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Virtual food history talks, cook-alongs, demos

There have been over 1000 virtual food history talks, demos and tours by museums, historical associations, small businesses, groups, and others. About a fourth of the talks are taped  and will continue to be freely available in the posts by topic/subject. If you know of any other talks, please use the "contact form" on right.

Keep checking back since I am adding links for virtual events as I find them. Double check times.

Archive 1 - 2020 list of all past talks HERE
Archive 2 - 2021 list of all past talks HERE

Topics lists of past taped talks and upcoming ones in seperate posts: African American // Beverages // Bread, flour, salt, horno // British // Chocolate // Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Hearth cooking, ovens // Holiday Christmas // Holidays Nv,Dec // Ice Harvesting // Indigenous // Jewish // Maple Sugar // Medical // Medieval foods, gardens // Tea and Prohibition

MARCH EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
181 /166 start of month

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

***Jewish foodways upcoming and past taped talks HERE

Mar 1 Mon 6-7 AM The Irish Traveller Shelter Tent and Griddle Bread. NUI Galway Irish Traveller Ethnicity Day 2021. HERE

Mar 1 Mon 12 The Purim Experience: the Jews of the Great Silk Road. Bukharian Jewish merchants, “contribution of Central Asia's Jewish communities of today's Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan to this ancient path... for over 2000 years.” Manashe Khaimov. Center for Jewish History $10 HERE

Mar 1 Mon 1-2:30 Suffragette City: The Women’s Suffrage Movement in NYC. “how eating lunch became a major feminist statement.” Lucie Levine. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Mar 1 Mon 6pm Oysters: The New York Connection. “Once the Oyster capital of the world, learn how and why New York City and Long Island are restocking local waterways with oysters, clams and scallops.“ Cornell Cooperative Extension. East Hampton Library HERE

Mar 1 Mon 8 Betty Crocker and Her Cookbook That Changed How America Cooks. Leslie Goddard. Mount Prospect Public Library IL HERE

Mar 1 Mon 8-9:30pm Speakeasies of NYC: A Tale of Crime, Creativity, and Celebration. Sylvia Laudien-Meo. New York Adventure Club. $10 included tape/week HERE

Mar 1 Mon 10-11:30 PM The Culinary Misadventures of Eleanor Roosevelt. with friend/WH cook Elizabeth Nesbitt made meals for the Depression. “so gray, so drooping, and so spectacularly inept that they became a Washington legend.” Maryellen Burns. Renaissance Society Sacramento, Renaissance Cafe HERE

Mar 2 Tue 12 Deep Space Food Webinar. “astronauts and experts from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency discuss cosmic culinary experiences and the history of space food system technology.” Deep Space Food Challenge. Methuselah Foundation HERE TAPE HERE /

Mar 2 Tue 12:30 Circulating Libraries and Private Networks: Locating Sources for Mary Hays’s Female Biography, 1795-1803. Timothy Whelan. IHR UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 2 Tue 2 Restoring our Rivers – Removing Barriers to Fish Migration. “how these weirs, locks and other infrastructure affect fish (barbel) migration along the River Severn - and what could happen if they were removed.” Dr Catherine Gutmann Roberts. Bournemouth University UK HERE [River Severn also Mar 18]

Mar 2 Tue 3 Shrimp Tales - Small Bites of History. “history of people, places and boats of the commercial shrimping industry in the Southeast” US. author Beverly Bowers Jennings. Heritage Library History & Ancestry Research Center. SC $5 HERE

Mar 2 Tue 8-10pm Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting to Greece & Italy. “a culinary adventure through two incredible countries.” Christina and Carolyn, from Myths and Muses Tours. Ingenious Travel HERE

Mar 3 Wed 12:30-2 Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the Americas. Latin American Studies Center CU Boulder CO HERE

Mar 3 Wed 1:30-3 C for Chile. “Exploration of main grapes and regions, as well as history, culture and gastronomy.” Wine Alphabet. €16.86 tape HERE

Mar 3 Wed 1:30-3:30 The Black History of Food (1) Cornbread, Conkies and Cooking. Elaine Buchanan. Black History Walks. Donation HERE

Mar 3 Wed 6-7:30 Native American Gardening Traditions. “traded foods and other goods across the continent for generations before Europeans arrived…” create dishes with "Mother Corn." Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, PhD and Bonnie Tobin. Friends Life Care: VigR HERE

Mar 3 Wed 8 War Fare: Absinthe and Wine. “before 1914, absinthe was celebrated in cafes and literature alike, but by the end of World War I, wine was synonymous with French culture.” Doug Frost, Matthew Naylor. National WWI Museum MO $10 HERE [another Absinthe on Mr 5]

Mar 3 Wed 7:30 Wisconsin Cocktails: Why We Drink What We Drink. “state’s obsession with brandy, ice cream drinks, and a smorgasbord of garnishes. Beyond delving into mythic origins of several classic creations.” author Jeanette Hurt. Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW) HERE

Mar 3 Wed 8-9:30 PM Mexico's History in 10 Dishes. “domestication of several important crops in Mesoamerica… Mexico's cuisine has evolved with influences from various locations around the world.” Discover Oaxaca Tours $20 HERE /

