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Calendar of virtual food history talks, cook-alongs, demos

There have been 4,000 virtual food history talks, demos and tours by museums, historical associations, small businesses, groups, and others.

About a fourth of the talks are taped and will continue to be freely available in the posts by topic/subject. If you know of any other talks, please use the "contact form" to the right. ENJOY!

ARCHIVE 2020 list of all past talks - taped & untaped HERE
ARCHIVE 2021 list of all past talks Jan-Feb HERE /t/ March HERE /t/ April HERE /t/ May HERE /t/ June HERE /t/ July & Au HERE /t/ Sept & Oct HERE /Nov & Dec HERE
ARCHIVE 2022 list of all past talks - taped & untaped Jan HERE / Feb HERE / Mar HERE / Apr HERE / May HERE / June HERE / July-Aug HERE / Sept-Oct HERE / Nv-De HERE

Topics lists of past TAPED talks in separate posts:
African American /// Alcohol, Prohibition /// Art / Barns, farms /// Bees / Bread, flour, salt, horno /// British // Chinese /// Chocolate /// Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Cows / Dining out /// Family Recipes // Fish /// Food aid /// Foraging // Gardens, Farms /// German /// Halloween / Hearth cooking, ovens /// Holiday Christmas /// Holiday Easter Eggs /// Holidays Nv // Ice Harvesting /// Home Ec / Indigenous /// Irish /// Italian /// Jewish // Korean /// Maple Sugar // Maryland / Medical /// Medieval foods, gardens // Mexican //Mills // Rationing // Scotland // Tea // Women authors

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
133 / 116 start of month.

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them.

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

HOLIDAY TALKS upcoming (30+) and tapes HERE

Nov 28 Mon 1-2:30 Paradise on Porcelain - Catherine the Great’s Green Frog Service. Wedgwood dinner and dessert service, 944 pieces, with British scenes, in 1774. Caroline Holmes. The Gardens Trust £5 HERE

Nov 29 Tue 9AM The Invented Department Stores of London. “An illustrated conversation about London’s fake, fictional and wholly invented shops.” Kate Macdonald, Tessa Boase, author of London’s Lost Department Stores. Guildhall Library HERE

Nv 29 Tue 6-7:30 Indigenous Foods Class series - Squash and Maple Syrup. “local members of Indigenous-led organizations… using traditional ingredients.” Seward Community Co-op. 6 talks HERE

Nov 29 Tue 6:30 The Fulton Fish Market: A History. Since 1822 it “shaped American cuisine, commerce, and culture.” author Jonathan Rees. NYC H2O HERE

Nov 29 Tue 8:30 Prohibition and Repeal. How Prohibition transformed America…. Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Nov 30 Wed 11AM Making the News: The Role of Media in Agricultural Development. History in Ireland and other countries, then current global challenges. Claire Mc Cormack. The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity. CA$22.23 HERE

Nov 30 Wed 12:30 Eight modii of rye to swineherds from Valois: Manuscripts’ margins as windows onto the early medieval economy. Ildar Garipzanov. IHR HERE TAPE may be HERE Postponed

Nov 30 Wed 1 Charles Rennie Mackintosh - more than just a tea room! From Scotland, he was “foremost Celtic exponent of Art Nouveau… both Charles and Margaret’s life” Stella Grace Lyons Art History Lectures and Tours £9.21 HERE

Nov 30 Wed 2:30 Christmas is a lusty fellow: the Georgian Christmas. Dr Annie Gray. The National Archives. £0–15 HERE

Nov 30 Wed 4 Oh Fudge! Vassar College Students and Chocolate. Living History @ Home. New-York Historical Society. Kids and adults HERE

Nov 30 Wed 6 The Riveting History of an Iconic NYC Restaurant, Delmonico's. Max Tucci, grandson of Oscar Tucci, the owner of Delmonico’s from the 1920s to the 1980, author The Delmonico Way: Sublime Entertaining & Legendary Recipes from the Restaurant that Made New York! The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen $10 HERE

Nov 30 Wed 7:30-9 The Tequila distillers: A Conversation with Sergio Vivanco from Guadalajara. Museum of Distilled Spirits $25 HERE

Nov 30 Wed 8 The Miracle of Salt. Naomi Duguid. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPES may be HERE

Nov 30 Wed 8-9:30 An Edible Christmas with Masters of Social Gastronomy. Sarah Lohman, Jonathan Soma. Brooklyn Brainery $9 HERE

DECEMBER EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
/ 86 start of month.

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them.

