Monday, September 24, 2012

Old Economy Village - Erntefest

Old Economy, founded in 1824, is a marvelous collection of 17 buildings filled with furniture and items made by the Harmonists.  Most of the buildings are brick, but the wooden community kitchen has interesting openings (vents) in the roof.

Erntefest, the Harmonist Harvest Festival at Old Economy Village (Ambridge, PA just north of Pittsburgh) will be held this coming weekend, Sept. 29-30, 2012. 

“The Community Kitchen, located next to…the Feast Hall was where communal feasts were prepared.  The building’s unusual ceiling contains two trap doors [see next photo] that open and allow steam to escape from the kitchen cauldrons and through the roof. A second raised peaked roof keeps out rain and snow.” (as described on their site)

More from the website HERE about the festival:  "Learn how the Harmonists celebrated the harvest and prepared for the long winter. Churn butter, make Apple Schnitz, press apples for cider, watch craftsmen demonstrate their skills and much more!  Enjoy Village tours, Harmonist music, family friendly activities, carriage rides, hot dogs, ice cream and lemonade.  Homemade German food will be available at St. John’s Lutheran Church across the street from the Village."

The museum has put out a short videos on Erntefest.

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