Mar 4 Thur 10-12 Revealing Recipes: Top Tips from Early Modern Women. Household medicinal recipes, power of remedy books, Wellcome recipe collection, transcribing, digitizing, conserving. Bluejeans platform tape via EMROC. Early Modern Recipes Online Collective, Royal College of Physicians and the Wellcome Collection. HERE

Mar 4 Thur 11 History of Cattle in Texas. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension HERE

Mar 4 Thur 11 Greece: Discover a Delightful Food & Wine Holiday Destination. 3,5000 years of winemaking, tour wine regions, indigenous varieties. Wine Events Worldwide HERE

Mar 4 Thurs 12:15-2:30 Street Life in Renaissance Italy. Author Fabrizio Nevola. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 4 Thurs 12:15-2:30 The Quest for Quality: A History of Coffee in Producer Nations. Jordan Buchanan, Philip Magowan. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 4 Thur 12:30-2 Nitrogen, the staff of life: measuring food intake before the Calorie. Arnaud Page. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 4 Thur 1-2:30 Nineteenth-Century Archives and Handwriting in the Digital Age roundtable. Dr Leon Litvack, Angelique Richardson, Beth Mills, Dr Christopher Ohge, Adrian S. Wisnicki. HERE

Mar 4 Thur 2-3:30 America's Sweet Candy History. The companies and brands from early treats to modern chocolate bars. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Great Neck Library, N.Y HERE

Mar 4 Thur 2:30 Women in the American Revolution. Hope Roselle. Old Barracks Museum HERE

Mar 4 Thur 3 What's Cooking? “important cookery books and food- and drink-related ephemera offered California Virtual Book Fair. Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of AmericaHERE

Mar 4 Thur 4pm A 40,000 Year History of Mead in Southern Africa. Neil Rusch. Fermentology NC State U info HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Mar 4 Thur 5:30-6:30 Oystering in Norwalk, CT - A Virtual Chat with Photographer and author Bill Whitbeck. Norwalk Historical Society $5 donation HERE

Mar 4 Thur 7 Black, White, and The Grey. Founding of The Grey restaurant in Savannah by authors Mashama Bailey and John Morisano. Georgia Center for the Book HERE /

Mar 4 Thurs 7:30 The Marmalade Mavens. Sarah B. Hood. Culinary Historians of Canada $18 HERE

Mar 4 Thur 8 Swedish Pancakes for Breakfast? “foods we eat can tell us about immigration, identity, and Nordic-American life in the Upper Midwest, by focusing on coffee, lutefisk, and, of course, Swedish pancakes.” B. Marcus Cederstrom. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE

Mar 4 Thur 8-9:30 Cooking with ArtBites: The Grand Tour. Georgian England, the French Court, Ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy. Food and art. Maite Gomez-Rejon. ArtBites $25 HERE

Mar 5 Fri 9 AM Serving Winston: the life of Churchill's Cook. “Georgina Landemare cooked for the Churchills for over 14 years.” By author Annie Gray. The National ArchivesHERE

Mar 5 Fri 10-11:30 Interactive Book Symposium. Interacting with Early Modern Recipe Books. Marissa Nicosia (Cooking in the Archives); Renaissance Shortcuts books with moving parts; Children’s Interactive Books in the 18th and 19th Cen; Selfing in the Postcard Album. NYU Libraries HERE

Mar 5 Fri 12-2 Agents of Assistance: Reconstructing Socio-Economic Networks of Care in Early Modern England. Charmian Mansell. IHR UK HERE

Mar 5 Fri 12:30-2 Economies of Knowledge. The Epistemic Cultures in the Dutch East India Company (1602–c1650) Susanne Friedrich. IHR UK HERE

Mar 5 Fri 1:15-2 The Origins & Rituals of Absinthe: A Virtual Lecture & Tasting. for International Absinthe Day. Allison Crawbuck & Rhys Everett. The Last Tuesday Society. £8.95 HERE [another Absinthe on Mar 3]

Mar 5 Fri 2-3:30 Taste 102: Bitter / Umami. Samantha Schmell, Margaret Dobbs. ShopRite Nutrition Team HERE

Mar 5 Fri 3 Fish of the Peninsula and the South Bay Watersheds. “where these fish live, where they used to live, and why many of their populations have sadly deteriorated due to historical and current-day environmental impacts.” Salmon, trout, other native fish of San Francisco. Richard Tejeda. Peninsula Open Space Trust. CA HERE TAPE should be HERE

Mar 6 Sat 9AM An Anglo-Saxon Industrial Oven Complex at Sedgeford. Middle Anglo-Saxon malting/brewing complex, on an at least semi-industrial scale. Dr Neil Faulkner. Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society HERE

Mar 6 Sat 2-3:30 History of Childhood and Early Kid Food. Dr. Shayne Figueroa. 4 part series. A Century of Kids and Food: From Applesauce to Zagnut. Jefferson Market Library HERE

Mar 6 Sat 4-6 Gather: The Fight to Revitalize Our Native Foodways. film Watch Party. Rebecca Harrell Tickel and Josh Tickel. One Earth Film FestivalHERE

