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Calendar of virtual food history talks, cook-alongs, demos

There have been over 2,500 virtual food history talks, demos and tours by museums, historical associations, small businesses, groups, and others. About a fourth of the talks are taped  and will continue to be freely available in the posts by topic/subject. If you know of any other talks, please use the "contact form" at right.

Archive 2020 list of all past talks - taped & untaped HERE
Archive 2021 list of all past talks Jan-Feb HERE /t/ March HERE /t/ April HERE /t/ May HERE June HERE July & Au HERE

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them. Double check times.

Topics lists of past TAPED talks in seperate posts: African American // Barns /// Beverages, Alcohol /// Bread, flour, salt, horno /// British // Chinese /// Chocolate /// Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Dining out // Fish /// Food aid /// Gardens, Farms /// Hearth cooking, ovens /// Holiday Christmas /// Holiday Easter Eggs /// Holidays Nv,Dec // Ice Harvesting /// Indigenous // Irish /// Italian /// Jewish // Maple Sugar // Medical /// Medieval foods, gardens // Mexican // Rationing // Scotland // Tea and Prohibition

SEPTEMBER EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
190 /133 start of month

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Edible England- national festival and UK talks post HERE

Sept 1 Wed 12-12:45 Homegrown Foodways in West Virginia series: Kimchi Fermentation with Marlyn McClendon. Library of Congress. Info and TAPE HERE

Se 1 Wed 2&7 Representations of Health in the World of Jane Austen. “William Buchan’s Domestic Medicine, the most popular domestic health handbook 1769… health as shown in the social exchanges in the world of Jane Austen in her novel Emma and other novels” Julie Miller. History Indoors UK HERE. TAPE may be HERE

Se 1 Wed 6:45 Food Fight: America’s Changing Diet and Its Consequences. “changes in American cuisine since the end of WWII, highlighting key events that radically changed how and what Americans eat.” Allen Pietrobon. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Se 1 Wed 7-8:30 Mexico's History in 10 Dishes. Mexico's History in 10 Dishes by Discover Oaxaca Tours $20 HERE

Se 1 Wed 7:30 Broasted Chicken, A Wisconsin Original. “Broaster is a trademarked brand… The combination deep fryer and pressure cooker is a Wisconsin invention that took flight at supper clubs, taverns, and restaurants across the state.” Daniel Higgins. CHEW Culinary Historians of Wisconsin HERE Technical problems, rescheduled for Dec 1

Se 1 Wed 7:30 Japan - Vending Machine Culture. Global Immersions, Inc. $20 HERE

Se 2 Thu 9AM Maritime Blackwall - Spice Traders and Ship Builders. “The story of how voyages of trade, discovery and colonisation started from Blackwall, in London's Docklands” East India Company. Rob Smith. Footsteps of London £12.00 HERE

Se 2 Thu 10:15-2:15 Homes, Food and Farms Conference (Day 1). 2 talks: Writing the Garden: Women Gardeners and Print Culture in Britain, 1850-1900. Gender and Local Horticultural Shows in the Nineteenth Century. Women's History Network UK HERE

Se 2 Thu 1-2:30 Richard Spruce on the Rio Negro: Reanimating Biocultural Collections. “biocultural objects collected by nineteenth-century botanist Richard Spruce in Amazonia.” Linnean Society of London HERE TAPE HERE

Se 2 Thur 3 A Night In with Claudia Roden author of Med A Cookbook. How To Academy £8.58 HERE

Se 2 Thur 4:15-5:30 Classic and overlooked Philly dishes. "cheesesteak to the comforting tomato pie, Philly and PA are proud of our long-held food traditions. But what about the lesser-known histories of such classics as whoopie pies, banana splits, and, yes, scrapple?" Kae Lani Palmisano. Philadelphia Inquirer LIVE HERE POSTPONED DUE TO EFFECTS OF IDA STORM, TO SE 14

Se 2 Thur 5 Challah Bread— Learning to Braid the Best Jewish Brioche. “how did challah become synonymous with Jewish culture…traditional Sabbath bread...” Jennifer Abadi. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Se 3 Fri 5-11:45AM Homes, Food and Farms Conference (Day 2). Keynote Lecture: Women’s work in English agriculture and food processing 1500-1750. Panel 2: Food Preparation, Technology and Training. Panel 3: Farmers, Landowners and Labourers. Panel 4: Experiences, Hierarchies and Power Relations. Panel 5: Work, Politics and Professionalism in Post-war Britain Women's History Network UK HERE

Se 3 Fri 1:30 Food Culture and Historical Legacies. Role of women in the Women’s Land Army during World Wars I and II. Sarah Wassberg Johnson. Impact of ag production between rice vs wheat in China. Thomas Talhelm. 3 webinars. Wheat! An Exploration of Cultural Expression. USDA National Agricultural Library HERE. NAL TAPE may be HERE

Se 3 Fri 2-2:40 A History of Community Gardening in Aberdeen from 19th century. One Seed Forward HERE TAPE HERE

Se 4 Sat 5-11:45AM Homes, Food and Farms Conference (Day 3). Panel 6: Housewives, Class and Organisational Capacities. Panel 7: Identities, Biographies and Constructed Realities. Panel 8: Authority, Domesticity and Politics in National and InternationalContexts. Panel 9: Reform, Revolt and Resistance. Women's History Network UK HERE

Se 4 Sat 5AM London Street Markets. Jane Parker. Footsteps of London £6 HERE

Se 5 Sun 1:30-3 Rosh Hashanah Food Traditions Around the World. “Sephardic Jews of Morocco enjoy bright and vibrant flavors while their Ashkenazi cousins select more earthy ingredients with simple seasoning…” Yaffi Lvova. Qesher - Discover, Learn, Connect $18 HERE

Se 6 Mon 1-2:30 Learn How to make Australian Scones. “history of the scone, and how it evolved around the world. There are various different types of scones with different consistencies…” CA$15 HERE

Se 7 Tue 1 History of Chocolate - A Hands On Adventure. Day 3 France. 4 Confections. History. 4 Tuesdays. Kids 9+ Curious Minds Unite HERE

Se 7 Tue 1:30 Josiah Wedgwood and the Transformation of Britain. Dr. Tristram Hunt author The Radical Potter. “Wedgewood revolutionised the production of ceramics in Georgian Britain by marrying technology with design, manufacturing efficiency and retail flair… campaigned for free trade and religious toleration… created the ceramic 'Emancipation Badge'.” How To Academy £10.00 HERE Also Se 21

Se 7 Tue 2 Ancient Grain in Wales (Sgwrs: Grawn Hynafol) “Wheat and barley were first grown in Wales almost 6,000 years ago, and bread has been a staple food ever since… how they were grown, how they were prepared and how we are using them today.” Se 6-12 food festival. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. In English HERE TAPE HERE

Se 8 Wed 5:30-7 The Meatpacking District: A History of NYC's Meat Purveyors. “At its height, the neighborhood was home to around 250 meat purveyors” Jacquelyn Ottman, a fifth generation member of one of New York City’s pioneering family of butchers. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Se 8 Wed 6:30-8 Canadian Food: Taste of Home. “recipes from our historic kitchens and tales of food traditions that generations of settlers have brought to Canada.” Museums of Mississauga HERE

Se 9 Thu 11 AM Pasta ‘Fazool’ and the Congiuntivo. Dr. Erin McCarthy King, Dr. Rocky Ruggiero. Making Art and History Come to Life. $20 HERE