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

HOLIDAY TALKS upcoming (30+) and TAPES HERE

Dec 1 Thu 5AM The c19th Garden part 4 : Nurseries and Seedsmen. The Gardens Trust £5 HERE

Dec 1 Thu 7:30AM The Curious History of Christmas Food. “Medieval boar’s head and brawn, by way of highly decorated seventeenth century mince pies to the almost forgotten Twelfth Night Cake...” Peter Ross. Barbican Library - City of London Libraries Hybrid HERE

Dec 1 Thu 12 Unique Eats & Eateries of Knoxville. author Paula Johnson. East Tennessee Historical Society HERE. TAPE may be HERE

Dec 1 Thu 12:30 Bread Enrichment in a Collectivist Society with a State Religion: Israel, 1949-1953. Daniel Schiffman. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE

Dec 1 Thu 1 Famine. Janam Mukherjee, Niamh Ann Kelly. Eat, Drink & Be Merry? The Politics of Food and Drink (series). British, Irish and Empire Studies. U of Texas HERE or HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 1 Thu 1 Bergen’s Christmas Market & Christmas Traditions. Heygo HERE

Dec 1 Thu 6:30-8:15 The History of Gin. David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery. $8 HERE

Dec 1 Thu 7 Make Do and Be Merry: A Chocolate Cake for a Homefront Christmas. “explore how two 1940s-era chocolate cakes approached the challenges of rationing…” Margo McCutcheon, Jennifer Parsley. Friends of the Texas Historical Commission. HERE

Dec 1 Thu 7-8:30 Leverett's Charcoal Industry: A Virtual Visit. “Leverett [Mass.] has one of the very few brick charcoal kilns still standing in New England.” Leverett Historical Commission HERE

Charcoal could be used to heat a metal wall oven - some types HERE (this is a Reip oven in Maryland, or in a round Rumford Roaster, or other style) and/or a stew stove.

Dec 1 Thu 7-8:30 Death or Canada: The Irish Famine Migration to Canada, 1847. author Dr. Mark G. McGowan. The Town of York Historical Society & Toronto's First Post Office. CA$22.23 HERE

Dec 2 Fri 9AM Christmas in Wartime. Highlights from The National Archives and Imperial War Museum collections. Katherine Howells, Anthony Richards. The National Archives. £0–15 HERE

Dec 2 Fri 11AM-2 Greek and Irish Diaspora: Parallel lives. Prof. Alexander Kitroeff, Dr Maurice Casey, Dr Alexandra Mourgou. Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens HERE

Dec 3 Sat 7AM From Business to Government: The Rise of the East India Company. Thomas McNally. Gifted Study Club £10 HERE

Dec 3 Sat 9AM The Highland Clearances. Scotland 1750 to 1860. Dr. Michael Winstanley. Anglo Scottish FHS Branch Meeting £3 HERE

Dec 4 Sun 1 Hearth-Warming Holiday Traditions 2022. “7 fantastic speakers from across Canada will discuss their favourite winter holiday foods & festivities and the traditions they celebrate.” pt 2 Dec 11. Culinary Historians of Canada $11.35 HERE

Dec 4 Sun 2 The Great British Baking Tour: Holiday Edition. “making a proper cup of tea, regional specialties, their origins, and the particular parts of the UK they hail from.” Claire Evans. Waukee Public Library HERE

Dec 4 Sun 3 Donuts across the Diaspora - Hanukkah Traditions. “Learn how to make 3 kinds of Hanukkah fried sweet treats - Soufganiyot, Bimuelos and Sfenj–from Ashkenazi, Sephardic & Mizrahi traditions.” Beth Lee. IACP. $30 & video HERE

Dec 5 Mon 2:40 A digger's guide to medieval pottery. “technology, charting the move from hand-built wares to the adoption of the potter’s wheel, the introduction of glazing and developments in kiln technology.” Jacqui Pearce. Combined Hertfordshire Archaeological Societies HERE

Dec 5 Mon 6:30 How Innovations in British Silversmithing Shaped Our Dining Tables. British 19th Century traveling cutlery sets. Carolyn Tillie. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 5 Mon 8 Dutch food: stamppot. “a dish with potatoes and another vegetable, often cooked together in 1 pot that you mash (stamp) together.” On Dec 5 “Sinterklaas visits the Dutch children and shoves presents through their chimneys.” chef Edie | learn to cook without recipes classes HERE

Dec 6 Tue 1 Hunger Prevention. Rachel Herrmann, Anita Howarth. Eat, Drink & Be Merry? The Politics of Food and Drink (series). British, Irish and Empire Studies. U of Texas HERE or HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 6 Tue 3 Egyptian Cuisine. Alaan Ali. Culinary Historians of Boston. HERE