Mar 6 Sat 6-7:30 Amaro – The Basics of Bitter Liqueurs. “history of amaro, suggest staples to stock your home bar, and cover several cocktails. Zachary Faden. Museum of Distilled Spirits $30 HERE

Mar 6 Sat 7:30-9 New York Brew History & Guided Beer Tasting. 400 years of brewing, since the Dutch. Craig Gravina of the Albany Ale Project (research site HERE) and author of Upper Hudson Valley Beer. Putnam History Museum $10 +for beers HERE /

Mar 7 Sun 6 AM Travel Like a Local: U.S.A. - Traditional & Favorite Desserts. “history of favorite American desserts, where in the U.S. they were invented and how each are prepared.” For non-native English speakers. Global Immersions, Inc. $23 HERE

Mar 7 Sun 11-1 Dairy. “make cultured butter, fresh ricotta, and gnudi with browned butter sauce.” Maria van Zyl of Cream of the Crop Butter (Cape Town SA). Seeds & Salt $45 HERE

Mar 7 Sun 2 Medieval Catalan Cooking. “trace the roots of a traditional Catalan recipe, 600 years in the making, and learn about the history of recipe documentation… first eggplant recipe that was written down” Hannah of Atlas Obscura $25 HERE another talk on May 8

Mar 7 Sun 3-4:30 The History of Chocolate. Luis Luis-Martinez. $36.50 HERE

Mar 7 Sun 5-6:30 Umayyad and Abbasid Gardens of the Islamic World with Dr. Sabahat Adil. Context Travel. $36.50 HERE

Mar 8 Mon 5 Tap the Sap! Maple Sugaring Science & History. age 8-14 NY sugaring from pre-Colonial to modern methods. The Ashokan Center NY $12 HERE

Mar 8-9 Mon-Tue 9-5 Hop on the grain train. Various panels, tours, demo including 1730s stone ground flour mill, Local Grain & Traditional Foodways: Tsampa demo. Philadelphia Grain & Malt Symposium. CRAFT at Chatham University $12 HERE

Mar 9 Tue 1 The Story of Bread. “Symbolic breads are found in rituals throughout the world… [current bread] is a nutritional, culinary, social and environmental mess.” Rob Penn author of Slow Rise and Colin Tudge. 5x15 HERE

Mar 9 Tue 1:30 Clitterhouse Farm, an Anglo-Saxon farm. “exploration and the local archaeological society that has undertaken it.” Roger Chapman. London & Middlesex Archaeological Society LAMAS £2.50 HERE

Mar 9 Tue 2-3 North Carolina: Mountains, moonshine and barbecue. National Geographic Traveller UK HERE

Mr 9 Tue 3 London's Food Factories. Victorian factories where famous food brands were made… Peak Freans, Sarsons and McVities. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Mar 9 Tue 5:15-6:30 Climate in Words and Numbers: How Early Americans Recorded Weather in Almanacs. Joyce Chaplin. Mass Historical Society HERE

Mar 9 Tues 5:30-7 Food and Kingship in Early Medieval England. Tom Lambert, Sam Leggett. the system of food renders (sometimes termed ‘feorm’) The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 9 Tue 6:00 Voyage of Mercy: The USS Jamestown, the Irish Famine, and the Remarkable Story of America’s First Humanitarian Mission. “In 1847, the USS Jamestown set sail from Boston loaded with food for people suffering … famine in Ireland. Start with Irish music and images. Author Stephen Puleo. The National Park Service, Boston Harbor. Charlestown Navy Yard HERE

Mar 9 Tue 6:30 Tavern Tastings: African American Foodways. “how recipes, cooking and eating methods, and traditions develop overtime…” Scott Alves Barton. Keeler Tavern Museum and Fraunces Tavern Museum HERE

Mar 9 Tue 9-10pm Celebrate America's female Prohibition pioneers. “Each woman bootlegger is paired with a unique craft whiskey and distillery to highlight and honor their individual story.” Saint Liberty Whiskey. Women Who Whiskey Seattle Chapter $35 HERE

Mar 10 Wed 1:30-3 N for New Zealand. “Exploration of main grapes and regions, as well as history, culture and gastronomy.” Wine Alphabet. €16.86 tape HERE

Mar 10 Wed 2:30 Hanworth – A Farming Community. “Hanworth was once a rural farming community supplying London with goods from its market gardens.” Katy Cox. FORCE UK HERE

Mar 10 Wed 3 Mapping Manuscript Migrations: Tracking the Travels of 220,000 Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts. The MMM project “combined three large collections of data relating to the history and provenance of more than 220,000 medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.” Dr Toby Burrows. Birmingham U. NY HERE

Mar 10 Wed 5:30 Taverns, Temperance, Teetotalers & Tommy Guns: The History of Prohibition. Dr. Francis Coan & Stephen McGrath. Weston Historical Society CT HERE

Mar 10 Wed 7 Virtual Cider Talk with Dan Pucci & Craig Cavallo authors of American Cider. Savoy Bookshop & Cafe 0-$40 HERE

Mar 10 Wed 7-8:30 The Queens of New Orleans Creole Cuisine: From Tante Zoe to Leah Chase. “African-American women from the 18th-20th century were major contributors to establishing New Orleans world famous Creole cuisine.” Zella Palmer. The Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses. HERE

