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Calendar of virtual food history talks

The Calendar will continue in a limited way, since I must cut back on the long hours I have spent on it the last four years.
There have been over 4,500 virtual food history talks, demos and tours by museums, historical associations, small businesses, groups, and others.

Some months during the past three years had over 250 talks. About a fourth of the talks are taped and will continue to be freely available in the posts by topic/subject. If you know of any other talks, please use the "contact form" to the right. ENJOY!

2020 list of all past talks - taped & untaped HERE
2021 list of all past talks Jan-Feb HERE /t/ March HERE /t/ April HERE /t/ May HERE /t/ June HERE /t/ July & Au HERE /t/ Sept & Oct HERE /Nov & Dec HERE
2022 list of all past talks - taped & untaped Jan HERE / Feb HERE / Mar HERE / Apr HERE / May HERE / June HERE / July-Aug HERE / Sept-Oct HERE / Nv-De HERE
2023 list of all past talks - taped/untaped Jan-Feb HERE / Mar-May HERE / June-Dec HERE
2024 list of all past talks - taped/untaped Jan- HERE

African American /// Alcohol, Prohibition /// Art / Barns, farms /// Bees / Bread, flour, salt, horno /// British // Chinese /// Chocolate /// Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Cows / Dining out /// Family Recipes / Farms // Fish /// Food aid /// Foraging // Gardens, Farms /// German /// Halloween / Hearth cooking, ovens /// Holiday Christmas /// Holiday Easter Eggs /// Holidays Nv // Home Ec / Ice Harvesting /// Indigenous /// Insects / Irish /// Italian /// Jewish // Korean /// Maple Sugar // Maryland / Medical /// Medieval foods, gardens // Mexican //Mills // Rationing // Rumford // Scotland // Tea // Women authors

MAY EVENTS -- Eastern time zone. 29 talks

Links for new virtual talks are added as I find them, so keep checking back. Also added at the end of my bi-weekly blog posts.

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

May 1 Wed 11AM Koji and Indian Gastronomy. Prachet Sancheti Cultures.Group. HERE

May 1 Wed 6:30 New York’s Cocktail Parlors and the Women Who Hosted in Them. Nicola Nice. Culinary Historians of New York. $10 HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 1 Wed 8 Breathing Life into Your Community Cookbook Collection: A Culinary Yearbook. Catherine Lambrecht. CHEW Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 3 Fri 12:30 A Gateway to Empire: Dutch Merchant Bankers and the Danish West Indies, 1760s-1800s. Pernille Røge. Low Countries History IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 5 Sun 2 Our Heirloom Grains and Vegetables. “heirloom grains and vegetables from the 19th century. What are the greatest of the horticultural creations that came to typify Low country and Tidewater cookery?” David Shields. CHOW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE

May 5 Sun 3-4:30 The Starving Empire: A History of Famine in France's Colonies. “food crises in Algeria, West and Equatorial Africa, and Vietnam into a broader story of imperial and transnational care…” author Yan Slobodkin. French Press HERE

May 7 Tue 12 Findability: introducing your article to the world. Wiki Club Meeting. Oxford Food Symposium HERE

May 8 Wed 12 The Sifter: The Ask. Searching for Foods in History. Oxford Food Symposium. HERE

May 8 Wed 12:30 Binding poor children by the Acre: The Origins and Economic Logic of Compulsory Apprenticeship Schemes in Southwest England c. 1670-1750. James Fisher. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 8 Wed 6:30 East Coast Collector Talks About West Coast Pottery. John Moses. International Museum of Dinnerware Design HERE TAPE may be HERE or HERE

May 9 Thu 12:30 Embarrassment in Riches: The Development of Taste in Late Medieval London. Craig Bertolet. IHR The Institute of Historical Research [not sure, taste in broad sense] HERE

May 12 Sun 1 Indian Fermentation Cultures: Pickles, Koji, Breads. Cultures.Group. HERE

May 14 Tue 6:30 Food Innovation. Taproom Tastings. Catherine Prescott, Mary Tsaltas-Ottomanelli. Keeler Tavern Museum; & Hendrick I. Lott House. Donation HERE TAPE HERE

May 16 Thu 12:30 The Pan-Africanism of Jollof Rice in the 20th century. Dr. William Blakemore Lyon. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 17 Fri 2 Food without Borders: High in the Himalayas. Nepal “exploring the essence of flavor-building, food preparation techniques and the uses of various spices and plants across cultures.” AARP not need membership HERE

May 18 Sat 2 Hot Brown Sandwich. [Ky Derby May 4] Cuisine of Different Cultures. Atlantic Institute HERE

May 18 Sat 9pm Southeast Asian Ferments and Cultures. Connie Chew. Cultures.Group. HERE

May 19 Sun 4 Detroit’s 1910 Kosher Meat Riot. Dr. Catherine Cangany. CHAA Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 20 Mon 7AM Evolving Foodscapes: A Spatial History of Hawkers in Singapore. from “itinerant street hawking to licensed hawking from stalls in fixed markets or centres.” Dr Bryan Wee. National Library Board, Singapore HERE