Dec 6 Tue 6:30-8 Our Stories, Ourselves: Food in Cultural Celebrations. Chefs and food writers Sean Sherman, Yia Vang, Mecca Bos and Natalia Mendez. More Than A Single Story. Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. HERE

Dec 6 Tue 6:30-8 Posters & Cocktails: Yes Chef!. Feasting Edition. "all things food and the many cocktails created by your favorite historic eateries." Angelina Lippert, Nicholas Lowry, Don Spiro. Poster House HERE

Dec 6 Tue 7 The Science of Cookies. Colin Asuncion alongside food scientists as we explore the science behind cookies. RCIScience HERE

Dec 6 Tue 7-8:30 Yuletide in Dixie. Dr. Robert May author Yuletide in Dixie: Slavery, Christmas, and Southern Memory. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE Also Dec 14

Dec 7 Wed 8AM Nursing be the Mother's Duty: Motherhood & Breastfeeding in Early Modern England. Dr Julia Martins. The Foundling Museum £5 HERE

Dec 7 Wed 2:30 The Clearances in Southern Scotland + The Future of Our Land. Sir Tom Devine author of The Scottish Clearances: A History of the Dispossessed 1600-1900. Galloway Glens HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 7 Wed 3 Christmas in Georgian London. 18th and early 19th centuries. Rob Smith, Footprints of London. £10 HERE

Dec 7 Wed 4 Egyptian Cuisine. Alaan Ali. Culinary Historians of Boston HERE

Dec 7 Wed 5:30-7 The Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Urasenke Tea Masters. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Dec 7 Wed 6 The Greek Diner and the Making of American Cuisine. The National Hellenic Museum HERE

Dec 7 Wed 6 Dashing Through the Snow: The Real History of Christmas in New England. Stanley-Whitman House HERE

Dec 7 Wed 6:15-7:30 Northern Indigenous Food Ways: Learning Circle Series. Virginia Morgan. “Gitxsan Culture teacher, sharing experiences teaching Indigenous food and language in the classroom.” Farm to School BC. series HERE

Dec 7 Wed 8 Get CHEWsy with a Little Bit of Hygge. ““hygge,” as used in the Danish and Norwegian languages, evokes the feeling (and being) of a coziness…” suggest books, traditions, favorite cookie recipe. CHEW Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin. Info and link HERE

Dec. 7 Wed 8 Midcentury Christmas. 1940s-60s. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Wheaton Public Library, IL HERE

Dec 8 Thur 1 Portrait of a Steamboat Town: Sioux City, 1868 to 1873. Kassie Nelson. Iowa History 101 Series HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 8 Thu 3 Stories from the Archives: Family Recipes. Judith Lucey. New England Historic Genealogical Society HERE

Dec 8 Thu 3 London Windmills and Watermills. Rob Smith, Footprints of London. £10 HERE

Dec 8 Thur 6:30 Behind the Crimson Curtain: The Rise and Fall of Peale's Museum. “In 1786, Charles Wilson Peale created the most important —and most famous— museum in Revolutionary era America. A fusion of natural history and art, Peale’s Philadelphia Museum…” Lee Dugatkin. Fraunces Tavern Museum HERE

Dec 8 Thu 7-8:30 Tales of Christmas Past. Richard Fiennes-Clinton. The Town of York Historical Society & Toronto's First Post Office $11.62 HERE

Dec 8 Thur 8 Chinese Home Cooking with The Woks for Life. The Woks of Life blog was started in 2013 and is now a book. Sarah and Kaitlin Leung. Chicago Foodways Roundtable. HERE TAPES may be HERE

Dec 8 Thur 8 The Green Book and HBCUs in Texas. Daniele Rose Dixon. Friends of the Texas Historical Commission. HERE

Dec 8 Thu 10pm The Spirited Kitchen. Carmen Spagnola… “shares recipes and rituals for the pagan Wheel of the Year.” Banyen Books & Sound. HERE

Dec 9 Fri 3 Foodie Themed Christmas Lights. London virtual tour. “See the West End's best Christmas lights whilst hearing about the history of Christmas food and traditions.” Joanna Moncrieff, Footprints of London £10.00 HERE also Dec 19

Dec 9 Fri 6 Brewing in New Hampshire: An Informal History of Beer in the Granite State from Colonial Times to the Present. Glenn Knoblock. The Rey Center HERE