Mar 10 Wed 10-11:30PM Oysters – The World’s Oldest Superfood. “the culinary, artistic, sexual, historical, and scientific history of this humble bivalve… role in the building of empires and the discovery of new lands.” Carolyn Tillie. Renaissance Society Sacramento, Renaissance Cafe HERE

Mar 11 Thur 12:15-1:30 Breadstamps: Imprinting the Sacred. Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, Birmingham UK HERE CANCELLED

Mar 11 Thur 4-5 Tea Talk: Explore Pu’er Tea with author Lisa See The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. “role of Pu’er tea in Chinese culture and society. You will also learn how to steep tea correctly, how to smoke chicken at home, and how to make tea eggs and Pu'er shortbread cookies.” Professor Judy Wu, Chef Jessica VanRoo. UCI Illuminations U Cal Irvine HERE TAPE may be HERE /

Mar 11 Thur 8:30-9:30pm Pi(e) Squared: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pie and Pizza. Pi Day (March 14th). Lauren Ko (Pieometry), Kate Lebo (poet/pie-maker), Kate McDermott (Art of the Pie) and Dave Lichterman (Windy City Pies). KCTS 9 HERE

Mar 12 Fri 6-7:30 The Art of French Brasserie Cooking. “Thomas Jefferson’s contributions to American cuisine and the enslaved cooks who prepared the food for his table.“ Poulet à l’Estragon (Tarragon Chicken) David Bastide. Susan Stein talk on Jefferson’s years in France. Monticello. VA $35 HERE

Mar 13 Sat 10:30-11:15 History in the Kitchen: Stewed Parsnips. white laborers, shopkeepers, and tenant farmers of Virginia. Gunston Hall 3 part series for 10 and up. VA HERE

Mar 13 Sat 11 am A Curious, Secret Spice in Your Masala. Zoom from Denmark. Lichens. Priya Mani. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE

Mar 13 Sat 1:30-3:30 Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah (Shore). “Flo Selfman, who was on Dinah Shore's staff while she was writing her cookbook, shares her experiences with the self-taught chef.” Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Mar 13 Sat 2-3:30 Kid Food and Kids in Advertising. Dr. Shayne Figueroa. 4 part series. A Century of Kids and Food: From Applesauce to Zagnut. Jefferson Market Library HERE

Mar 13 Sat 3-3:30 Ode to Irish Whiskey! How made, distilleries, pot stills. “course focuses on the history and cocktail stories.” Horseations HERE

Mar 13 Sat 3:30-6 Guinness Beef Stew and Irish Boxty. Cook, learn “some Irish history, and some food science for good measure.” Melissa. Til It's Done $20 ($10 for just recording) HERE /

Mar 14 Sun 10am Irish Tea History: Comfort and Rebellion in a Cup: The Story of Tea in Ireland. Tea, Irish soda bread, Kerrygold butter. Karen Donnelly. Starfish Junction Productions. $39 HERE

Mar 14 Sun 12 Sephardic Passover Cooking. “highlighting North African, Tunisian and Iraqi dishes from residents of Israel.” Bantage (Tunisian paddies made from potatoes and mushrooms), stuffed grape leaves and Sephardic Haroset. Grade 6 through adults. Jewish Children's Folkshul & Adult Community HERE

Mar 14 Sun 1 1850s San Francisco: Paris of the Pacific. “French origins from City Planning, SF Infrastructure, Retail Industry and Restaurants.” San Francisco City Guides HERE

Mar 14 Sun 4 Tequila 101 Pt 3: Production. “agave is harvested, cooked, fermented, distilled, aged (sometimes!) and bottled.” Khrys Maxwell. Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE /

Mar 14 Sun 7:30 New Orleans Style Beignets (Donuts). Chef Michele. CocuSocial $19 HERE /

Mar 14 Sun 2 The Influence of the Dutch on the American Kitchen. Ms. Peter G. Rose. CHoW Culinary Historians of DC HERE

Mar 14 Sun 2 Tea Tasting with the Women of Shirley-Eustis House. 18th cen. Gov Shirley wife and daughter social role, later Gov Eustis wife Chinese export tea set. Shirley-Eustis House MA $12 HERE

Mar 14 Sun 2-3:30 Enchanted Irish Afternoon Tea. “origins of afternoon tea, followed by enchanting tales of food, heritage, folklore and history from the island of Ireland.” BBNY GROUP LLC $15 HERE

Mar 15 Mon 2-4 India and the Silk Roads: The History of a Trading World, author Dr Jagjeet Lally. “fate of these overland connections in the ages of sail and steam 18th 19th cen. UCL Institute of Advanced Studies HERE[Mar 1 talk on Silk Road]

Mar 15 Mon 6 Mexico’s first female cookbook author. “Torres de Rubio was not only Mexico’s first female cookbook author but also the first to publish a regional cookbook in her 1896 trailblazing work, Cocina michoacana.” Maite Gomez-Rejon. La Plaza HERE

Mar 15 Mon 7:30-9 Gin 101 pt 1: History. “From its genever origins to the gin acts and all the juniper-filled consumption in between.” Natasha Bahrami. Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE /

Mar 15 Mon 8 Who Was Typhoid Mary? The Killer Cook who Changed what we know about Diseases. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Clarendon Hills Public Library IL HERE