Se 9 Thu 2-4 Virtual Iron Mine Tour. Lyle Hill mine 1880s. About 2,400 abandoned mines. County Antrim, Ireland. Geological Survey of Northern Ireland HERE

Se 9 Thu 6-7:30 History of Cultivation in Kentucky. “Behind-the-scenes virtual tour of Kentucky Historical Society artifacts related to farming and land cultivation.” Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. $25 HERE

Se 9 Thu 6 Summer Vegetable Series: Okra. “history, cultivation, uses, and preservation…” UGA Extension Fulton County GA HERE

Se 9 Thur 7 The Role Jewish Holiday Food Plays in Jewish Family Traditions. Leah Koenig author of The Jewish Cookbook. Yiddish Book Center HERE TAPE HERE

Se 9 Thu 8-9:30 Dining with Jane Austen: Food in Georgian and Regency England. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Se 9 Thu 9 Lekach, a honey-sweetened cake made by Jews, especially for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah… The earliest known record in a Jewish source of a cake called lekach, from the Middle High German lecke, 'to lick', was in about 1200 …“ Multicultural Cooking Class. Waverley Library. Australia HERE

Se 10-19 Edible England. Heritage Open Days national festival search HERE and general information HERE

Edible England - national festival and UK talks 2021 list of talks on separate blog postHERE

Se 10-19 Feasting Histories Hunt, Cambridge phone tour or pdf. “From collegial dinners in medieval halls, to Queen Victoria's Coronation Feast in a park.” Open Cambridge. Edible England. CANCELLED HERE

Se 10->19 The History of Indian Restaurants in Cambridge. Open Cambridge UK Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE 10 min. may end Sun 19th

Se 10-19 Edible East Anglia on Film. East Anglian Film Archive. Edible England. HERE TAPES HERE. many topics: whelks, smallest pub, Cromer crabs, Colman's Mustard, Fens, more.

Se 10 Fri 4 AM Friars' tuck. medieval monks' diets. Jane Abramson of Kirkstall Abbey. Leeds Civic Trust UK HERE TAPE HERE

Se 10 Fri 6 AM Eating outside the home off the ration. “Municipal 'British Restaurants' in WW2 and beyond.” 17 in Portsmouth. Deborah Sugg Ryan. The D-Day Story, Portsmouth UK. Edible England. HERE

Se 10 Fri 12 Virginia's Brewed Past. “Virginia’s beer history through recipes, advertisements, photographs of local watering holes, and other beer-related artifacts.” Paige Newman. Virginia Museum of History & Culture Youtube or Facebook stream HERE TAPE may be HERE

Se 10 Fri 12-1:30 Feeding Baltimore: Public Markets, Arabbers, and Urban Farms. Christine Rai. Smithsonian Associates. $30 HERE

Sep 10 Fri 2 Taking A Look In Liskeard's Larders in Times Gone By. Food and drink “from the Stone Age to the 1970s paintings, photos, shop receipts and dinner menus.” Brian Oldham. Liskeard Unlocked. Edible England HERE

Se 10 Fri 2 Foods of the World, Wales (Sgwrs: Bwydydd y Byd). “different foods and cultures have come together to revolutionise what we eat here in Wales. We’ll also hear how some of our regular street food traders have put a Welsh twist on traditional dishes from across the world…” Se 6-12 food festival. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales HERE

Se 10 Fri 2:30 Sweet Tooth: An Edible History of Art. “16th-century sugar sculpture and venturing all the way up to 3D dessert printing … the origins of dessert, sugar as an artistic medium, the bittersweet histories of sugar, edible architecture, Renaissance banqueting houses, the spectacle of sugar and the future of food.” Tasha Marks. Dorking, UK Edible England. HERE no tape

Se 10 Fri 6-7:30 The Coffee Culture in Italy. “Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato … complexities, histories, & modern day coffee culture” Dr. Silvia Giovanardi Byer. Filitalia International $15 HERE

Se 11 Sat when tape is available. The Cook, the PM, his wife and their foodways. Dr Annie Gray author of Victory in the Kitchen: the life of Churchill’s Cook. Edible England. HERE

Se 11 -> Edible England Exhibition, Hampshire “history behind some of our local fare and take a look at certain food brands… produce from coast to forest, rivers to valleys and heath to weald. Sheep, pigs, honey, strawberries, trout, hops, wheat, watercress and vines.” Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 11 Sat 6-11AM Edible England at Manor Farm. (Local Historian – Eileen Bowlt), 12noon (Beekeeping), 1pm (Contemporary Food – Alina Apostu) and 2pm (Historical Food). Greater London. Edible England. HERE

Se 11 Sat 7-8:30 AM A Taste of History. culinary collections of Cheshire Archives. Leo Burtin. Cheshire Archives & Local Studies HERE Eat the Archives website HERE

Se 11 Sat 9-10:30AM A History of the Co-operative Movement ... Rochdale Pioneers to the present. The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers, founded in 1844, Stores. Sophie McCulloch, Archivist, Co-operative Heritage Trust. Oldham and District Branch UK HERE Archives Hub. Scanned items and cross-search of descriptions of archives held across the UK HERE

Se 11 Sat 9-10:30 AM Tomatoes – In Search of the Perfect Tomato. “history of the tomato, what tomato varieties are best adapted to the Central Florida climate.” UF/IFAS Extension Orange County FL $5 HERE

Se 11 Sat 11-11:40 AM A short history of English Puddings. “Hear about the first Roman puddings, learn about the importance of the pudding cloth, discover the strange pudding names and watch a live demonstration of a pudding been made” in an 1830s London kitchen. Paul Couchman. The Regency Town House UK HERE OTHER TAPES HERE

Se 11 Sat 1:30 Community Cookbooks: Overlooked Gems on Library Shelves by Barbara Haber. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE *Email for zoom numbers, if Eventbrite not send before*

Se 11 Sat 4:30-6 Traditional Ethiopian - Online Cooking Class with Chef Mekdes. Bebe's Kitchen $12 HERE

Se 12 Sun 12-1:15 Sephardic Delicacies of Medieval Spain. Spanish Sweet & Savory. “dishes from the Sephardic tradition dating back to medieval days.” Dr. Hélène Jawhara Piñer. Milk Street Live Online $24.95 HERE

Se 12 Sun 2 The Making of James Beard, an American Legend. John Birdsall. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE TAPE HERE

Se 12 Sun 2 Hannah Glasse – Our Forgotten Hexham Heroine. “three short films each inspired by one of a collection of Hannah’s letters to her aunt held by Northumberland Archives within the Allgood family collection.” [Glasse 1708-1770, illegitimate child of landowner Isaac Allgood, wrote The Art of Cookery Made Plain & Easy in 1747] Northumberland Archives HERE. Three ~15 min films with Glasse (actress) talks about many topics from letters while making the recipe. Well done. filmed at Blackfriars priary/ restaurant in Newcastle, then Wallington Hall (2d film) TAPES Intro, pickle. Plague recipe HERE Mushroom catsup. Rebels HERE Currey. India HERE. A Letter from Hannah Glasse to her aunt Mrs Widdrington with a recipe against the Plague HERE Archives Learn HERE

Hannah Glasse facebook page. Northumberland Archives UK HERE

Se 12 Sun 2 Ashkenazi High Holiday Foods. “Alpern and Yoskowitz will bring honik-lekekh (honey cake) and tsimes.” Liz Alpern, Jeffrey Yoskowitz. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research HERE

