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Hard Sauce and taped Christmas talks

Brandy Sauce or Hard Sauce is a butter and sugar mixture flavored with Brandy, Rum, Sherry or wine and put on Plum Pudding or Mincemeat pies.
Also, some holiday talks - upcoming and taped.

Better sauce than common 1832
Mrs. Child’s plum pudding receipt concluded with:
“When you wish better sauce than common, take a quarter of a pound of butter and the same of sugar, mould them well together with your hand, add a little wine, if you choose. Make it into a lump, set it away to cool, and grate nutmeg over it.”
Child, Lydia. American Frugal Housewife. 12th ed. 1832

Brandy Butter Sauce For Plum Pudding. 1866
A quarter of a pound of butter to be beaten with a wooden spoon all one way till it looks like thick cream; then add a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar (less is better) a glass of sherry, and a small glass of brandy; mix well with the butter and sugar adding only a small quantity at a time.
Dainty Dishes, by Lady Harriet Elizabeth St. Clair, 1866

Hard Sauce. 1848
Two tablespoonfuls of butter.
Ten tablespoonfuls of sugar.
Work this till white, then add wine and spice to your taste.
Miss Beecher’s Domestic Receipt Book, (American) 1848

Rum-Butter at Christenings 1866
The custom of providing rum-butter at christenings has generally been supposed to belong to the neighbouring county, at least most people seem to agree hereabouts that it is a “Cummerlan’ fashion”…
Previous to the time [birth], a quantity of rum-butter was made and set aside… it was believer “amangt’fells,” that a lying-in woman would never recover unless she had plenty of rum-butter.
This remarkable and time-honoured compound was thus prepared. The butter was first melted (not boiled) in a brass pan, till the milk ran to the top, and the salt sank to the bottom. The floating ingredients were then skimmed off, and the butter poured off clear from the salt and sediment . A quantity of rum and sugar having been well beaten together in a bowl, with a little grated nutmeg, was then mixed with the butter, when all was gradually and carefully stirred, as the mixture cooled down, and until it was beginning to set. Prepared in this manner, it would keep for a very long period, so that few houses were without a pot of rum-butter at the appointed time.
“Rum-Butter at Christenings.” The North Lonsdale Magazine and Lake District Miscellany. July, 1866

Tapes of Christmas talks

The Spirit of Christmas Past: Four Centuries of Christmas in New England. Ken Turino. Gunn Historical Museum Dec 8 TAPE HERE

Twelfth Night Cake at the hearth of Pottsgrove Manor PA 1752 and many other cooking at the hearth videos since April! TAPES HERE scroll down

Mrs. Beeton’s Christmas. Talk starts at 24 min, history from Medieval through Victorian, Beeton starts 55 min. Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1861. Dr Annie Gray. Ironbridge Gorge Museum. 2017 TAPE HERE

Magic & Sparkle: M&S at Christmas. Marks & Spencer store archives Dec TAPES HERE

Early Victorian Christmas Traditions. Food, feasting, trees, cards, gifts, Santa. Laurel Historical Society MD Dec 10 TAPE HERE

How Britain Spent Christmas Hiding From The Blitz. 1944 WWII at “Wartime Farm” BBC program Dec TAPE HERE

Rather Splendid Christmas London Walk and its Traditions - Bah Humbug! Fun 23 min. tour/production with foods (pie, wassail...) showing locations in Dickens Christmas Carol, and many traditions UK. by Joolz Guides many tapes here HERE TAPE HERE

Classic Scandinavian holiday treats. Learn history and make Swedish kanelbullar and Norwegian knots (cinnamon buns), Sweden’s St. Lucia buns (saffron, for St. Lucia Day, Dec 13 ) and Danish kringle (layers of pastry with fruit). Terry Kelzer. Farm Table Foundation $10-20 Dec 10 TAPE HERE

Scoff: Why We Eat What We Eat at Christmas author Pen Vogler with Rosie Boycott, cross-bench peer and co-founder of 5x15 donations to 5x15 £0 – £22.15 Dec 14 TAPE HERE

Pennsylvania German Christmas and other unique traditions. Timothy Essig. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum Dec 15 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Moravian Christmas Traditions. Christmas Eve love feasts, candle tea… Johanna Metzgar Brown of Old Salem. North Carolina Museum of History. Dec 16 TAPE HERE

Christmas at Barns-Brinton House Chadds Ford. Chester County Historic Preservation Network PA Dec 17 TAPE HERE

Christmastide: colonial cooking demo. Cheyney McKnight, Dontavius Williams, and Nicole Moore. Chocolate, oyster stew, and greens with root veg. Stratford Hall, VA Dec 12 TAPE HERE

Christmas in the Frederick, Maryland's Civil War Hospitals. Jake Wynn. National Museum of Civil War Medicine. ppt 5:25 TAPE HERE

Christmas Past, Christmas Present. early recipe books treatments for hangovers and over indulging. Charlotte Holmes. 1st talk on genetics of family dynamics by Kevin O’Dell. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Dec 9 TAPE HERE

Lucy Worsley's 12 Days of Tudor Christmas PBS 2019 TAPE HERE

Tudor Christmas. Making items in outbuilding, and discuss items and history. Mark Griffin, Kathy Hipperson. Llwyn Celyn. 1420 in Wales. Landmark trust UK Dec TAPE HERE

Victorian Christmas. Making items in outbuilding, and discuss items and history. Mark Griffin, Kathy Hipperson. Llwyn Celyn. 1420 in Wales. Landmark Trust UK Dec TAPE HERE

Stealing Joy: Finding resilience in Black Holiday traditions. “history and recipes of the African American experience” Kamau Ware, Nicole Taylor. Van Cortlandt Park Alliance Dec 3 HERE TAPE HERE

Food Glorious Food: Dinner with Dickens. Series of short videos by Pen Volger author of Dinner with Dickens and Christmas with Dickens for 2018-2019 exhibit at Charles Dickens Museum HERE
The original Christmas Pudding Recipe: Cooking with Dickens 10 min TAPE HERE
Delicious Victorian Gingerbread: Cooking with Dickens 9min TAPE HERE
Charles Dickens's Favourite Brandy Punch Recipe: Cooking with Dickens 7 min. TAPE HERE
Alexis Soyer: Victorian Celebrity Chef 3 min TAPE HERE
Toasted Cheese with the Dickenses 2 min TAPE HERE

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