Monday, March 20, 2017

Nott's Barley Gruel

John Nott's The Cook's and Confectioner's Dictionary went through four editions from 1723-1733.  His gruel is enriched with cream, wine, sugar, currants and egg yolks. A rather fine gruel!  Other barley recipes in Nott's book are broth, cream, pottage, posset, pudding, and barley sugar.

27. A very good BARLEY Gruel.
TAKE three Ounces of Pearl-Barley, of which make a Quart of Barley-water; if it be not white, shift it once or twice; put in four Ounces of Currants clean pick’d and wash'd, and, when they are plump'd, pour out the Gruel, and let it cool a little; then put in the Yolks of three Eggs well beaten, half a Pint of White-wine, and of new thick Cream half a Pint, and Lemon Peel [the yellow part, no white pith]; then sweeten it with fine Sugar to your Palate; stir it gently over the Fire, till it is as thick as Cream.

Picture of Oliver Twist, bowl in hand, asking for more is from: 
Dickens, Charles.  The Adventures of Oliver Twist: Or, The Parish Boy's Progress. London:1846.  Ill by George Cruikshank

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