Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cake and the Little Mouse

"The Little Mouse, who made itself a House in a Christmas Cake" - excerpts of the poem with illustrations from the book Aunt Affable's New Books for Children. London: 1844   

A pretty story I will tell 
Of Nib, a little Mouse,
Who took delight, when none were near,
To skip about the house.

And on the shelf she found

A Christmas cake, the top of which
Was by a castle crowned.

You all have tasted Christmas cake,
Its currants and its spice;
And some, you know, have ornaments,
With suitable device.

The subject of the present cake
Was Windsor's mighty walls;
With turrets, windows, standard, too,
And entrance to the halls.

Why, here within such walls as these,
Thought Mousey, I could dwell;
And, should the cat lay siege to them,
Defend myself right well.

So, with her little teeth, which served
For pickaxe and for spade,
She gnawed right through the Gothic door,
And thus an entrance made.

And then the little folks all came
To eat and drink, and play.
For dinner they had turkey, goose,
Roast beef, and roasted hare,

Plum-pudding, too, was there.

The dinner finished, wine and fruits
Were on the table spread;
And then the cake, where Mousey lay

When Windsor castle they behold,
Displayed upon the cake.

The turrets and the walls they view,
The cannon, too, admire

They scrutinized the cake, and wished
To taste a bit of it
Then John, as he the turret viewed,
With consternation cried,
"There's something-, I am sure, alive,
And moving, too, inside."

The children hunted high and low,
This merry mouse to find;
To have a bit of fun with her,
They all appeared inclined.

The party then began their dance,
And singing then ensued;
And then came supper, with its cakes,

And very best home-brewed.


Well pleased was every one;
And hoped next Christmas day might be
As full of harmless fun.
For all agreed who, on that day,
Had visited the house.
They ne'er had seen such pleasure through
A pretty little Mouse. 

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  1. What a fun post. I make a black cake at Christmas as well. Mine has wine and rum in it.

  2. Is that a family tradition? Sounds delicious!