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Puddings and Potatoes as Dripping pans

A pan was placed under meat roasting on a spit to catch the drippings. Some, such as the one at Windsor Castle, were quite large.  Below are three Georgian and Federal recipes.

A Dripping Pudding.

MA K E a good Batter as for Pancakes, put it in a hot Toss-pan over the Fire with a Bit of Butter to fry the Bottom a little, then put the Pan and Batter under a Shoulder of Mutton instead of a Dripping-pan, keeping frequently making it by the Handle and it will be light and savoury, and fit to take up when your Mutton is enough ; then turn it in a Dish, and serve it hot.
The Whole Duty of a Woman, or, An infallible guide to the fair sex ...  London: 1737
To Roast Potatos under Meat  

Half boil large potatos, drain the water from them, and put them into an earthen dish or small tin pan, under meat that is roasting, and baste them with some of the dripping; when they are browned on one side turn them and brown the other; send them up around the meat, or in a small dish. 
Mary Randolph.  The Virginia Housewife.   1824

A common Potatoe Pudding to be fired below roasted meat.

Boil and skin as many potatoes as will fill the dish; beat them, and mix in some sweet milk; put them on the fire with a good piece of butter; season them properly with salt and spices. Some choose an onion shred small, and put in it. Put it in the dish and fire it below the meat, until it is of a fine brown on the top cast three eggs well, and mix in with the potatoes before you put them in the dish; it makes it rise, and eat-light; pour off all the fat that drops from the meat, before you send it to the table: it eats very well with roasted beef or mutton.
Mrs. Maciver. Cooking and Pastry. London: 1789

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