Se 12 Sun 7:30 Khoreshte Beh (Persian Stew) “traditionally enjoyed before fasting on Yom Kippur.” Tannaz Sassooni. The Nosher HERE

Se 12 Sun 8:30-10pm 1850s San Francisco: Paris of the Pacific. “French origins from City Planning, SF Infrastructure, Retail Industry and Restaurants.” Bruce Bennett. SF City Guides HERE

Se 13 Mon 8 AM Supper from the Sound Archives. Norfolk Record Office HERE TAPE may be HERE

Se 13 Mon 8:30 AM Cooking for a Medieval Royal Table. “‘Sambocade’ – an elderflower-flavoured curd tart from the book The Forme of Cury” Norwich. Edible England. HERE

Se 13 Mon 9AM Place Names as Edible Encyclopaedia. “Place names imprinted a shared encyclopaedic knowledge on the landscape: where to find plants and animals; where to hunt and where to avoid.” Dr Eric Lacey. Winchester Heritage Open Days HERE TAPE may be HERE

Se 13 Mon 9 Discover Mexican food: its flavors, rituals and protagonists. Descubre la comida mexicana: sus sabores, rituals y protagonistas. Google Arts & Culture 35 min. Eng & Spanish with subtitles TAPE HERE

Se 13-14 M/T 9AM-> Food and Drink as a Curse. The 3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference. Technological University Dublin HERE

Se 13-27 Mon 1-2:30 Introduction to Commercial Gardening. Se 13: Overview and the world of commercial gardening before the Restoration; Se 20: The emergence of specialist trades; Se 27: Eighteenth Century Nurseries . David Marsh. The Gardens Trust. 3 talks, tape for one week £15 HERE

Se 13 Mon 2:30-4 Destitution & Despair: The early years of Claypole Workhouse. “Newark Poor Law Union Workhouse at Claypole on the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border.” Peter Hammond. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

Se 14 Tue 5AM Danbury Delights - cooking at the palace gatehouse. “mushroom ketchup and unlocking the mystery of the “pickled knight”. Followed by baking traditional style loaves using locally sourced flour as well as reviewing the history of mills in Danbury” hybrid. Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 14 Tue 1 Meat from the market, spices from the Fair. Cambridge. “In the early days there were gardens and orchards in the middle of the town growing vegetables and fruit, alongside poultry and pigs. More exotic foodstuffs reached Cambridge through the annual fairs.” Open Cambridge HERE TAPE HERE

Se 14 Tue 1 History of Chocolate - A Hands On Adventure. Day 4 Confections. History. 4 Tuesdays. Kids 9+ Curious Minds Unite HERE

Se 14 Tue 1:15 The Origins & Rituals of Absinthe: A Virtual Lecture & Tasting. Allison Crawbuck & Rhys Everett. The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society. £8.95 HERE

Se 14 Tue 1:30 The life and times of the humble potato. Magdalena Kasprzyk-Chevriaux (Polish food) and Dr Rebecca Searle author Feeding the People: The Politics of the Potato. Royal Museums Greenwich HERE TAPE may be HERE

Se 14 Tue 4:15-5:30 Classic and overlooked Philly dishes. "cheesesteak to the comforting tomato pie, Philly and PA are proud of our long-held food traditions. But what about the lesser-known histories of such classics as whoopie pies, banana splits, and, yes, scrapple?" Kae Lani Palmisano. Philadelphia Inquirer LIVE HERE TAPE HERE

Se 15 -> From ‘field to fork’ in World War Two, Winchester. Podcast, Edible England. HERE Hampshire HistBites podcasts HERE

Se 15 Wed 4:30 AM Rum. A Distilled History of Colonial Australia. Matt Murphy. Inner West Council Libraries. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 15 Wed 8AM Manchester Histories Salon: Nation of Shopkeepers. 18th-20th cen. Hannah Barker and Dr Michala Hulme. Manchester Histories HERE

Se 15 Wed 12 Homegrown Foodways in West Virginia: Ravioli and Sauce with Lou Maiuri; Turkish Cuisine with Mehmet Öztan. Library of Congress. Film on Facebook HERE TAPE HERE

Sep 15 Wed 1-2:30 Edible Norfolk: Behind the Scenes at Norfolk Heritage Centre. Norfolk Heritage Centre. Edible England HERE

Se 15 Wed 1-2:30 Hinxton Hall: Hidden Heritage and Home Grown Veg. “Our experts will lead us through its orchard and kitchen garden, explain how part of Pompeii ended up in its parlour, and share the challenges of developing a new heritage project…” Wellcome Connecting Science UK Edible England.HERE TAPE HERE

Se 15 Wed 2 Winchester's Royal Wedding Banquet from the Middle Ages. “1403… wedding of the new king Henry IV and his bride, Joan of Navarre…” menu survives. Chris Woolgar, Dr Ellie Woodacre. Winchester Heritage Open Days HERE

Se 15 Wed 2 Cutlery for Afternoon Tea. Victorian “over 50 unusual objects that were made in Sheffield and then shipped around the world to adorn dining tables.” Nick Duggan. Sheffield Museums UK HERE

Se 15 Wed 2 Bygone Harvests - Superstitions, Traditions and Rituals. Maureen Sutton. Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology (SLHA) HERE

Se 15 Wed 2-3:45 Curry & Culture - a Story of Curry, Heritage and Giving. Mazahid Khan. Oldham Historical Research Group UK HERE

Se 15 Wed 2:30-4 The Wild World of Foraging. Dan Puplett Nature Awareness £7.50 HERE

Se 15 Wed 7pm release date. i Cocina Criolla Virtual Series. 3 parts. The Past, The Present. The Future. foods of Puerto Rico. Numerous speakers. Gusto $11 HERE

Se 16 Thu 7:30-8AM Telebars and Tinned Jam: The History of Food at M&S. Marks and Spencer M&S Company Archive UK Edible England. HERE TAPE HERE

Se 16 -> Trenchers and Teapots: Food at Winchester College. Podcast. Edible England. HERE

Se 16 Thu 8 AM John Evan Bedford Library of Furniture History. 3,000 printed items “from interiors and furnishings to lighting and metalwork, drapery and upholstery to architectural and garden design.” iron fireplace grates, ranges. Catalogued, searchable, some viewable. Leeds University Library UK HERE

Se 16 Thu 1-2:30 Arabic Cuisine. Moroccan Sweets: Crumbles of Culture. Hanane El Hadioue and Alaa Zalat. MACFEST 2021 - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival. UK HERE

Se 16 Thur 2-3:30 Food in the Archives. “Food related material in our collections” Northumberland Archives HERE

Se 16 Thu 2-3:30 Daily life in the Crusader States. (1097-1291) “diet, disease, and architecture… culture and artwork… impact of the region’s ongoing wars.” Dr Nicholas Morton. Heritage Lincolnshire. £9.21 HERE

Se 16 Thu 5 Women at Warwick Furnace: Iron to Lavender. Furnace started in 1738. Chester County Historic Preservation Network PA HERE TAPE HERE

Se 16 Thu 8-9:30 The Unique Whiskeys of Tennessee. History “unique distilling approach called the Lincoln County Process, which is followed by almost every distillery in the state.” Holly Seidewand. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Se 17-26 The Library of Congress National Book Festival: Open a Book, Open the World HERE