Dec 10 Sat 5:15AM 4hr 45min The Yuletide Festival in Early England. 3 talks: The Old English Calendar. The Old English Feasting Hall. The Yuletide Feast. Dr Sam Newton. Wuffing Education £30.00 HERE

Dec 10 Sat 10:30-11:15AM History in the Kitchen. “Every 45-minute session spotlights a dish eaten by one of the following groups: the Mason family, people enslaved at Gunston Hall, and the white laborers, shopkeepers, and tenant farmers of Virginia.” Kids 10-18, adults. Gunston Hall HERE

Dec 10 Sat 12 The Great Gelatin Revival. author “Ken Albala on how to make sophisticated boozy shots and aspics using quality ingredients.” IACP $30 HERE

Dec 10 Sat 1:30 Poutine on Mars: Culinary Tradition in Unusual Places. “Canadian cuisine and explores how it contributes to national identity. Canadian cuisine has moved abroad along with Canadian expats, and explores the boundaries of Canadian cuisine by transporting Canada’s national dish, poutine, to the red planet.” Dr. Lenore Newman author: Dinner on Mars. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 11 Sun 1 Hearth-Warming Holiday Traditions 2022. “7 fantastic speakers from across Canada will discuss their favourite winter holiday foods & festivities and the traditions they celebrate.” pt 1 Dec 4. Culinary Historians of Canada $11.35 HERE TAPE unlikely, but may be HERE

Dec 11 Sun 2 speaker changed Of Pails and Buckets, Boxes and Bags. From dinner pail to lunch buckets, bags for work. Peter Hertzmann. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC. HERE

Dec 11 Sun 2 NEW talk Yeast-free Breads Rising Around the World. Jenny Bardwell. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC. HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 11 Sun 3-5:30 French Canadian Baking. Mulled wine, Tourtiere (pork) or Salmon Pie, and Hermits, “a …cookie, that French Canadian children often leave for Pere Noel.” Laura Scheck. Brooklyn Brainery. $29 HERE

Dec 11 Sun 6 Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue. Adrian Miller. Aurora History Museum. HERE

Dec 12 Mon 1 What can history tell us about living collections? “The rise and demise of N. E. Brown’s Sansevieria's at Kew.” Silke Strickrodt. Kew Mutual Improvement Society. £3 HERE

Dec 12 Wed 8 The Cookie Bible. Rose Levy Beranbaum. Culinary Historians of Chicago. HERE TAPES may be HERE

Dec 13 Tue 12:15 Joseph Conrad’s ‘Christmas Day at Sea’ (1923): Surprisingly Rich Fare. His magazine article. Conrad spent “16 Christmases aboard ships or in ports. How was Christmas celebrated on wool clippers and other sailing ships of the late nineteenth century? What was the difference between festive celebrations aboard passenger and cargo vessels?” Dr Helen Chambers. Royal Museums Greenwich. Click here just before to watch HERE

Dec 13 Tue 1 Antarctica In Sight: Live! The Great Antarctic Menu. Cooking, dining and surviving in the extremes. Camilla Nichol … Carole Devine and Wendy Trussler to discuss their travelogue, The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning UK Antarctic Heritage Trust HERE

Dec 13 Tue 2:30 Christmas Traditions. Mummers, Mummers Plays, Wassailing, Twelfth Night and Christmas. Stephen Rowley. Richard III Society Gloucester Branch £5 HERE

Dec 13 Tue 6:30 The History of International Holiday Culinary Traditions: from Solstice feasts through the “Twelve Days”. Cathy Kaufman. Culinary Historians of New York (?members only, membership form on website) HERE

Dec 13 Tue 6:30 Holiday Desserts From Around the World. ?Francine Segen. AARP not have to be member HERE

Dec 13 Tue 6:30 Taproom Tastings: Coffee. Catherine Prescott, Mary Tsaltas-Ottomanelli. Keeler Tavern Museum CT $10 HERE

Dec 14 Wed 12-2 Hunger for Innovation: Fall Line Merchant Milling and..Automation 1735-1865. “American merchant milling was one of the most capital intensive, socially prominent, and financially lucrative industries in the late-colonial and early-national periods. … about 1748, and [flour] went on to lead United States exports by value until the Civil War… author Greg Hargreaves. Hagley Library DE HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 14 Wed 5 The History of Pizza: The Food, the Myth, the Legend. Stephanie Swane. IACP $30 HERE

Dec 14 Wed 5:30-7:30 Kwanzaa Celebration. “light the Kwanzaa candles and celebrate with food and performances from the community including, dancing, singing and music.” Dec 26-Jan 1. Family & Children's Services of Waterloo region HERE