May 20 Mon 5:30-7 Fine Dining on the Rails: History of the Pullman Train Car. Becky Libourel Diamond. New York Adventure Club. Tape one week $12 HERE

May 20 Mon 8 Cicadas, anyone? Carolyn Berg, David Hammond, Catherine Lambrecht. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 21 Tue 11:30 AM Dining with Nobility temp exhibit in Palazzo Sorbello, Perugia Italy. Virtual visit. “traditions of 18th-century society: dining, gastronomy and the art of setting the table” Patrizia Blanquart. World Virtual Tours. donation HERE

May 22 Wed 12:30 Identity and Regionality: Yeoman Farmers in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century England. Dr. Louisa Foroughi. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 22 Wed 8 The Soul of Jewish Food. Dylan Maysick, owner Diaspora Dinners. Culinary Historians of Chicago. HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 23 Thu 12 We need to talk about : New Dialogues through FoodZines. Panel. Oxford Food Symposium Free – £15 HERE

May 23 Thu 6:30-8:15 Foods of New York. Susan & Art Zuckerman. Chelmsford Public Library HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 26 Sun 8-10pm A Century of Caesar’s Salad. Martin Lindsay. BACH Bay Area Culinary Historians HERE

May 28 Tue 12:30 Lords and common lands in England during the central middle ages. Hannah Boston. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 29 Wed 8 AM Canine Cultivators: A Brief History of the ‘Gardener's Best Friend’. Peter Robinson. The Gardens Trust £8 HERE

May 30 Thu 12 Lunch and Learn: Spices. Laura Scheck. Brooklyn Brainery $18 HERE

May 30 Thu 12:30 Food as Power/Food as Weakness: Courtly dining between pomp and poison. “a case of food crisis at the end of the reign of the "Great" Elector of Brandenburg-Prussia (1640-1688) following the death of his son, Ludwig.” Molly Taylor-Poleskey. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE


July 14-19 online “Gardens, Flowers, & Fruits” Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery HERE


Ice harvesting 1889 (click to enlarge)
During the past three years I have written many posts highlighting subjects from the main calendar or related to the lockdown. Taped talks continue to be added to subject posts and eventually talks not taped will be deleted (except in Archives lists). Due to the ever increasing number of talks (over 200) each month, I have removed all the info and links from the end of this main post, perhaps make new post or add back when fewer talks.

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Glass bee hives 1772, 1828 ... and 1650s. HERE
Halloween - Snap-apple, snapdragon, turnip lanterns, Colcannon Night, (Soule) Cake Night and Day of the Dead HERE
Hearth cooking, ovens demonstrations HERE
Holiday: Christmas HERE
Holiday: Day of the Dead HERE
Holiday: Easter Eggs & Hot Cross Buns HERE
Holiday: Fat Tuesday - Pancake Day, Doughnut/Kinkling Day HERE
Holidays: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Stir-up Sunday HERE
Holiday: Twelfth Night HERE
Holiday: Washington’s Birthday Wash. Cake, Wash. Pie HERE
Home Economics HERE
Ice Cream Freezing Pots, Sorbetieres, Ice Cream Makers & Freezers from 1751 to 1916 HERE
Ice Harvesting film clips start 1898, taped talks, images HERE
Ideas for pair-ups museums and local businesses HERE
Indigenous Foodways HERE
Irish food, famine, and drinks talks and tapes HERE
Isotopes - From bones to diet to migration HERE Italian foodways in Italy and America talks HERE
Jewish Foodways HERE
JSTOR free - scholarly journals, ebooks, images HERE
Korean foodways HERE
Manuscripts: Medical, Manuscript Cookbooks Survey HERE
Manuscripts: Medieval, Renaissance HERE
Maple Sugaring HERE
Maryland HERE
Medical and culinary manuscripts HERE
Medieval foods, manuscripts, gardens HERE
Mexican foodways HERE
Mills HERE
Mustard seeds and vinegar makers in 1765 HERE
Oral history project on foodways during quarantine HERE
Ovens demonstrations HERE
Peat harvesting HERE
Prohibition HERE
Quarantine sign 1911 “Notice to Milkman! HERE
Rations and rationing HERE
Restaurants, Diners, Fast food, Street food, Picnics, Trains and TavernsHERE
Salt production in Adobe ovens pictures, Bread, flour, salt HERE
Scotland HERE
Sourdough Library - Puratos World Heritage Sourdough Library in Belgium HERE
Transcribing manuscript recipes – volunteer! HERE
Victory and War Gardens, Plants, Farms HERE
Women cookbook authors talks HERE

Flour barrels rolled down stairs to Civil War bake ovens in US Capitol 1862
2020 HERE and 2021 HERE

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  5. I did this tour when I was in Paris last year and it was FABULOUS! Wear comfortable walking shoes. " Food Tour: The Belly of Paris. “Les Halles, home to one of the best market streets of Paris. Built in the 1100’s… Stohrer, including the macarons, the oldest pastry shop of Paris, a place opened in 1730 where the baba au rhum were invented…” Heygo HERE"