Mar 15 Mon 9:15-10:45 Mexico's Early Cookbooks. “Mexican cuisine is recorded in the diaries of early Spaniards, colonial kitchen manuscripts and cookbooks published after Independence in 1821 through the 1910-1920 Revolution.” Maite Gomez-Rejon. Sherman Oaks Friends of the Library HERE

Mar 16 Tue 3-4:30 Traditional Irish Cooking. “Irish recipes full of traditional & heritage from our land.” by author Chef Brian Mc Dermott. €25 HERE

Mar 16 Tue 5:30-7:30 The Origin, The History, and The Uses of Ancestral African Foods. “fruits, vegetables, grains, tubers, flowers, & trees” of Africa. Abena Offeh-Gyimah. Adda Blooms $30 HERE /

Mar 16 Tue 6:30 Tapping into the Past: Tavern Life in Early Connecticut. Presented by the Connecticut Historical Society. Keeler Tavern Museum $5 HERE

Mar 16 Tue 6:30 Whiskey 101 Pt 3: Production. “differences between the production methods and maturation of Irish, Scotch, Bourbons, etc.“ Julia Ritz Toffoli, Kurt Maitland.” Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE /

Mar 16 Tue 7-9 The History of the New England Maple Sugar Harvest. “From slash to spile to suction the story of the maple sap harvest is one of romance, folklore and science.” Stanley-Whitman House CT $5 HERE

Maple Sugaring (and Ice harvesting tapes) posts HERE
3 talks: March 8, 16, 27 Mar 16 Tue 7:30-9 The American Coffeehouse. “origins of coffee and coffee houses as a shared communal space.” Eve MacKnight. Brooklyn Brainery $6 HERE

Mar 16 Tue 8-9:30 Spices: A Primer. “origins and health benefits, distinguish between their whole and ground forms.” Laura Scheck. Brooklyn Brainery $29 HERE

Mar 17 Wed 9-9:30am Laborers and Bread Riots. Bread shortages, explosion killed women working at Richmond Ordinance Lab spring of 1863 street march led to attacking businesses. American Civil War Museum HERE

Mar 17 Wed 1-2:30 Grande Cuisine to Grand Opera: The History of French Food & Opera. “17th century to19th century France to see how one country's cooking and opera took the world by storm.” Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club. $10 and tape week HERE

Mar 17 Wed 2-3 What’s on the Menu: The Cultural Meaning and Principles of Japanese Cuisine. Akemi Tanaka. LEVEL. £22.15 HERE

Mar 17 Wed 2-3:30 [also 6pm] Early Pennsylvania English/ Quaker Food Culture. “sample Quaker recipes and early trade goods.” Dr. Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, Bonnie Tobin. Friends Life Care: VigR HERE

Mar 17 Wed 2:30-4 A for Australia. “Exploration of main grapes and regions, as well as history, culture and gastronomy.” Wine Alphabet. €16.86 tape HERE

Mar 17 Wed 3-3:45 Bread or Blood. Richmond Bread Riot in spring of 1863. Women involved and controversy over the end. Kelly Hancock. American Civil War Museum HERE

Mar 17 Wed 3-4:30 The Craven Heifer: the biography of a beast. The largest cow in England died 1812. Carl Griffin. AHG Seminar. Animal History Group, King’s College London. HERE

Mar 17 Wed 6 Irish Famine Migrant Stories in Ontario. Virtual exhibit of personal histories of migrants and their Canadian caregivers. Dr. Jason King, Robert G. Kearns, Dr. Mark McGowan, Dr. Laura J. Smith. Ireland Park Foundation HERE

Mar 17 Wed 7-9 Awamori: 600 years of culture & tradition. Okinawan rice-based spirit. Japanese beverage culture and tradition. Jun Ogawa & Giulio Amodio. The UK Bartenders Guild UKBG HERE

Mar 17 Wed 7 Drink Me, I'm Irish. History of Irish Whisky, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Guinness Stout. Tammy Coxen. Needham History Center HERE

Mar 17 Wed 9pm Historical Table / Colorado Boarding Houses in 1890s, "Warming Meals and Clean Sheets". Curatorial Services & Collections Access, History Colorado $8 HERE

Mar 18 Thur 10:30 AM Source of The Sauces – The Tale of two Northampton-born Victorian Jeyes Brothers. “Philadelphus a "chymist & druggist", created Jeyes's Northamptonshire Sauce in 1835 and his brother, John, botanist and inventor of many disinfectants including in 1877 the world-famous Jeyes Fluid.” Georgina Jeyes. Northampton Museums & Art Gallery. £5.80 HERE

Mar 18 Thur 11 Suffolk Deer Parks. “the making and management of medieval deer parks” for status, food. Dr Rosemary Hoppitt. Suffolk Gardens Trust HERE

Mar 18 Thur 11 Indigenous Fisheries Science. life history of salmon, reconnect to her roots, and “the brilliance of Indigenous fisheries science.” Andrea Reid. Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies BC Canada HERE