Se 17 Fri 1 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. “agriculture, food and drinks, arts, music and dancing, and religious offerings.” World Virtual Tours $9.99 HERE

Se 17 Fri 3 Eat Spain “iconic dishes and the products that make them… influenced by a myriad of cultures.” Blanca Valencia. Instituto Cervantes Dublin HERE

Se 17 Fri 4 Drink Spain. “past, present and future of Spanish wines.” Alejandro Carrasco. Instituto Cervantes Dublin HERE

Se 17 Fri 6-7:30 Soft Pretzels + Dips! “quick history of the pretzel, what exactly is a pretzel, and get you comfortable with shaping these twisted breads.” Lauren Hambleton. CA$35 HERE

Se 17 Fri 7 or 8:30 Negroni & Friends. Tammy Coxen. Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Se 18 Sat 3-11AM Grimsby Kasbah – buildings, smokehouses and ice factory along the dock of Grimsby, once the world’s largest fishing port, produced smoked fish. Edible England. HERE . 10-30 min. TAPES Kabash tour HERE Memories and photos HERE Chef does smoked salmon and haddock recipes HERE

Smokehouse at Grimsby. 100 yr old Alfred Enderby Smokehouse with tar buildup in brick smoke rooms, tall brick chimneys does traditional cold smoking fish overnight, and now a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). 10-30 min. TAPES tour HERE interview HERE

Ice factory at Grimsby. "UK’s last surviving example of industrial-scale ice-making, with its equipment still in situ. In fact, it was the biggest of its kind in the world." 10-30 min. TAPES tour HERE last Cooper HERE Interviews "people who are former Ice Factory employees, who used the Ice that was made in the Factory, or who remember the Docks in their heyday." HERE

Se 18 Sat 6 AM A Land Drained, A Nation Fed: The Fens since 1600. “Gravity drainage in the 17th century was succeeded by windmills in the 18th, steam in the 19th and diesel and electric power in the 20th.” Open Cambridge UK HERE TAPE HERE

Se 18 Sat 7 AM Norwich: City of Chocolate. “twentieth century, Caley’s, Rowntree-Mackintosh and Nestle employed thousands of people and filled the city’s streets with the smell of chocolate.” Facebook premiere. Edible England. HERE

Se 18 Sat 1:30 Oyster: A Global History by Carolyn Tillie. Culinary Historians of San Diego’s HERE

Se 18 Sat 6:30 ¡Comamos! A Taste of Hispanic Heritage Month. Mexico and its culinary traditions - Tacos de Papa, Pico de Gallo, Mangonada. Home Chef Angie HERE

Se 18 Sat 7 Performing a Japanese Tea Ceremony: Live Learning Experience. Kana Hattori. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Se 18 Sat 8-10 Authentic Crispy Hong Kong-Style Chow Mein. Richard Hum. Kitchen & Culture: #1. Kulea Culture Society. $22.23 HERE

Se 19 Sun 5:30 AM Introducing Indian food and Indian dance. Minoti Parikh. Leeds Civic Trust UK HERE

Se 19 Sun 4 Mexico’s Early Cookbooks. “colonial kitchen manuscripts, the first printed cookbooks post-Independence through the Revolution in the early 20th century.” Maite Gomez-Rejon. The Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor (CHAA) HERE TAPE may be HERE

Se 19 Sun 4-7 Acorn Processing: The Ultimate Slow Food. “one of the oldest traditions of food acquisition … all the steps involved” Bryan. Healing Ecosystems donation HERE

Se 19 Sun 4-5:30 Spreckels' Sugar Empire. Bruce Bennett. San Francisco City Guides. Donation HERE
Image of horse powered sugar mill in Jean Labat's Nouveau Voyage ... Le Have, 1724. Library of Congress

Se 20 Mon 12 Equine Atlantic: New England’s Horse Trade To The West Indies In The Eighteenth Century. For the sugar industry. Dr. Charlotte Carrington-Farmer. Connecticut Historical Society HERE

Se 20 Mon 1-2:30 Learn How to make Australian Scones. “history of the scone, and how it evolved around the world. There are various different types of scones with different consistencies…” CA$15 HERE

Se 20 Mon 8-10 The Erie Canal: A Story of Building the Impossible. Sandy Schuman. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Se 21 Tue 2-3:30 AM Research Methods in Digital Food Studies. Edited By Jonatan Leer, Stinne Gunder Strøm Krogager. HERE

Se 21 Tue 1-3 The Radical Potter: Josiah Wedgwood and the Transformation of Britain author Dr. Tristram Hunt. “Wedgewood revolutionised the production of ceramics in Georgian Britain by marrying technology with design, manufacturing efficiency and retail flair… campaigned for free trade and religious toleration… created the ceramic 'Emancipation Badge'.” Potteries Lunar Society UK Donation HERE Also Se 7

Se 21 Tue 3 London's East India Company Legacy. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Se 21 Tue 6:30 Spices:101 Francine Segan. AAUW HERE

Se 21 Tue 6:50-8 Heavenly Food and Earthly Fires: Convent Women Cooking for God in Colonial Latin America. Daniela Gutiérrez Flores. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE

Se 22-25 W-Sa Food Matters and Materialities: Critical Understandings of Food Cultures - An international and multidisciplinary conference. “how power relations take form in contemporary food cultures and materialize in particular food matters/materialities and in a wide range of food-related practices such as production, harvesting, circulation, preparation, control, and consumption.” HERE

Se 22 Wed 1 Truffle Lover's Tour of Italy. Francine Segan. Context Travel. $36.50 HERE

Se 22 Wed 1:30 Eating to Extinction: The World’s Rarest Foods and why we need to save them. author Dan Saladino. 5x15 donation HERE TAPE HERE great talk

Ark of Taste, a living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. Slow Food USA HERE

Se 22 Wed 1:30 Food, Drink, and Manners At Shakespeare’s Table. Richard Foss. City of Calabasas Recreation Department. $12 HERE p18

Se 22 Wed 6:30-7:45 Authentic Japanese Tofu: From Bean to Block. make tasty okara mochi. Akemi Yokoyama. Japan Society NYC $25 HERE

Se 22 Wed 7 Brewing in New Hampshire: An Informal History of Beer in the Granite State from Colonial Times to the Present. Glenn Knoblock. Brown Memorial Library HERE

Se 23 Thu 6 AM Gardens of the Early 18th Century. (Se 23) overview; (30) Practical Gardening, Theory and the Beginnings of Garden History; (Oc 7) London and Wise; (14) Hawksmoor, Vanbrugh and Bridgeman; (21) New World Explorers and Collectors; (28) Thomas Fairchild and early botanical science. The Gardens Trust. 6 talks £30 HERE

Se 23 Thu 1 The Book that Started a Food Revolution. Interview with Frances Moore Lappe author of Diet for a Small Planet. 50th anniversary. Food Tank HERE TAPE HERE

Se 23 Thu 2 Enfield Shaker Water System. Enfield Shaker Museum. $14 HERE

Se 23 Thur 2-3:30 Hedge Laying History. Why just in Britain, their role, how to make and manage, tools. David Rodger. Heritage Lincolnshire. £8.14 HERE

Se 23 Thur 5:30 The Grim Years: Settling South Carolina, 1670-1720. Virtual Book club with author John Navin. Drayton Hall. Donate HERE

Se 23 Thu 6 Jews and Chinese Food: A History in Lobster Sauce. Andrew Coe author Chop Suey: A Cultural History of Chinese Food in the United States. Culinary Historians of Boston HERE

