hampton Library NY HERE TAPE HERE

July 18 Mon 8 Shanghai: Cultural Revolution Cookbook. Graham Earnshaw. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE

Jul 19 Tue 7:30AM A refreshing look at the history of Coffee and Tea in the City of London. “An illustrated history of tea & coffee houses in the City.” Jill Finch. Barbican Library - City of London Libraries. Hybrid HERE

Jul 19 Tue 6:30 America's Fair Foods. Francine Segen. AARP not have to be member. Started using Brandlive format HERE

Jul 20 Wed 12-1:30 The Spice Routes: Culture and Cuisine. Eleanor Ford author The Nutmeg Trail. Smithsonian Associates $30 HERE

Jul 20 Wed 1:30 Botany and Sustainability, crop wild relatives, genetic diversity and conservation. Dr Mark Spencer. The South London Botanical Institute £12 HERE

Jul 20 Wed 2 Discover the Eight Great Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine. “the history behind an emblematic signature dish from each style.” TanSuo Cultural Travel HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 20 Wed 6 Trading Freedom: How Trade with China Defined Early America. Dael Norwood. Massachusetts Historical Society. HERE or TAPE HERE

Jul 20 Wed 8 History of Sourdough. Eric Pallant author of Sourdough Culture: The History of Bread Making from Ancient to Modern Bakers. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 20 Wed 8:30 Flat Bread Basics from Around the World. “flatbreads: history, how to’s, cooking tips and recipes.” Basics Market HERE

Jul 21 Thu 7-8:30 Michigan Beer: A Heady History. author Patti Smith. Holland Museum HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 21 Thu 7-9 Alcohol in space. “How to make (and consume) alcohol on orbit or in deep space flight.” Mary Cull. Knowledge investments HERE

Jul 21 Thu 7:30-9 Exploring Maryland's Historic Cookbooks. Kara Harris. Greenbelt Museum HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 22 Fri 2:30 Arm Chair Travelers: Thai Food. Bristol Public Library HERE

Jul 23 Sat 12 How Coal Changed the Way We Live with author, British food historian and BBC TV presenter Ruth Goodman. HFSDV HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 26 Tue 12 A Taste for Maize: More than Popcorn & Corn on the Cob! Three chefs “recipe demonstrations and share their culinary knowledge.” National Agricultural Library. 3 part series and TAPES HERE

Jul 26 Tue 2:30-4 The Festival of Lammas. Loaf-mass. “British and Irish festival that brought in the opening of the autumn season, with the grain harvest, was known in Ireland as Lughnasadh, in Wales as Gwyl Aust, and in England as Lammas.” Ronald Hutton. The Viktor Wynd Museum. Tape for 2 weeks. £10.00 HERE

Jul 26 Tue 7 Threats on the Seas: Piracy and the Delaware [River] Valley. ie “News that Blackbeard lurked off the Atlantic coast even briefly shut down trade from Philadelphia at one point.” Tom Hayburn. Chester County History Center HERE

Jul 27 Wed 1 Rome From Ancient Aqueducts to Baroque Fountains. Dr. Dimo Kosmopoulos. Context travel Conversations $26.50 tape HERE

Jul 27 Wed 6:30 Life Downstairs: British Servant Culture in Fact, Fiction, and Film. Ann McClellan. Derry Public Library HERE TAPE HERE until Au 13

Jul 28 Thu 12-1:30 Live from Kenya! Chapati & Blacksmithing. “Indian chapati was transformed by Kenya into something different. It is a lightly laminated dough.” The last remaining traditional blacksmith in the region; process includes dragging a magnet thro dry riverbed sand for iron ‘black sand.' William Rubel $5-20 (all to blacksmith) HERE. TAPE to come later

Jul 28 Thu 6:30 A Taste of Old Colony History. “It's tea time! This month we're making strawberry jam, scones, and clotted cream” Old Colony History Museum HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 28 Thu 6:45-8:15 Good for the Land, Good for Us: How Farming Can Improve Human Health. David R. Montgomery, Anne Biklé authors of What your food ate. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE


July 15-31 Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery. Portable Food: Food away from the table. [July 8-10 in person] £50 HERE


Ice harvesting 1889 (click to enlarge)
During the past two years I have written many posts highlighting subjects from the main calendar or related to the lockdown. Taped talks continue to be added to subject posts and eventually talks not taped will be deleted (except in Archives lists). Due to the ever increasing number of talks (over 200) each month, I have removed all the info and links from the end of this main post, perhaps make new post or add back when fewer talks.

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Mustard seeds and vinegar makers in 1765 HERE
Oral history project on foodways during quarantine HERE
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Quarantine sign 1911 “Notice to Milkman! HERE
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Flour barrels rolled down stairs to Civil War bake ovens in US Capitol 1862
2020 HERE and 2021 HERE

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