Mar 18 Thurs 12 Bread Seminar and baking by author William Rubel. Join Rubel's Facebook page Bread History and Practice for future topics and details HERE Mar 18 Thurs 12:30-2 Pizza, hot dogs, and snow cones: How the drive-in theatre revolutionised the concession stand. Lucy Hulls. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 18 Thur 1:30-3 Persian Cuisine and Culture. “favourite Persian dishes, the popular ingredients, spices and herbs used. Learn about the Persian ancient festival of Nowruz, that Haleh will celebrate on 20th March.” Haleh Moravej. MACFEST - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival. HERE

Mar 18 Thur 3 Hidden Journeys within our Rivers “fascinating biology behind migration and the challenges” such as mid 18th century weirs disrupt twaite shad from going upstream to spawn in the River Severn. Dr. Catherine Gutmann Roberts, Pete Davies. Unlocking the Severn series UK HERE website HERE TAPE may be HERE [River Severn also Mar 2]

Mar 18 Thur 3-5 Brindisa Ham Home School. Spanish jamon. 4 regional varieties including 100% acorn fed Iberico ham. 4 samples for UK residents only 8 days prior. Brindisa £38.32 HERE

Mar 18 Thur 3:30 A Time Traveller’s Guide to Regency Britain. “the sights, sounds, smells of Regency Britain” author Dr Ian Mortimer. South West Heritage Trust £5 – £10 HERE

Mar 18 Thur 4 Make Mead Like a Viking. Jereme Zimmerman. Fermentology NC State U info HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Mar 18 Thur 6 James Hemings’ Contributions to American Cuisine. While in France with Jefferson he learned French cuisine, blended it with Virginian and was freed at 30. Ashbell Mcelveen. The National Arts ClubHERE

Mar 18 Thur 9:30-11 PM The Magic of Irish Whiskey w/ Curated Irish Whiskey Kit Tasting by New York Adventure Club. Tape for 1 week $10 HERE

Mar 19 Fri 12:30-2 A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles. author Ned Palmer. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE

Mar 19 Fri 2-3:30 Taste 103: Sweet & Sour. Samantha Schmell, Margaret Dobbs. ShopRite Nutrition Team HERE

Mar 19 Fri 3-4 Lettuce Begin. History, how to grow. Lesley Parness. Duke Farms $5 HERE

Mar 19 Fri 5:30 Ex Libris: Chef Sean Sherman. author of The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen. Providence Athenæum HERE

Mar 20 Sat 9 am Taste the World - Shepherd's Pie. “stories about their country and their culture as they guide you through how to prepare the dish.” Jenny Goycochea. USA Girl Scouts Overseas. Donation HERE

Mar 20 Sat 10-11:30 A Short History of the Glasshouse. 16th cen orangeries, 18th cen pineries (pineapples), 19th cen vineries (grapes) to modern. Susan Campbell. Surrey Gardens Trust. UK £6 HERE

Mar 20 Sat 1:30-3 A Tale of two Caesars: Salad and Pasta. “Caesar’s salad (Alex and Caesar Cardini, Tijuana) to Caesar’s beloved pasta and brown mushroom sauce (Caesar Pastore, San Diego)” Culinary Historians of San Diego. Info and register
TAPE may be HERE

Mar 20 Sat 2-3:30 Baby Food - The Youngest Consumers. Dr. Shayne Figueroa. 4 part series. A Century of Kids and Food: From Applesauce to Zagnut. Jefferson Market Library HERE

Mar 20 Sat 2-3:30 Celebrating Egyptian Culture and Heritage. “Egyptian Queens in the age of the Pharaohs, mouth-watering Egyptian food to celebrate ‘Shom Ennisim’ (Easter Celebration) and crafts made by Egyptian women…music.” Mona Mohammed, Alaa Zalat. MACFEST - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival. HERE

Mar 21 Sun 2-3:30 Spanish-Style Vermouth. DIY “fortified wine’s colorful history and exploring its connection to some of Spain’s most famous artists” Luke Watson . Sunday Sabor. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Mar 21 Sun 4-5:15 Creating Sunset Magazine’s Cooking Department: A Study of Men, Women and Cooking in the 1930s. Jennifer Pagano. Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor District Library HERE TAPE may be HERE

Mar 21 Sun 5pm Food Anthropology Course: Introduction To Food Anthropology. 10 week sessions for children, age 6+ with adult. Cultured Kids Cuisine $11.99 HERE

Mar 22 Mon 5:30-7 Persian Love Cake. for the Persian New Year. History, legend of name; spices, scented waters, and other ingredients common to Persian cuisine. Anna Mays. City Market Classes & Events HERE

Mar 23 & 30 Tue 5:15-7:15 AM Pages through the Ages – exploring history and heritage through the lens of antiquarian and vintage cookbooks. “reimagining cookbooks as an accessible cultural artefact…innovative way to gain knowledge and understanding of how cookbooks published.” Sadie Hirst. Heritage Lincolnshire UK £30 each HERE

Mar 23 Tue 11 Food and Drink Cultures Through the Ages. “What are the continuities and changes of food and drink production, distribution and consumption since the Middle Ages?” Susan Flavin, Allen J. Grieco and Peter Scholliers. Warwick Research UK HERE