Se 23 Thu 6 Tek Cyear uh de Root. “19th-century Charleston Schützenfest. .. between German immigrants and Black people…” Jamaal Lemon, Brian Alberts, Mike Stein, and Peter Jones. Heurich House Museum. HERE

Se 23 Thu 6-7:30 Chinatown: Past and Present. Arlene Chan. Heritage Toronto HERE

Se 23 Thu 6-7:30 Peppers – Some Like it Hot! “Learn about the history of the pepper, what pepper varieties are best adapted to the Central Florida climate and how to best grow them. “ Ed Thralls. UF/IFAS Extension Orange County. $5 HERE

Se 23 Thu 7 Let Them Bee: Native Bees and How to Support Them. Sheila Colla. Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust, Canada HERE

Se 23 Thu 7-8:30 Egyptian Food: Connecting Antiquity & Modern Egyptian Food Cooking. “recent translation of Treasure Trove of Benefits and Variety at the Table: A Fourteenth-Century Egyptian Cookbook.” Amr Elimam. Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (SSEA) ~ Toronto Chapter. HERE

Se 23 Thu 7:30-9:30 Virtual Oktoberfest Celebration. Cooking demo, brewery lesson, music… HERE

Se 24 Fri 5-12:30AM Natural History and Visual Art from the Margins. “Linnean Society’s own holdings of natural historical art from India, the Caribbean, and other non-European locales, this symposium focuses on these stunningly beautiful and complex works, as well as their cultural, social, and political meanings.” Many talks. Linnean Society of London £11.37 HERE

Se 24 Fri 2 Mid-Century Cuisine. “Jell-O salads and Velveeta to Tang and cheese sprayed out of a can? A nostalgic look at the food innovations and marketing approaches.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Syosset Public Library NY HERE

Se 24 Fri 5 Tequila and Mezcal: An Introduction to Mexican Spirits. Chantal Martineau. Context Travel. $36.50 HERE

Se 24 Fri 7-9 The Witch's Feast: A History of Kitchen Witchcraft. Melissa Madara, author of the upcoming magical cookbook. The Witch's Feast. Catland Books. $20 HERE

Se 24 Fri 8 Global Cuisine Cooking Lessons: African Chop. “African Chop Food Truck… cook the West African regional specialty ndolé.” Fowler Museum at UCLAHERE evite trouble

Se 25 Sat 11 First Catch Your Gingerbread. author Sam Bilton. Ginger and Spice Festival HERE

Sep 25 Sat 11:30-1 Oktoberfest Tour of Munich Germany. “Since 1810, Oktoberfest has become the world’s largest beer festival … consistently adapted itself to the times… transformation of the city and Oktoberfest through the 20th Century, WW2, the Olympics, and the current pandemic.” $15 HERE

Se 25 Sat 2 Eating with the Ancients: Manners & Rituals in the Classical World. “A remarkable number of our common social practices today find their origins in the classical Greco-Roman world.” Dr. Margaret Visser author of The Rituals of Dinner and Much depends on dinner. Alexandra Hudson HERE

Se 25 Sat 5-6:30 Tea Talk: Teas of Japan. Rika Iwasaki. Chinese American Museum HERE this and past TAPES HERE

Se 25 Sat 7 Bacchus Uncorked: Wine Shops of Pompeii. “retail outlets point to an urban culture for which wines, both local and foreign, were integral to Pompeian consumption.” Steven Ellis. Getty Museum HERE

Se 26 Sun 10 Finding Indigenous: Identity and Memories through Food. Scott Jonathan Iserhoff “is the founder and Chef of Pei Pei Chei Ow, a Food and Education company that holds educational and interactive lectures, community dinners and curated culinary pop-up events.” Conflict and Food Studies HERE

Se 26 Sun 11-2 Fermentation Journeys with author Sandor Ellix Katz. Fermenters and brewers and butchers and bakers. Cultures.Group HERE

Se 26 Sun 4:30-5:45 Venetian Artichoke Extravaganza. Marika Contaldo Seguso. Milk Street Live Online. $24.95 HERE

Se 27 Mon 2-3:30 String: the first 50,000 years. “basic methods of making and some of the plants that might have been used in the distant past, as well as more recently, in the Highlands.” Karen Hardy, Caroline Dear. Highland Archaeology Festival HERE Nv 17 fishing & hemp rope Canada

Se 27 Mon 6 Besos Pan Dulce. Eliceo Lara. LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. Los Angeles CA HERE

Se 28 Tue 9-11 AM Coastal Saltmaking in Lincolnshire c. 1300 BC – AD1600. “how the seawater was turned into salt. Moreover, we will question why salt was made in such quantities, what it was used for and by whom. We will examine changes in saltmaking techniques over time…” Tom Lane. Heritage Lincolnshire. £8.14 HERE

Se 28 Tue 2 London Street Markets. Jane Parker. Footprints of London. £6.00 HERE

Se 28 Tue 6 Boston's Haymarket and the Market District. “From its earliest days, when peddlers with carts sold produce around the town, to today’s market.” Ken Turino and Otto Gallotto HERE

Se 28 Tue 6-7:15 Ethiopian New Year. “and the Jewish New Year, as well as the beginning of the harvest season in Ethiopia, which means vibrant ingredients and bold flavors… Ethiopian gomen (braised collard greens) and kik alicha (yellow split peas)” Beejhy Barhany. Milk Street Live Online. $24.95 HERE

Se 28 Tue 6:30-8:30 The History of Scotch Whisky. “arrival into Scotland and how the process was refined and perfected to the malts and blends …people who made whisky so popular; the fight against government and taxmen; halcyon days and the dark days; its global reach” David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Se 28 Tue 7-8:30 Mysteries of Harvard's Stone Walls Solved. “History of the New England stone walls.” Dr. Robert Thorson, geologist and author of Exploring Stone Walls and Stone by Stone: The Fascinating History in New England’s Stone Walls. Harvard Conservation Trust HERE

Se 29 Wed 1 Monstrous Teapots & Tart Tangerines: How food signifies the sinister in Rebecca. Ella Buchan and Alessandra Pino authors A Gothic Cookbook. Bristol Gothic Reading Group HERE also Oc 27

Se 29 Wed 1 A Pasta Lover's Tour of Italy. Francine Segan. Context Travel. $36.50 HERE

Se 29 Wed 2 Midcentury Cuisine: Food Fads From the ‘40s Through the ‘60s. Leslie Goddard. Senior Resource Center, Freeport IL HERE

Se 29 Wed 2-4 Mushroom Foraging. Dr. Conor Ryan. Lairg & District Learning Centre. Scotland. Donation HERE

Se 29 Wed 2-3:30 The Seed Process: Following the Journey from Harvest to Packet. Hans Steenbergen and Fred Groom. The Gaia Foundation - Seed Sovereignty Programme. £5.98 HERE

Sep 29 Wed 5-6:30 Exploring Basque Culture and Cuisine. Arantxa Lamas. Devour Tours & Atlas Obscura $30 HERE

Se 29 Wed 5:30-7 Grande Cuisine to Grand Opera: The History of French Food & Opera. Carl Raymond . New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Se 29 Wed 6:45-8:15 Wine and the White House: A Presidential Toast. Fred Ryan, Jr., author of Wine and the White House: A History. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Se 29 Wed 7 Fermentation Journeys author Sandor Katz. Northshire Bookstore. HERE

