Monday, January 6, 2014

Twelfth Night Cake Serviette

Instead of baking a "Twelfth Cake" - Twelfth Night Cake, make one out of a napkin, as shown in ...

"The Twelfth Cake Serviette" from The Book of Dinner Serviettes.  London: 1873.  Click to enlarge images.

Fold down the top of this Serviette three inches; fold upwards the bottom edge to meet it, or rather one inch above it (Fig 1). 

Place the hands as in Fig. 2, and make a third fold upwards

 the result will be Fig. 3.
Lastly, make the fourth fold upwards from the bottom edge (Fig. 4). 
Turn one end towards you, and crease it backwards and forwards in eight regular two-inch folds.  Now, hold it on the side with the left hand, and with right finger and thumb crease down the plaits between the folds into vandykes (Fig 5). 
Stand it upright on its heaviest end, and form it round.  If for a supper party or wedding breakfast, decorate with flowers. (first image at top)

A 'water lilly' napkin being folded at high speed (there is a real time video) for the exhibit “Vienna Circa 1780: Imperial Silver Service Rediscovered” at the MMA in NYC. HERE

©2014 Patricia Bixler Reber


  1. Intriguing, Patricia...Thanks for sharing...

  2. Some of the napkin designs were amazing. I added a link for a video showing how to fold a water lilly napkin for a 1780 exhibit.