Mar 23 Tue 1-2:30 Tending the Garden: how microbes feed us. Importance of bacteria. Anne Bikle, David R. Montgomery. Kitchen Table. Oxford Food Symposium UK £15 HERE

Mar 23 Tue 3-4:30 Delicious: The evolution of flavour and how it made us human. Author Rob Dunn. The Royal Institution 0-£21.14 HERE

Mar 23 Tue 6:30-8:15 The History of Gin. David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery $6 HERE

Mar 23 Tue 6:30-8 James Beard, NYC, and the Closeted Life of the Dean of American Cuisine. John Birdsall author of The Man Who Ate Too Much; Annie Hauck. The Gotham Center for New York City History HERE

March 23 Tue 6:45 The Flavors of Charleston: Signature Foods, Recipes, and Their Stories. Chef Kevin Mitchell and historian David S. Shields forthcoming book, Taste the State: South Carolina… Talk and make Hoppin’ John. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Mar 23 Tue 7 The Chocolate King: Life & Legacy of Milton S. Hershey. Jennifer Henderson, Senior Archivist for Hershey Community Archives. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Mar 23 Tue 8:30 Mac & Cheese and the History of Comfort Food. Maite Gomez-Rejon. Santa Clarita Public Library HERE

Mar 24 Wed 11-12 Dining on Rails. Lindsey Marlot of Union Pacific Railroad Museum The Los Angeles Breakfast Club $5 HERE

Mar 24 Wed 2-3:30 [and 6pm] But Not the Animals! Philadelphia's Vegetarian Traditions. “these movements and share recipes from the first vegetarian cookbook, published in 1812.” Dr. Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, Bonnie Tobin. Friends Life Care: VigR HERE

Mar 24 Wed 2:30 Keep calm and Fanny on: the many careers of Fanny Cradock. A TV cook, writer in UK who died in 1994. author Kevin Geddes. City of Westminster Libraries & Archives UK HERE

Mar 24 Wed 8 A Social History of Tea. “integrated into so many cultures, and how tea made the journey from Asia to England. … 3000 years of history.” Jackie. The London Tea Merchant. MO $5 HERE

Mar 24 Wed 8 Vivian Howard author Deep Run Roots - Stories and Recipes from my Corner of the South. NC. And tv show A Cher’s Life. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE

Mar 24 Wed 8 Aphrodisiacs Through the Ages. Mandy Crypt. Effing Chicago HERE Live on Facebook HERE

Mar 24 Wed 10-11:30PM Cookbooks, Menus, and American Culture. “American cookbooks and restaurant menus across the history of the nation and how Americans have defined both regional and national cuisines." Maryellen Burns. Renaissance Society Sacramento, Renaissance Cafe HERE

Mar 25 Thur 11:30 A social history of tea, coffee and chocolate. Steven Moore of Antiques Roadshow. The English Manner £32.93 HERE

Mar 25 Thur 1 Dining with Jane Austen: Food in Georgian and Regency England. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club $10 tape week HERE

Mar 25 Thur 1 The old manor kitchens in Waddesdon Manor. Built 1877-83 by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. “stories of the staff who worked in the kitchens, the menus prepared for special guests, and the use of top-of-the-range technology” Michael Shrive. Waddesdon - A Rothschild House & Gardens. £10 HERE

Mar 25 Thur 2:30 A short history of bees and flowers: the first 150 million years. Richard Glassborow Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Libraries HERE

Mar 25 Thur 3:20-5 Sugar Easter Eggs. Created by Jacqui Kelly. British Sugarcraft Guild South East Region 8 UK £4.50 HERE

Mar 25 Thur 5pm 18th Century Chinese Export Porcelains. Drayton Hall has “one of the largest assemblages of Chinese-export porcelains recovered from a colonial plantation site...” History, decorative techniques, importance of this collection. Sarah Stroud Clarke and Corey Sattes. Drayton Hall Preservation Trust SC Donation HERE

Mar 25 Thur 6:15-7:30 Québec Cooking with Chef Dominic Sylvain. “influenced by the cuisines of France and Ireland… pâté chinois—a beloved French-Canadian spin on shepherd’s pie. ” Francophonie Cultural Festival 2021. Smithsonian Associates. $20 HERE

Mar 25 Thurs 6:30-8 A Taste of Old Colony History. Cook along historic recipes and local Massachusetts favorites with the museum staff in their kitchens. Recipe of the month to be send after registering. Old Colony History Museum. Tauton MA HERE

Mar 25 Thur 7 Is Food Memory the Sixth Sense? John Allen, author Omnivorous Mind. HFSDV Historic Foodways of the Delaware Valley HERE TAPE HERE

Mar 25 Thur 7 Sermons in Stone: Stone Walls of New England. “In 1871 there were 252,539 miles of stone walls in New England and New York.” Often around farm fields. author Susan Allport. Falmouth Museums on the Green HERE

Mar 27 Sat 10-11 Maple Morning - Maple Sugaring Presentation. History and process, visit NH Maple Museum as the sugarhouse next door is boiling sap (by showing a short film). Nigel Manley. Forest Society NH HERE

Mar 26 Fri 12 Hungry Nation: Food, Famine, and the Making of Modern India. “historical origins of contemporary India's hunger and malnutrition epidemic.” author Benjamin Siegel. Boston University Gastronomy Program HERE