Se 29 Wed 7 Tea made simple. Bruce Richardson. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. $15 HERE

Se 29 Wed 8 How Ingredients Shaped a Chef. Peter Hoffman author of What’s Good?: A Memoir in Fourteen Ingredients. . Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE

Se 30 Thur 9AM Lodging in Georgian London. Gillian Williamson author of Lodgers, Landlords, and Landladies in Georgian London. *Don’t count on Eventbrite, and if not get an email from library the day before, send them an email immediately for numbers.* Guildhall Library HERE

Se 30 Thu 1:30 Dirty Old London: The Victorian fight against filth. Lee Jackson. Southwark Cathedral £3 HERE

Se 30 Thu 6:30 Oscar Wilde’s Ireland: Food & Sights. Francine Segan. 92Y $20 HERE

Se 30 Thu 6:45-8:15 Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge: Chinese Americans and the Power of Stir-Frying. Part of Cooking Up History in collaboration with the National Museum of American History. Smithsonian Associates $20 HERE

Se 30 Thu 7 Coping with Life’s Necessaries: Colonial Hygiene Practices. “18th century Albany NY… the changing practices of this aristocratic, colonial family with Schuylers.” Ian Mumpton. Schuyler Mansion. Putnam History Museum $10 HERE

Se 30 Thu 7 50 Years of Diet for a Small Planet: Frances Moore Lappé with Raj Patel. “This extraordinary book first exposed the needless waste built into a meat-centered diet. … 50th anniversary [edition]… showing us how plant-centered eating can help restore our damaged ecology, address the climate crisis, and move us toward real democracy.” Brookline Booksmith HERE also Se 23

Se 30 Thu 8-9:30 A Taste of Yucatan. “distinct from other Mexican cuisine. Though its roots are Mayan, for centuries its remote location meant that Europe and the Caribbean, not Mexico, were its primary trading partners.” Maite Gomez-Rejon. ArtBites $25 HERE

Sept 15 deadline for paper proposals. Dublin Gastronomy Symposium May 30-Je 1, 2022 theme: Food and Movement HERE

OCTOBER EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
/88 start of month

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

Oct 1 Fri 1-2:30 Hobos and Train Hoppers. Maryellen Burns. Renaissance Society HERE

Oc 2 Sat 5-9:30AM Oxfordshire's Traditional Buildings Conference. Incl 6:30 vanishing farmsteads, 7:15 Market towns. Oxfordshire Buildings Record HERE

Oc 3 Sun 2 Bringing Back the American Chestnut. Mike Aucott Haverford College Arboretum HERE

Oc 4 Mon 7-8:15 Food Writing with Dianne Jacob author of Will Write for Food. 92Y $40 HERE

Oc 4 Mon 7:30 Growing Great Garlic. Lesley Parness. Maplewood Garden Club HERE

Oc 5 Tue 12:30 The Renaissance of Italian Food. Dr Sara Diaz. Regina A Quick Center for the Arts HERE

Oc 5 Tue 2-3:30 Seeds are our living relatives. “indigenous practices and cultures of seed-keeping…” Elizabeth Hoover. Glasgow Seed Library HERE

Oct 5 Tue 6:30 Sweet Treats: America's Most Iconic Desserts. Francine Segan. AARP, membership not required HERE

Oct 5 Tue 6:45-8 How Food and Drink Shaped European Culture. Leonard Barkan author of The Hungry Eye. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Oct 5 Tue 7 Poor Houses and Town Farms: The Hard Row for Paupers. New Hampshire. Stephen Taylor. Exeter Historical Society NH HERE

Oct 6 Wed 2 What can we learn from ancient beeswax? “Matthew Collins is an Archaeologist working in parchment (skins) and (beeswax) seals… describe the ArcHives project… Cambridgeshire Beekeepers Association HERE

Oc 6 Wed 5:30-7 Elderberry Syrup, Shrub & Cordial. “health benefits … make elderberry syrup…cold and flu remedies in herbal medicine…elderberry shrub and cordial and discuss favorite regional recipes for elderberries, including the Scandinavian soup Fliederbeersuppe. “ Anna Mays. $25 HERE

Oc 6 Wed 7 Bees Besieged by Our Changing Climate. Bill Mares. First Congregational Church of Manchester VT HERE

Oct 6 Wed 7:30 Changes in Foodways of German American Immigrants. “cookbooks specifically written for Germans appeared in this country. This presentation will examine changes in the foodways of German Americans through the lens of these cookbooks.” Antje Petty. CHEW HERE

Oc 7-8 Thu-Fri 4AM-12 Peatlands Gathering 2021. Speakers from Ireland & the world. Natural Capital Ireland HERE Program HERE

Oct 7 Thu 8 AM Whisky Heritage. “Pioneering Spirit – still digging” by Derek Alexander, Dan Rhodes. “Whisky - friend or foe in Gaelic tradition” by Hugh Cheape. Highland Archaeology Festival HERE

Oc 7 Thu 11 Of trough and trencher: exploring food, fodder and feasting in the past and present. “how the archaeology of food and fodder can be used to understand the political and social role of food in the past as well as its impact on farming economies and environments from prehistory through to the early modern period.” Ingrid Mainland. University of the Highlands HERE

Oc 7 Thu 1 Time to change the plate: the challenge of communal catering. Dinah Hoffmann and Patrick Wodni of Kantine Zukunft. Oxford Food Symposium £15 HERE

Oc 7 Thu 1:30-3:30 Currying to tunes: musical tales from Bengal in the curry houses of Britain. “Dean Mahomed hailing from a Bengali Muslim family famously opened the Hindoostane Coffee House in London in the early nineteenth century, now widely considered to be the first ‘Indian’ restaurant in Britain…” Budhaditya Bhattacharyya. Brick Lane Circle UK HERE

Oc 7 Th 1:30 Bananas, Breweries & Borough Market. “how food shaped the landscape of Bankside [London], and how, in turn, Bankside came to influence the food culture of the entire country.” Angela Clutton, and Mark Riddaway author of Edible Histories: epic tales of everyday ingredients. Southwark Cathedral £1 HERE

Oc 7 Thu 6 Native Seeds: Indigenous New England Food Systems, Past and Present. Frederick Wiseman, Don Stevens. Historic New England donation HERE

Oc 7 Thu 6-7:30 A Wok Through Chinatown. “the restaurant scene with its diverse regional Chinese cuisines.” Leo Chan. Heritage Toronto. Canada HERE

Oct 7 Thur 7 Getting Something to Eat in Jackson: Race, Class, and Food in the American South. Joseph Ewoodzie. Harvard Book Store HERE link on website

Oc 8 Fri 7 or 8:30 Cider Season. Tammy’s Tasting. $19 HERE

Oc 8 Fri 7-9PM Wonderful Australian Bush Spices. Australian native spice to grow in your garden. WorkshopMyGarden HERE

Oct 9 Sat 11 Oysters and the Chesapeake Bay. Jon Bachman. Stratford Hall. VA HERE

Oc 9 Sat 1 Sicily, Italy's Top 10 Iconic Dishes. Michael Sampson. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Oc 9 Sat 5:15AM The Pursuit of Paradise: A History of the Garden 1. From Ancient Times to the Renaissance. Edward Martin. Wuffing Education. £30 HERE