Dec 14 Wed 6:30 Hanukkah in the Tenements. Tenement Museum. Not taped. Donation HERE

Dec 14 Wed 7 The Taste of Jewish Culture. Joel Haber. Walnut Street Synagogue, Chelsea, MA HERE

Dec 14 Wed 7 Art History through a Jewish Lens: See Chanukah in a New Light! “artists such as Titian, Rubens, Caravaggio, Klimt, and Botticelli… dispel popular Chanukah myths …true origins of gelt, latkes…” Ellaine Rosen. Museum at Eldridge Street. NYC Donation HERE

Dec 14 Wed 7 Yuletide in Dixie. Dr. Robert May author Yuletide in Dixie: Slavery, Christmas, and Southern Memory. Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses (HGGHH) HERE

?? Dec 15 Thu 12-1:30 The Early Modern Kitchen Garden and Fundraiser for the "Memila Disables Tree Nursery," Wamba Kenya. Rubel's Bread History Seminar. William Rubel. $0-10 ? HERE Facebook group HERE

Dec 15 Thu 12-1:30 Spices 101: Cinnamon. Christine Rai. Smithsonian Associates. $30 HERE

Dec 15 Thu 2 Dutch Holiday Traditions : A History of the Season in the Hudson Valley. Jennifer Brooks. Historical Society of Rockland County NY HERE

Dec 15 Thu 2:30 A Tudor Christmas. “Carol-singing, present-giving, mulled wine and mince pies were all just as popular in Tudor times, and even Father Christmas and roast turkey dinners have their origins in this period. The Tudor Christmas was a time of feasting, revelry and merrymaking, a twelve-day-long festival.” Alison Weir and Siobhan Clarke. Peterborough Cathedral UK £7 HERE

Dec 15 Thur 7 Christmas and New Years Culinary Traditions. Sarah Lohman. Chelmsford Public Library MA HERE TAPE may be HERE

Dec 15 Thur 7 Caesar’s Chocolate: The History and Legacy of one of Virginia’s Earliest Chocolate Makers. Chef Christopher Scott, Dontavius Williams. Stratford Hall VA HERE

Dec 15 Thu 8 Gone with the Wind in Chicago – Virtual Tour. “grist mill shown briefly in the opening credits in Little Rock, Arkansas. Chicago Movie Tours. tips HERE

Dec 16 Fri 2 The Politics of Tea. The East India Company & British Tea Culture. Claire Evans. Bristol Public Library CT HERE

Dec 17 Sat 10-11:30AM Holiday Baking: Steamed Persimmon Pudding. [lemon sauce] Gary Stuard. City Market, Vermont HERE

Dec 20 Tue 10AM Afternoon Tea the English Way. Heygo HERE

Dec 20 Tue 6:30 Christmas in the Tenements. Tenement Museum. Not taped. Donation HERE

Dec 21 Wed 5:30-6:30 The Jewish Deli: History of a New York Institution. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Dec 24 Sat 11AM Jane Austen Mince Pie Bake-Along. A Christmas 1830s Mince Pie. Paul Couchman. Regency Cook. £18.50 – £21 HERE

Dec 29 Thur 2 In Search of Britain's Oldest Pubs: The Folklore, Archaeology and History of Mediaeval Boozers. James Wright. Triskele Heritage. Donation. No tape HERE

Dec 31 Sat 4:30 Booze and the Borough. “Hop factors and warehouses evoke laden wagons arriving from Kent, Sussex and Surrey. This tour tells of one of London’s largest breweries, and of a very dangerous umbrella.” David Charnick, Footprints of London £10 HERE also De 26


Dec 10 Sat 5:15AM 4hr 45min The Yuletide Festival in Early England. 3 talks: The Old English Calendar. The Old English Feasting Hall. The Yuletide Feast. Dr Sam Newton. Wuffing Education £30.00 HERE

Nov 14-De 19 A Passion for Porcelain - Series of 6 talks £5 The Gardens Trust UK HERE


Ice harvesting 1889 (click to enlarge)
During the past two years I have written many posts highlighting subjects from the main calendar or related to the lockdown. Taped talks continue to be added to subject posts and eventually talks not taped will be deleted (except in Archives lists). Due to the ever increasing number of talks (over 200) each month, I have removed all the info and links from the end of this main post, perhaps make new post or add back when fewer talks.

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Flour barrels rolled down stairs to Civil War bake ovens in US Capitol 1862
2020 HERE and 2021 HERE

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