Mar 27 Sat 2 Fort from Home Victorian Cooking. Cabbage Pudding. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum $10- HERE

Mar 27 Sat 2-3:30 Kid Food as School Food. Dr. Shayne Figueroa. 4 part series. A Century of Kids and Food: From Applesauce to Zagnut. Jefferson Market Library HERE

Mar 27 Sat 4-5:15 Pisanki for Beginners. Polish Easter eggs decorated. Evan Kolber. Eagle-Orzel Educational and Cultural Exchange, Inc $15 HERE

Mar 27 Sat 5-6:30 Tracing Rice. Long history, 7 recipes from around the world. [ingredient box for LA registrants] Silk Road Supper Collective, Los Angeles CA HERE

Mar 28 Sun 10am Sephardic Culinary History. Episode 8 [Passover related]. Dr. Hélène Jawhara Piñer author of Sephardi: Cooking the History. Recipes of the Jews of Spain and the Diaspora, from the 13th Century Onwards. Center for Jewish History, and American Sephardi Federation HERE

Mar 28 Sun 10-12 Learn with us Polish Easter Traditions. “A lot of food, Easter Basket, and painted eggs.” Polish Klan Association HERE

Mar 29 Mon 12-1:30 Crazy Collections: Healing, Ordering, and Representing the Body in Medieval. By recipes for cures and medieval tendencies to collect, accumulate, compile, and order recipes. Hannah Bower. Lisa Gold HERE

Mar 29 Mon 5:30-7 Food and Dining in New York's Gilded Age. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Mar 29 Mon 7-8 Wild City: The History of Oysters in NYC. Thomas Hynes author of Wild City. Untapped New York $10 HERE

Mar 29 Mon 7:30 Gin 101 Pt. 2: Agriculture. varieties of juniper, botanicals, “base spirits of gin from grain to grape distilled, to the range of rice, apple or potato distilled gins.” Natasha Bahrami. Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE /

Mar 30 Tue 6 Exotic Spices, Food Heritage and Everyday Cooking. “food heritage and traditional dishes of North African and Turkish cultures and how regional spices give these foods their unique expression. “ Sara Baer-Sinott, Victoria Taylor. Les Dames d'Escoffier New England. $15 exotic spice pack HERE

Mar 30 Tue 6:30-8:30 The History of Scotch Whisky. David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Mar 31 Wed 1 Potatoes and Ale: An environmental history of a British plate. Potatoes and barley. “long histories, both crops were transformed in the twentieth century to suit a changing environment.” Whipple Museum of the History of Science UK HERE

Mar 31 Wed 2-30 Baking for Easter. Donegal, Ireland. Chef Brian McDermott €25 HERE


Ice harvesting (click to enlarge)
During the past year I have written many posts highlighting subjects from the main calendar or related to the lockdown. Taped talks continue to be added to subject posts and eventually talks not taped will be deleted (except in Archives lists). Due to the ever increasing number of talks (over 200) each month, I have removed all the info and links from the end of this main post, perhaps make new post or add back when fewer talks.

African American Foodways HERE
Being Human, humanities festival, UK HERE
Bread, flour, salt, ovens HERE
British Foodways HERE
Canada - Food Day Canada - Aug. 1 HERE
Capitol in DC - Civil War bake ovens HERE eating, lodging HERE
Chocolate HERE
Clarissa Dillon’s One Cool Colonial series (gardening, hearth cooking) HERE
Cookbooks, Manuscripts HERE
Cooking historically at home – online cooks’ sites, and recipes (ie Ben Franklin) links list HERE
Drink up! Taverns, Beer, Wine, Mead, Whiskey, Cocktails HERE
Dublin Gastronomy Symposium – 50 talks, papers, free HERE
Hearth cooking, ovens demonstrations HERE
Holiday: Christmas HERE
Holiday: Day of the Dead HERE
Holiday: Fat Tuesday - Pancake Day, Doughnut/Kinkling Day HERE
Holiday: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, 'Stir-up Sunday' HERE
Holiday: Twelfth Night HERE
Holiday: Washington’s Birthday Wash. Cake, Wash. Pie HERE
Ice Cream Freezing Pots, Sorbetieres, Ice Cream Makers & Freezers from 1751 to 1916 HERE
Ice Harvesting film clips start 1898, taped talks, images HERE
Ideas for pair-ups museums and local businesses HERE
Indigenous Foodways, Acorn Mush cooked in basket HERE
Jewish Foodways HERE
JSTOR free - scholarly journals, ebooks, images HERE
Manuscripts: Medical, Manuscript Cookbooks Survey HERE
Manuscripts: Medieval, Renaissance HERE
Maple Sugaring HERE
Medical and culinary manuscripts HERE
Medieval foods, manuscripts, gardens HERE
Oral history project on foodways during quarantine HERE
Ovens demonstrations HERE
Quarantine sign 1911 “Notice to Milkman!HERE
Prohibition HERE
Sourdough Library - Puratos World Heritage Sourdough Library in Belgium HERE
Transcribing manuscript recipes – volunteer! HERE

Flour barrels rolled down US Capitol stairs to bake ovens 1862
2020 HERE and 2021 HERE

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