Oct 9 Sat 1:30 Searching for Amelia: A Quest for the Author of the First American Cookbook. In 1796 Amelia Simmons wrote American Cookery. Pamela Cooley. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Oc 10 Sun 11-3 Fermentation Journeys: Mushrooms and Hyphae. Author Sandor Katz and many others. Cultures.Group HERE

Oc 10 Sun 1:30 Taste of Germany: Potato Pancakes. Julius Fiedler. Age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Oc 10 Sun 2 German Foodways, Industrialization, and Cheese. Ursula Heinzelmann from Germany, author of Beyond Bratwurst: A History of Food in Germany. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE For a meeting link, email

Oct 10 Sun 3 Chicago’s Sweet Candy History. Leslie Goddard. Lisle Library District HERE

Oc 10 Sun 3:30 Food Origins. Quincy Surasmith. All Things Food! TN Labs Workshop donation HERE

Oc 11 Mon 1:30-3 Chemistry confections: savoury. Jess Crompton, Jonas Lodge. IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival. donation HERE

Oc 11 Mon 7-8:30 Columbiana, Recipes and Rituals from the Soul of Columbia. author Mariana Velasquez. $20 HERE

Oc 12 Tue 1:30-3:30 The forgotten history of French colonialism in Bengal. Less well known than the English East India Company. Dr Robert Ivermee. Brick Lane Circle HERE

Oc 12 Tue 2 Beers, bears & beyond in Estonia. Beer “Experimenting with local flavours like juniper, moss, birch and rye… traces of Nordic cuisine in high-end restaurants or foraging for the seasonal, local ingredients to be found in Estonian dishes.” Travel Geeks online. National Geographic Traveller (UK) HERE

Oc 12 Tue 2:30 A miller and his mill (Warney Mill, Darley Dale UK). Using the miller John Else’s papers to describe work “of the mill and its farm but also of the craftspeople and specialists who helped rebuild the mill [1860], and those who bought flour and other products from the mill.” Judy Cooper. Ashbourne Heritage Society. £5HERE

Oc 12 Tue 3 London's Food Factories. Rob Smith. Footprints of London. £6.00 HERE

Oc 12 Tue 6:30-8 The History of Gin “gin has had a remarkable journey, a story that reflects the ever changing moods and sensibilities of society at large.” David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery $6 HERE

Oct 12 Tue 6:30 Tavern Tastings. Keeler Tavern Museum, Fraunces Tavern HERE

Oct 12 Tue 7 Betty Crocker and Her Cookbook that Changed How America Cooks. Leslie Goddard. Lake Geneva Public Library HERE

Oct 12 Tue 7-8:30 Foraging, Food, and Myth: Halloween Harvest. Felicity Roberts . Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Oct 13 Wed 3-4:30 Cabarets of Death. “From 1892 until 1954, three cabaret-restaurants in Paris’ Montmartre district enraptured tourists with their grotesque portrayals of death in the afterworlds of Hell, Heaven, and Nothingness. Each had specialized cuisines and morbid visual display…” Joanna Ebenstein. The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society £5.82 – £11.04 HERE

Oc 13 Wed 6-7:15 Let’s Make Dumplings! Making Wrappers & Folding Dumplings. Hugh Amano. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Oct 13 Wed 6:30 Curated Cuisine: Happy Cooking With World-Renowned Chef Jacques Pépin. WBUR City Space MA $5 HERE

Oct 13 Wed 7-8:30 Mexico's History in 10 Dishes. Discover Oaxaca Tours $20 HERE

Oc 13 Wed 9-11pm Apples & Ciders & Trees (oh, my!) Albert Felix Etter “bred new varieties of fruit, nuts and grain. This program will focus specifically on his apple breeding program and his legacy as it pertains to the apple and cider world.” Humboldt Cider Company. California Garden & Landscape History Society $18 HERE

Oc 14 Thu 5-11 AM Revealing the past seminar. Many. 9:30 Agriculture in Ireland's past: determining management practices through stable isotope analysis, Dr Meriel McClatchie. Royal Irish Academy HERE

Oc 14 Thu 10-12 Introduction to Canning. N.C. Cooperative Extension HERE

Oc 14 Thu 1 Meet-the-Author: Katie Quinn and have lunch in England, Italy and France ! “author of Cheese, Wine, and Bread: discovering the magic of fermentation in England, Italy and France.” Montgomery County Public Library MD HERE

Oc 14 Thu 1 Meet-the-Author: Katie Quinn and have lunch in England, Italy and France ! “author of Cheese, Wine, and Bread: discovering the magic of fermentation in England, Italy and France.” Montgomery County Public Library MD HERE

Oct 14 Thu 2-3:15 Farming in Oxfordshire in the interwar years. “From the early 1920s to the end of the 1930s most farming wasn't profitable - for a variety of reasons.” Dr. Michael Heaton. Pendon Museum. £7.06 HERE

Oct 14 Thu 6 Summer Vegetable Series: Pumpkin. “history, cultivation, uses, and preservation…” UGA Extension Fulton County GA HERE

Oct 14 Thu 6:30 The Whiskey Rebellion 1791–1794: Jefferson vs Hamilton, Then and Now. Reid Mutenbuler. Culinary Historians of New York HERE

Oc 14 Thur 8:30-10 Food History Horror Stories: Witches, Poisoners, and Puritans. Sarah Lohman. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Oct 15 5:30-7 Rough Estimation: Inheritance, Accounting, and Sibling Rivalry in an Early Modern Merchant Family. Jesse Sadler. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE

Oct 17 Sun 1-2:30 First Catch your Gingerbread - with Sam Bilton. Culinary Historians of Canada $19.10 HERE also Oct 30

Oc 18 Mon 1:30-3 Chemistry confections: sweet. Jess Crompton, Jonas Lodge. IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival. donation HERE

Oct 18 Mon 7 Fermentation Journeys: Recipes, Techniques and Traditions from Around the World. Sandor Katz. Prairie Lights Books HERE

Oc 19 Tue 2 Fantastic Flowers and the Creatures that Pollinate Them. “fascinating – and not always harmonious – interactions between flowers and their visitors.” Dr Sarah Arnold. Bell House UK donation HERE

Oc 19 Tue 2:30-4 Winter Foraging. Fred Gillam. West of England Herb Group £4 HERE

Oc 19 Tue 6 Growing our Daily Bread. Amy Halloran author of the New Bread Basket. Culinary Historians of Boston HERE

Oc 20-27 3rd Annual Bay Area Chuseok (Korean Harvest) Festival. “Korean traditions, music, arts, cuisine, and community.” Korean Center, Inc San Francisco HERE

Oc 20 Wed 12-1:30 Prince Henry's sweet tooth? How to shop for a 1612 banquet and bring it alive in the present. Dr Sara Pennell. U of Warwick Food GRP HERE

Oc 20 Wed 1:30-3 Drinking with Jane Austen. City of Calabasas Recreation Department HERE p19

Oc 20 Wed 2 How to make Scones. “what a scone is, what it is not, and how it evolved over the years… its place in a Cream Tea. Caroline Hope's ENGLISH TEA TABLE £8 HERE

Oct 20 Wed 2 How to Manage a Hedge. “Why do we have hedgerows? What do we mean by hedgerows?” Good/bad examples, how manage. Megan Gimber. Shropshire Hedgerow Project monthly talks. CPRE Shropshire UK HERE speaker on survey Nv 10

Oc 20 Wed 2:30 Pots for socks. Commodity itineraries in the North Atlantic during the 17th and 18th Centuries. “reconstructs the journeys of three cooking pots from different places in northern Germany and Denmark and along the way, attempts to situate these journeys within the social and cultural contexts through which they pass.” Gavin Lucas, Jakob Orri Jónsson and Kevin Martin HERE

Oc 20 Wed 5:30-7 Vermont Chicory Week. Melissa Pasanen author of Cooking with Shelburne Farms: Food and Stories from Vermont. City Market Classes & Events HERE

Oc 21 Thu 10:30 AM Dinner: A History. “many (and surprising) changes to this meal over the centuries. What time did Louis XIII have his dinner and why its very name no longer makes sense.” Steven Moore. The English Manner. £25.00 early, £30.00 HERE

Oct 21 Thur 2-3:30 Magic and Folklore of Trees. “mythology, magical practices and tales of woodland wisdom with advice on tree care and the everyday usefulness of woodland products.” David Rodger. Heritage Lincolnshire. £8.14 HERE

Oc 21 Thu 5:30 A History of Plants and People. “development of agriculture has influenced civilization, impacted the environment, and dictated food supplies…. discuss significant agricultural changes in the last century and look at the future” speaker Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Old Colony History Museum HERE

Oc 21 Thu 6 Black Craftspeople Across the Virginia Landscape. Victoria Hensley. Wilton House Museum HERE Black Craftspeople Digital Archive HERE

Oct 21 Thu 7 Chefs & Slaves: The Cooks in Jefferson’s Kitchens. Leni Sorensen. Newlin Grist Mill. PA HERE

Oct 21 Thu 8:30-10 A Culinary History of Funeral Food. Sarah Lohman. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Oc 22 Fri 2:30 Korean Food. “Korean food history and culture, an exploration of a typical 3-course meal” Bristol Public Library HERE

Oc 22 Fri 7-8:15 Beer Histories, Now. Panel: Atinuke Akintola Diver, Allyson Brantley, Ruvani de Silva, Briana Brake. National Museum of American History & Smithsonian Associates $15 HERE

Oct 24 Sun 9-10:30 AM Wartime Tea Time. Food 1940s and Land Army growing the food. Lucy Adlington. History Wardrobe. £5.98 HERE

Oc 24 Sun 3 Washington at the Plow. Bruce Ragsdale. Politics and Prose HERE

Oct 25 Mon 10:30-11:45 The Lives of the Enslaved at the Vance Birthplace. “interpret the histories of the 27 men, women, and children enslaved by the Vances [on the mountain plantation] from 1795-1865.” Lauren May. Swannanoa Valley Museum & History Center NC $12 HERE

Oct 25 Mon 6 Cooking with the First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt. Sarah Morgan. National First Ladies' Library HERE

Oc 26 Tue 6:30 The Berkshires in Food. Francine Segan. 92Y $20 HERE

Oct 27-29 W-F 3:30AM -1 Vine-growing and winemaking in the Roman world. conference. 50 specialists. Dimitri Van Limbergen HERE

Oc 27 Wed 3-4:30 Cruel Intentions: Haunted Food & Doomed Relationships . “how food and consumption symbolise more than just sustenance in Gothic literature.” Alessandra Pino. The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society £5.82 – £11.04 HERE also Se 29

Oc 27 Wed 7-8:30 Four Sisters Pasdayapi Salad. “wild rice, black beans, and hominy, from Dream of Wild Health’s Youth Leader Cookbook.” Alanna Norris. Indigenous Foods Class – 5 part Series. Seward Community Co-op… Minneapolis American Indian Center. HERE

Oct 28 Thur 6:30 Taste the State: South Carolina’s Signature Foods, Recipes, and Their Stories. Virtual Book club with author Chef Kevin Mitchell. Drayton Hall. Donate HERE

Oct 29 Fri 4-6 Divining the Cup: The Origin & Techniques of Tea Leaf & Coffee Reading. Jezmina Von Thiele. Seagrape Apothecary. $35 HERE

Oct 30 Sat 11AM First Catch Your Gingerbread plus UK Supper Clubs, what are they? Sam Bilton. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE also Oc 17


Ice harvesting 1889 (click to enlarge)
During the past year I have written many posts highlighting subjects from the main calendar or related to the lockdown. Taped talks continue to be added to subject posts and eventually talks not taped will be deleted (except in Archives lists). Due to the ever increasing number of talks (over 200) each month, I have removed all the info and links from the end of this main post, perhaps make new post or add back when fewer talks.

African American Foodways HERE
Bank Barns, Pennsylvania Barns HERE
Being Human, humanities festival, UK HERE
Bread, flour, salt, ovens HERE
British Foodways HERE
Calendar of virtual talks... retrospective HERE
Canada - Food Day Canada - Aug. 1 HERE
Capitol in DC - Civil War bake ovens HERE eating, lodging HERE
Chocolate HERE
Clarissa Dillon’s One Cool Colonial series (gardening, hearth cooking) HERE
Cookbooks, Manuscripts HERE
Cooking historically at home – online cooks’ sites, and recipes (ie Ben Franklin) links list HERE
Day of the Dead - Dia de MuertosHERE
Drink up! Taverns, Beer, Wine, Mead, Whiskey, Cocktails HERE
Dublin Gastronomy Symposium – 50 talks, papers, free HERE
Early lockdown virtual food history talks retrospective & tapes HERE
Edible England - national festival and UK talks 2021 HERE
Fishing, River restoration, Seafood, Roman Fish Sauce talks HERE
Food aid. Feeding the poor and needy. HERE
Hearth cooking, ovens demonstrations HERE
Holiday: Christmas HERE
Holiday: Day of the Dead HERE
Holiday: Easter Eggs & Hot Cross Buns HERE
Holiday: Fat Tuesday - Pancake Day, Doughnut/Kinkling Day HERE
Holiday: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, 'Stir-up Sunday' HERE
Holiday: Twelfth Night HERE
Holiday: Washington’s Birthday Wash. Cake, Wash. Pie HERE
Ice Cream Freezing Pots, Sorbetieres, Ice Cream Makers & Freezers from 1751 to 1916 HERE
Ice Harvesting film clips start 1898, taped talks, images HERE
Ideas for pair-ups museums and local businesses HERE
Indigenous Foodways, Acorn Mush cooked in basket HERE
Irish food, famine, and drinks talks and tapes HERE
Italian foodways in Italy and America talks HERE
Jewish Foodways HERE
JSTOR free - scholarly journals, ebooks, images HERE
Manuscripts: Medical, Manuscript Cookbooks Survey HERE
Manuscripts: Medieval, Renaissance HERE
Maple Sugaring HERE
Medical and culinary manuscripts HERE
Medieval foods, manuscripts, gardens HERE
Mexican foodways HERE
Oral history project on foodways during quarantine HERE
Ovens demonstrations HERE
Peat harvesting HERE
Prohibition HERE
Quarantine sign 1911 “Notice to Milkman! HERE
Rations and rationing HERE
Restaurants, Diners, Fast food, Street food, Picnics, Trains and TavernsHERE
Salt production in Adobe ovens pictures, Bread, flour, salt HERE
Scotland HERE
Sourdough Library - Puratos World Heritage Sourdough Library in Belgium HERE
Transcribing manuscript recipes – volunteer! HERE
Victory and War Gardens, Plants, Farms HERE
Women cookbook authors talks HERE

Flour barrels rolled down stairs to Civil War bake ovens in US Capitol 1862
2020 HERE and 2021 HERE

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